Apple iPhone 6 Large Enough To Target and Make It Profitable

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]o you want a bigger iPhone?

Big iPhone 6 vs HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4

I always have to ask when this question is raised – what are you using your phone for that requires such a large screen?

Myself… I use my phone on the go – I like the iPhone 5 package. When I’m out and about it’s a great size for MY phone uses:

  • Light web browsing – I don’t do serious browsing when I’m out and about. Mostly webs searches on a few things.
  • A lot of instant messaging – I have no issues with iPhone keyboard size.
  • Check sports scores (Siri is also great for this where size is irrelevant).
  • Keep up to date with social networks – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc – no heavy use, but if someone tags me or something I’ll go check it out.
  • I keep on top of my mail – mostly making sure I’m aware of anything important, I won’t be composing much.
  • I take pictures – having used friends’ various HTC, Samsung and Nexus handsets over the years to take group snaps when we’re out I can safely say I don’t get any benefit of the larger screen when taking a pic. It’s nice to see a larger version of the picture straight after taking it though.
  • From the above key tasks I use my phone for I would get no benefit in a larger screen, sure some areas would be better, like seeing more of a web page. But then I have to remember ergonomics and I would rather take the iPhone 5 package.

Also as soon as I get home it’s an iPad world – so I don’t use my iPhone except to take calls. And the iPad (I have the 3rd gen) is big enough for the wildest of mobile computing tasks.

Other people have different use cases for a phone though – editing docs, watching movies/shows (perhaps on their commute), need a massive battery (just imagine how long the battery in a 5″ iPhone would last!), some people have very large hands etc. Also if you don’t have a tablet you would probably want a bigger screen for couch/bed/toilet use. If you fall into these brackets you would probably benefit from more than 4″ screens.

I guess for Apple, they have to justify the market for people NEEDING larger screens. Is it large enough to target and make profitable?

Written by OwThatBurns

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