Apple’s iOS business is important to Google

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ho’s winning, Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android?

Apple won the business side of Google’s Android

Android has the biggest market share in the global smartphone operating system market, Apple has the most financial success with the iPhone and iPad in their respective markets. With (according to some sources at least) more people browsing the web on iOS all over the world and spending money in the iOS App Store and iTunes. In that respect, you can say that iOS is not only good for Apple, but arguably also better for third parties such as app developers from a business standpoint.

Even for Google, iOS is important; they’re quite possibly making more money off Safari than of their own Android search platform services. All in all, Apple’s iOS is ‘winning’ the business battle. But as a consumer, this doesn’t really matter if iOS fails to deliver what you need, want or like. You shouldn’t pick the ‘winning’ platform, you should pick the one that fits you the most in terms of maximizing your smartphone’s lifestyle.

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  • Ovi

    Android is younger by a few years but it’s obviously faster growing at the rate that it caught up and then passed iOS in many respects.

    The Google Play Store is not as mature of an ecosystem as the Apple Stores. Google Music for example is only in the US. I am seriously holding out on buying music until it gets to Canada. Also people, including myself, are spending more money in the Play Store now than they ever have in the past. It’s as addicting as online shopping (which it is). We are also getting weened off of previously free premium apps onto paid premium apps. Of course Android still has most of the popular apps as free but some things are worth paying for if you have the means.

    Just some things to consider..