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5G Technology Is Close; Latest Features 2014

We all know that technology is advancing at a rapid pace. If 4G is only recently implemented, the discussion about 5G network has already begun.

South Korea reported that they are working on 5G technology development and its implementation by 2020. This idea is feasible and it is powered by a project worth $1.5 billion provided by the Ministry of Science of South Korea.

“We fed the national growth of 2G services in the 1990s and 4G Network in 2010. Now is the time to take action for the development of 5G.” said the minister.

Ministry admits that there will be a fierce competition between the countries that are working to develop these solutions. If all goes as planned, in 2017 there will be released a test project and the commercial version will be ready by the end of 2020. Things move pretty fast, maybe a little too fast if you ask me. We know that new technologies are ahead of the old ones, and once created helps to lower the prices, especially if there is competition in this regard.

On the other hand, some countries still lack 3G connections, and those who have recently implemented the 4G have rather low urban coverage and therefore do not even reach the first theoretical limit, the one of 50 Mb/s. 4G LTE technology allows theoretically transfers of 150 Mb/s speed, only reached simulations and technology demonstrations.

4G technology takes time to evolve, both in terms of speed and in terms of stability and coverage. Increasing Internet speed requires high costs for operators to equip antennas, requires lifting download limits for subscribers, in principle requires massive expenditures that cannot be covered in short time. For this reason, it is possible to see operators, even if they achieved considerable revenue in one year, in the next one to not keep up and to collapse.

Maybe for ordinary user this is good news, but if we take into account how many jobs are on telephone operators and other industries, if they cannot cope with technological progress, the situation can become ugly. I do not think I need to say that nobody wants a monopoly in this segment, and I think we all know what implications might look like this.

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