Amazon Kindle HDX 8.9 Specs and Price Overview 2014 – Great Gift to Someone

Amazon is now introducing the new Kindle HDX 8.9. This new Kindle is bundled with tons of new features like a larger display and richer colors; but that is just the beginning.

The new Kindle HDX 8.9 sports a stunningly large display of 1920×1200 and rich 1080p definition. Yep, that’s right! I said 1080p. That means that all those little individual pixels are virtually invisible to the naked eye. You will never see them; which gives you an unparalleled experience that can be matched by no other.

The New Stunningly Bold Kindle

In addition to this new size, the kindle can offer you much wider angles than ever before.Don’t you wish that you could lay in bed and read without the poor screen view and glaring colors that just seem to vanish and leave you with mediocre quality? Well, with the new HDX, you can! Kindle has added a new feature to this amazing product that not only allows you to read from any angle, in any position with the same clarity and amazing picture as if you were looking at it straight on.

This new advanced polarizing filter that they have added makes the choice to buy a no brainer. Who wouldn’t want stunning picture and color from any angle? Now you can see the beautiful blues and reds of all your best photos and still have the joy of the no glare guarantee that Kindle has built their empire on.

But with that no glare guarantees, they Kindle has made it even better. They have taken the annoying two screen process that causes glare and merged it into one seamless layer so that frustrating light that keeps refracting into your face vanishes. Virtually perfect! Now you not only have the largest screen imaginable, but also the best, most rich and vivid picture you can have all in one little device. But that’s not all. They have improved the sound with mega speakers on the front and back of the device to pump out the best quality sound possible. This little device uses Dolby Digital Plus that automatically adjusts to what you are doing so you get the best sound, no matter what the task – whether that is watching a movie, talking on Skype, or even just listening to your favorite beats; Kindle has you covered.

Now, I know what you are thinking…what good is quality picture if the Wi-Fi speed isn’t fast enough to power what I am doing? Well Kindle thought of that too. So they have upgraded the new HDX 8.9 with light speed Wi-Fi with dual antenna and dual band that can download over 40% faster than before. That means no more silly buffering when you are trying to watch that video for your class or waiting 20 minutes to download that song you have waiting on for months. What’s better than that? The new Kindle Fire is the very first tablet to ever have this great little dual Wi-Fi antenna and allows you to have fewer conversations dropped and faster downloading than ever before.

So I know some of you are wanting to hear some of the “techy” stuff about it so let me just say that the Kindle Fire HD is capable of broadcasting over both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz, which is amazing because most other little tablets and Wi-Fi devices can only broadcast over the 2.4Ghz. To power this bold new tablet, Kindle has stuck the TI OMAP4470 processer in there to give it another 40% of memory than other processors and they even stuck in the super smooth Imagination SGX544 3D graphics core for better performance. You will not find this kind of quality in another Wi-Fi device of this caliber. Your screens will scroll more smoothly and your movies will stream seamlessly. Not only will you get 16GB of storing capacity on the new HDX, but Amazon Kindle is giving endless storage space on cloud storage so all your favorite movies, pictures, and files are safely tucked away for viewing on ANY device.

App Me Up!

Let’s move away from the techy features and more to the cool stuff, shall we… With the Amazon Kindle HDX 8.9 you will get to enjoy all the best apps with flawless ease. You get the greatest games in HD, of course, and instant access to all your favorite apps like Netflix, Hulu-Plus, and Skype. Remember how you like to play your games on your tablet but when you go to a different device, you have to start over? Well, NOT ANYMORE! All your games are automatically stored on the Cloud with whispersync so you never lose progress in your games again. You can switch from device to device to ensure you pick up exactly where you left off. Plus, you can use Amazon coins to buy apps and Amazon is giving all new users 500 free coins. That’s $5 worth of apps and games! But games aren’t the end. You get over 400 magazine titles and books from the best authors like Stephen Covey and Karen McQuestion.

You can read articles for free with Amazon Prime and want to see a bit more on an article? No problem, just double tap the screen for easier reading or you just double tap the cover to instantly jump to your favorite article or bookmark. You can shop the Kindle store for books or look at the millions of free books available like Pride and Prejudice for all you little bookworms. That’s a lot of books. I don’t think it is possible to read that many books, so you will never run out of things to read! In addition, there is super cool new feature that makes it to where you NEVER have to put that super intense book down. You can start reading the book from your couch and then quickly switch to the audio book in the exact same place you left off. No more losing your place because you have to start that pesky laundry. The same goes for songs too. Visit the Amazon MP3 store to download their 20 million + songs. You can store them on your device and browse your library whenever you want. Don’t like how it looks? Change your playlists to fit your style. Just like everything else, this also gets stored on the Cloud so you never lose your stuff. No more misplacing that favorite song you like to listen to a gazillion times…just go to the cloud and it’s right there; no matter what device you are on. The apps just keep coming with this stunning new Kindle.

Only with HDX 8.9

So what makes this new Fire so special? Well…all the little features that you won’t find anywhere else, of course! You get XRAY and WhisperSyncwhich is like no other. These super cool features let you just tap your screen for more information and allow you to switch devices without losing your place. That’s right! That cool little thing I was just talking about for you bookworms. But it’s not just for bookworms. You can use the WhisperSync for your movies, music, and games too. I touched on games before but I just want to make sure you are getting full extent of what I am saying. This is exclusively for the Amazon Kindle Fire.

And none of this will cost an arm and a leg…Now I got you hooked, right?! Good. You can get this super stunning, sleek, and cool Fire for just $299. That is a slam dunk deal when compared to the $499 for other tablets that do the same thing…and with less quality. How can you pass this kind of deal up? I repeat that amazing price tag is only $299 on Yes, yes…I know some tablets might be cheaper but you won’t get the quality you get with the New Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 and you definitely won’t get all these super cool features that Kindle gives you. No storing on the cloud, no seamless video streaming, and no super pumped sound. With the Kindle Fire, you are getting a quality product that you will never want to put down…and I mean that. And they make great gifts too.

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  • Graham Freer

    Really nice post and full of good information. I will not disagree with all you have said, but the one thing I don’t like with any of the Kindles is that it very difficult to any other apps unless they are in Amazons store. Personally I like the Samsung Tab 3, I have the Samsung phone and like the interface and the availability of apps both from Samsung and Google play. In saying that I will admit that the HDX 8.9 is real value for money.