Apple’s iPad is not the Future, It’s Microsoft

[dropcap]C[/dropcap]an you imagine that tablets will be the future PC?

Nope. The future is hybrids.

“Touch only” or “keyboard\mouse only” is a lame, arbitrary limitation to place on a device.

A device needs to support a wide range of input types (e.g. keyboard, mouse, track-pad, touch, voice, pen, gestures etc) and allow the user to select the best input mode for the task at hand.

Microsoft have already started moving in this direction.

Google will move in the same direction with Key Lime Pie and Android hybrids.

Apple will hold off for a while, but eventually copy Microsoft and Google by turning the iPad “Maxi” into more of a hybrid device whilst leaving the iPad “Mini” as more of a touch-only tablet.

Typewriters have gone because of the added value given by software in text editing/formatting/correction, printing and saving.. not because modern keyboards are necessarily a better hardware to write on it compared to typewriter.

As it is now, there are some advantages of touch keyboards over physical one, like the possibility to deliver lighter and more compact devices, or the ability to change languages and update the symbols consequently but in some pretty common situations the disadvantages (no real feedback, slower typing, use of screen estate etc.) overcomes the advantages, specially if the portability/weight isn’t a requirement (like on desktop and large screen laptops).

It’s definitely possible there will be in the future a shift to something different for typing, but as it is now qwerty and handwriting are still the king and I don’t see alternatives on the horizon.

That’s why we agree that the best solution that we can foresee now is to offer devices with multiple input capabilities, able to adapt to different needs and situations.

The first gen of this hybrid devices is just the start of this phenomenon.


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  • Oobgular

    That’s basically what the surface is…

  • Jason Grima

    Yeah, ever heard of the Asus Transformer, Transformer Prime, Tf300, Transformer Infinity… this article is only 2 years to late to the punch. Or going back even further the Asus MT101: a multi-touch windows 7 netbook with a rotatable screen to make it a dedicated tablet …

    Somehow you manage to drop the names of all the “big” players and miss the fact that the devices you’re talking about are already old news for those who are paying attention for the past 3 years.

  • Travis Wilson

    This is definitely the future, but iPad sells will have to continue to decrease before apple makes any kind of change. A hybrid device from apple would be more expensive than a surfce pro only justifying MS’s price point. Also a hybrid now would take away from a cash cow for apple the iPad. It will be sometime, but it will come.