Apple iPad is the death of Microsoft Windows?

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]ccording to Net Applications (which measures unique web visitors) there are now more people using Windows 8 PCs to browse the web than iPads.

Desktop vs Tablet

StatCounter (which measure web page views) doesn’t break out the iPad, but shows Windows 8 overtaking iOS in April.

Of course it’s hard to draw any solid conclusions from this single data point in isolation, but in the very least it’s a useful statistic to help illustrate the kind of impact Windows 8 is having outside of our own tech focused echo chamber.

The iPad isn’t the death of Windows 8, the iPad is competing with Windows as a whole.

We can see this clearly in the US market, over the last 12 months iOS has grown from 4% to 6% of desktop browsing, MacOs has remained constant at about 14%. Linux, which likely includes a great many Android Tablets has likewise risen 2%. In other words Windows has lost about 4% of the desktop browser share over the last year across all versions. Windows has dropped below 75% of all desktop browsing in the USA for the first time.

UK figures are similar, though there the gains are greater for iOS and lower for Linux/Android.

The rise of the newest version of Windows at the expense of older versions of Windows isn’t really telling you anything about the wider shift away from Windows altogether.

Mobile computing is definitely becoming an alternative solution to standard desktop OS machines. This is something we can all agree upon.

That said I think it’s still early to draw any conclusion about current platform war. iOS on tablets had a lot of time to consolidate itself, both in terms of mindshare and refinements, while Android is playing the price war that has been successful to spread its adoption on smartphones.

Windows 8 on the other side is a new entity and lives at the moment in the paradox of having a consolidated name and mindshare that is keeping it attached to the “old” market (OS for desktop/laptop) while it’s still in its infancy as a mobile/tablet/hybrid solution, at least from a mindshare point of view.

The decrease we see now in Windows usage as a platform as you correctly explain is a result of a completely new market entering in the fight (tablets/smartphones) and will probably continue, because those markets are quite different from old desktop OS market, specially if you include the smartphones (in terms of prices, life cycle, etc..).

But it’s too early to use those data to declare success or failure for the new tablet-oriented direction Windows is taking. Not that you were necessarily saying that, it’s just to add some thoughts.

Written by Firefly7475, Cloudgazer and ZenSoul

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    Win8 (not to be confused with IE) has more browsing share than iOS but iOS is winning? Did the author, per chance, compose this article on an iOS device?