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Buy Facebook Stock Now Or You’ll Be Kicking Yourself

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ith Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB)’s Home unveiling, we have to admit, we came away very impressed by Mark Zuckerberg’s presentation.

More time spent on Facebook Inc (FB)

While we couldn’t figure out why he was holding a mic instead of sporting a lapel mic the seemingly unpolished-on-purpose presentation was a solid showcasing of a product we believe could very well upend the entire smartphone market and change the way we work and play.

We won’t pretend that we know the mind of Mark Zuckerberg but we believe that he believes that Facebook will eventually become the central forum for all communication and content in our lives.

Yes, including businesses.

Zuckerberg relayed a lot of poignant points today about focusing on people rather than apps and that the concept of what a computer is will be completely alien to the next generation.

Imagine five year-olds of today in their 20′s looking back at the ground-breaking film “The Matrix” and wondering, why the screen Neo is sleeping in front of so freakishly big and what’s up with that phone booth?

This generation will never understand or appreciate the age of CompuServe and the screeching, scrawling of a dial-up modem (anyone out there remember when ISDN was considered fast?).

Fast-forward ten years (maybe less) and like Taco Bell in the “Demolition Man”, Facebook could become our primary means of consuming information for both our personal and professional lives.

Humor us for a moment but imagine having two Facebook profiles; one for work, one for personal use.

Never the twain shall meet and switching from your business profile to “after hours” could be performed in a variety of ways.

Like a snooze or wake button that pops up at 5pm with an “OFF WORK” or “WORKING LATE” button.

This immediately sends a post to your Feed that you’re working late and even reformats your calendar in case you had a party/social engagement at 5:30pm that you clearly won’t be able to attend based on the distance and the fact that it’s a Hawaii-themed party and you’re still in your monkey suit.

Or it could be geo-location specific where you’re profile converts from business to personal when you’re pulling into your driveway or the bus or train dropping you within blocks of your house or apartment.

This would put your business FB profile in sleep mode saving all incoming messages or posts until tomorrow at 8am the next day.

Is this so hard to imagine? FB already has an email-ish tool and SMS tool so what’s stopping a business from using FB as their primary communications tool? And, again, if each member of the company had a separate profile completely disconnected from their personal profile, where images of doing Jello shots off some stripper’s stomach can remain private (whatever that means these days), then it’d be completely safe for a business to have their entire identity and communication centered around Facebook.

We could conceivably see Facebook “home” and Facebook “office” on the same device but with different services and apps tailored to each experience.

Your office Cover Feed could deliver stock information, business news based on your specific industry, your co-workers’ status on a recent appointment, or Facebook project (you heard it here first) with a Vizio-styled project tracker and other business/work related content.

But “home” is always there whenever you want to switch over for a few minutes during lunch to check on your friend’s vacation to the South of France or to wish your nephew Happy Birthday by sending a video message of you singing to him.

Once lunch is over you switch back to “office” mode and you’re back to the grind.

Now we imagine all of that content powered by the upcoming Graph Search and you have a business tool that could rock and rival the competition.

Case in point, Dunn & Bradstreet, the largest business information repository in the country.

Chances are people will quickly update their Facebook status that they’ve started a new job well before D&B gets around to that information thereby changing the landscape of marketing, cold-calling and personalized mailing campaigns forever.

This is all theory but it’s certainly in the realm of possibilities.

Notwithstanding Mark Zuckerberg hyperbole about “people, not apps”, if what I just mentioned is truly the path of Facebook then not only should Google be concerned but Apple too. We won’t even bother mentioning Microsoft. They’re already treading water one-legged in the middle of the Pacific but if the world truly adopts a Facebook lifestyle or workflow they’ll almost certainly be the first on the chopping block.

We believe Facebook is the future. The writing is on the wall and all we can say is that if you don’t have Facebook stock now you’ll be kicking yourself five years from now.


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