Amazon Kindle Fire HDX Android Rooting – Why You Should Do It Now

In this article we are going to let you know what it means to root your Kindle Fire HDX, some of the reasons why you should root your Kindle Fire HDX, and exactly how you go about rooting your device.

What does rooting mean?

“Rooting” your Kindle Fire HDX in simple terms to gain administrative to your device. When you get any device home they have manufacturer limits and restrictions put on them. There are many applications that come with a Kindle Fire HDX that you may not want but because of the restrictions you will not be able to get rid of them. Rooting your Kindle Fire HDX will give you the ability to add or remove whatever you want to your device. You will also be able to upgrade to newer versions to operating system upgrades before they are even released to the public.

Reasons to root your Kindle Fire HDX

One of the biggest reasons that you should think about rooting your Kindle Fire HDX is that you will be able to download apps to make the operating system more like Android based devices. This means you will able to use Google Play Store and use all the cool apps that are associated with that. Please be aware that there are times where the root fails and breaks the Kindle Fire HDX, this is very rare but you should be aware of the risks sometimes involved. Another problem with rooting the device is that you will most likely void any warranty by doing it.

How to Root your Kindle Fire HDX

  • Enable ADB on your Kindle by going settings under Device and click on “Enable ADB.”
  • Download all ADB drivers and unzip the folder on to your computer (this is done on a PC) you can find this by searching Google.
  • Connect your Kindle to the computer via USB.  Go to device manager and right-click the yellow triangle and find Update driver software.
  • Then when you get to the next screen choose “browse my computer for software. Point to the open ADB folder and click. After this downloads the yellow triangle will be gone.
  • In the new folder that will be called Android Composite ADB interface and unzip it your computer.
  • In the folder you will need to double click on the runme.bat file and let the process run.
  • Nothing will show up on your Kindle during the rooting process or after.
  • You’re all done!

You will be able to check if the rooting process worked by going into the EX File Explorer application and check under tools for root explorer. At this point please download SuperSu and open it. This app will control what apps are getting rooted and which ones you want to unroot. Rooting your Kindle HDX can open up a whole new world of games, apps, and many other great things to do on your Kindle. If you want to try it I suggest following these directions exactly for best results.

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