Apple iTunes Match better than Google Music?

If you live in an Apple world at all and have a sizable music collection, iTunes Match (iTM) is actually a fantastic service.

Google Music or Apple’s iTunes Match?

Not only did you get new, DRM free 256kbps AAC versions or all your crappy old 128 mp3’s and DRM’d iTunes content, but I automatically get iTunes versions of all the music you buy elsewhere (like Amazon). Anything you add, you get a second copy of in iTunes.

The days of managing music libraries on multiple machines and devices seem like a hazy, bad memory now. iTM really does change things for the better. The only complain I have about iTunes Match is that music can be streamed to computers, but iOS devices actually download the songs in the background.

It doesn’t really matter as you don’t have to manage the free space, the software does it all in the background) but it would be nice if Apple gave you the option to stream without downloading on iPhones iPads and iPod Touches.

Google Music is great too. And with their can and match you will be able to download a 320kbps mp3 if your music is scanned and matched, if it doesn’t match it will upload it and you can download that copy.

It’s biggest benefit is it’s completely free up to 20k songs. Way more than Amazon.

I buy music from either Amazon or Google, Amazon has a bigger library, but Google has all the major publishers now.

Then if I got it from Amazon I download it, Google Music Manager scans it, matches it and adds it to my library.

But if you are doing it just to clean up your library I’d go with iTunes Match since it upgrades all your music to 256k for both streaming and re-downloading.

Google only upgrades your tracks for streaming at 320k, downloading them will be at the original bitrate.

There is a great article on Macworld that walks you through the process using smart playlists here

I did this on my ~100GB library and it worked great. If you like Google more you could even use iTunes Match to upgrade all your tracks and then just import them to Google afterwards.


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