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Will 2017 be the year for E-bikes to go mainstream? 4 Reasons Electric Bicycles are Catching On

By on April 19, 2017 in Technology

Most of us will never be able to afford a Tesla, so maybe e-bikes are the green vehicles were all looking for?

4 Reasons Electric Bicycles are Catching On

In terms of getting around, bicycles are pretty much the greenest way to travel, short of just walking. But if you want to get somewhere nearby quicker than walking, cycling is a great choice. If you’ve been thinking about e-bikes, or still haven’t even heard of them, here are 4 reasons why the industry is blowing up.

More E-Bike Options

If you follow tech, you’ve probably noticed the rise in e-bike and e-bike related accessories on sites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo. Crowdfunding is the most popular way for start-up companies and products to raise money quickly while also raising awareness and the profile of their public image.

Crowdfunding sites are a good way to figure out where consumer demand is growing, as well. Smartwatches rose to popularity through several successful crowdfunding campaigns, notably Pebble. E-bikes are close to the same stage, but without the product fatigue that’s hitting the wearable industry. Sondors was one of the first companies to introduce an affordable e-bike for the masses, and since then there have been plenty of others. At this point, there is a new e-bike company looking for crowdfunding every week.

Interest Among Baby Boomers

The Baby Boomer generation has been the one to define the markets. Because of them, car making companies made record profits over the past few decades. Now that they’re getting older though, many are looking for different ways to get around that meets their new lifestyle.

As they retire, they won’t need a commuter vehicle anymore. Instead, travel will most likely be concentrated to local destinations. Bicycling has always been a great past-time for older retirees.

As muscles get older and joints get stiffer, e-bikes are the perfect solution for those that want to keep on pedaling.

The World Is Going Green

While it may not seem like it in some countries, the world is going green. Most populations are aware of their energy use and carbon footprints and want to reduce them.

Look no further than the rise in EVs like Tesla. Every single other major car company has introduced or are working on the next generation of electric cars. Production of cars is a huge energy expenditure though. Because of all the materials needed, buying a new car–even an electric one–can be a bad choice for the environment.

E-bikes are small, energy-efficient, and ultimately, the best choice for an electric vehicle.

Prices are Dropping for E-Bikes

Finally, the main reason why any technology catches on: the price. Once the general population can justify making a purchase, a tipping point is reached.

For e-bikes, it looks like when they are sold near the $500 mark, it piques the attention of consumers. The Sondors bikes were the first to hit this price point, and subsequently were wildly successful. Other crowdfunded bikes that focus on affordability have likewise been successful.

As prices for batteries drops, the cost of e-bikes will only continue to drop.

They’re already meeting the price of the high-end non-electric bike market. Once they hit the same price as department store bicycles, I predict we’ll see a huge shift in e-bike sales.

Get ready for the e-bike revolution!

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