Interesting, New Technologies That Define Our Generation

Our generation, also known as the Millennials, have grown so accustomed to new, interesting and advanced forms of technology.  I mean just look at us – I don’t know anyone between the ages of 13 – 30 that doesn’t own a cell phone.  So with new technologies comes new forms of spreading knowledge and education.  What’s weird is that children are even caught up with the new gadgets and gizmos.  For Christmas this year, my little nephew asked for a tablet, an underwater drone, and a video game.  He’s 10.  I found it so crazy that a 10 year old wanted a tablet and drone.  He’s so in with the new technology.  I still thought kids at that age wanted toys and sports equipment – man was I wrong.  He ended up getting the video game and the best quality rov ever for their entire family to play with.  Isn’t it cool that nowadays technology is used for professional and entertainment use?  I remember back in the day that super advanced technology was primarily used to further development and knowledge.  Now, it’s used for basically anything!  There are so many start ups and businesses that strictly design tech for entertainment, which I guess, is how we got to this point.

So back to our discussion – there are so many pieces of tech out that that truly define our generation.  The iPhone, Macbook, bluetooth speakers, Fitbit, portable headphones – these are all items that we use day to day.  These pieces of technology are built essentially to fit into our changing lifestyle, and lucky for the makers, we have grown accustomed to using them daily.  We not only have adapted as a generation to rely and depend on these products but have also built higher expectations to our standard of living.  Just look at how far we’ve come at creating a self-driving car.  Why did we do that?  Because people are constantly looking to the future and trying to change the world for the better.  In order to do that, they’ve got to compete to create genuinely unique and original technology.  Everyone wants a piece, but the competition is extremely high.  Our generation is so focused on creating change and transforming our world into a more efficient, comfortable way of living.  This isn’t a bad thing at all.  In fact, it’s fascinating at how fast our technology is growing.  This is the reason that technology defines our generation.

dtNow, onto the cool and interesting gadgets.  Deep Trekker, a company that makes cool, underwater ROVs, is creating unique drones that you play with underwater.  These machines can basically do anything you want in any sort of body of water while you control it remotely.  Another company, Swatch, has come out with a watch that you swim with underwater.  It has a 200m dive rating so you can swim on all you want.  If you’re looking for something even more techie, the new Apple watch lets you control you phone from your wrist.  You can check messages, emails, the news – similar to having your iPhone attached to your arm.  For entertainment, you can get television systems similar to Roku and Amazon Fire TV which lets you watch Netflix, control your TV wirelessly, and offers other streaming services automatically programmed on specific channels.  These make life so much easier and you have an abundance of options to choose from for when you feel like starting a new show.  Those are a couple of the new gadgets that I’ve found to be extremely useful and entertaining.  Stay tuned for more!

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The Culture That Revolutionized Media


We look at our modern day and age and try to relate that to our culture that has changed drastically from history.  To understand the culture that revolutionized the media, we have to first go back to the Middle Ages.

You might ask how we got to this place we’re at now with the technology we have and the way we use social media along with other sources and outlets of media.  Well, back in the Middle Ages, the only form of communication was through dialogue and oral communication.  That basically meant that knowledge came to those who had experience and memory.  It would then be passed down and told through the ages.  Eventually, people developed writing and it was those that were able to read who had more access to knowledge and resources.  Most people did not know how to read or write.  Therefore, people were still told what to believe and what was true.  When the Renaissance age came, that was when people turned to science to check fact and determine what was actually proven to be true or not.  With more scientific research, more publications were printed and the development of electricity and the telephone came to use.  With those forms of communication now being evolved, people gained more access to books and papers.  Finally when we hit the 21st century, technology became even more developed with the invention of the Internet.  Now, when we need to learn something or are checking out facts, we simply turn on our computers and search it on the Internet.

cultureIt is within this era that our culture revolutionized media simply because worldwide media did not exist until now.  Sure, there were newspapers and televised news that delivered information from one country to another, but now it is done in seconds or even less.  You’re able to access every single point of information no matter where you are in the world, and it takes close to no time at all.  It is our generation that has changed the media – from print to social media.  Now, virtually all news is delivered online or through TV or radio channels.  Newspapers are getting less and less common, and our younger generation don’t even require books to study from anymore.  Everything is done online or electronically, and this is a huge change from how communication was delivered in the Middle Ages.  We have evolved drastically and have become extremely more efficient in our every day lives.  This is not to say that our lives have become better.  Sure, our standard of living has increased by a huge amount, but the way we use our minds can definitely be argued to not be used as well as we once did.  Our culture will ever be expanding and changing and so will our media.  We have to learn to adapt and change alongside with it like we always have.

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