Why Apple iOS is better than Google Android even with new KitKat update

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]pple’s iOS definitely has design down.

Mobile OS Battle: Apple iOS vs Google Android

For all the time I’ve spent with my Nexus 4, I’ve never found the desktop widgets to be much more than an awkward distraction.

I can never seem to get them to look quite right, and the prettiest implementations I’ve seen are just not very practical in terms of UI.

Ultimately I gave up and ended up with what so many decry on iOS: a rectangular grid of squarish icons.

I also like iOS better for background management.

Whatever it does, there’s no getting around that the battery life on iOS devices is extraordinary compared with equally-sized batteries from competitors.

Sometimes this even holds true for much larger batteries.

Apps are a biggie. GarageBand for iPad may be the best app I’ve ever used on any platforrm. Its power reminds me a lot of how the Canon 5DII stumbled into a whole new realm of cinematography.

And that’s just one app.

The home button was a stroke of brilliance at the start.

It does exactly what’s needed, and it has an incredible feel to it. I can’t for the life of me understand the move on Android away from physical buttons.

The satisfying “click” is irreplaceable in my view, even with vibration-based faux haptics.

It also highlights for me the mistake Google made in putting in Android’s universal back button, which after a year of daily use is still sometimes difficult to predict.

It’s easy to point out theoretical reasons why it makes sense, but in practice it’s never enabled anything on Android that I miss when I return to iOS.


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  • Andrew

    And when your home button breaks which happens a lot now… what will you do?

    Did you forget to mention that you can sync your music, videos and photos without iTunes or any other application on an android?
    Did you forget to mention that rooting the phone gives you the ability to change anything you want in the phone, and you can flash a custom kernel to make the battery life better?
    Did you forget to mention that Android is Open Source, meaning that it will only get better and better?
    Did you forget to mention that the iPhone’s screen is still very small… and even if you say why would I wanna hold a 4.7″ screen in my hand (Nexus 4 screen), you’d be surprised how great it looks, and how much fun it is to watch movies and videos on a bigger screen…
    Did you forget that in Android you don’t have to put all your apps on the home screen so it doesn’t get crowded… your apps are all placed in the App Drawer.
    Did you forget that you can theme your device anyway you want? You are able to change almost anything you can think of in android. you just have to give it some effort.

    Your article lacks thought and is not persuasive. If you want people to think that iOS is better than Android, you’re gonna have to come up with something better than that!

  • Aruvin Nathan

    Lol this writer must be at least 60 years old.. Prefer ios? Haha that’s like saying you prefer typewriters to computers

  • James

    Nice try on trying to hide the unfair bias article angled towards your argument. It was weak and disappointing. You really never used Android because apperantly you do not know much about it. Just another iSheep.

  • Kevin Hua

    ok the tech reviewers on this website are heavily biased to Apple and its products, why bother read their articles?

  • error

    the best thinks about ios is full of error… just check in their discussion error 1,2,3 – 10000000 etc. lol.