Candy Crush Saga Best Free App Game For iPhone, Android and Facebook

We are going to discuss the whooping success of a game that has actually gotten the developers to think about realizing more such similar games; we are talking about – Candy Crush Saga.

With the first launch, most people thought it was a rip off of the already popular game Bejeweled, except that instead of jewels, there were candies. But the craze of this game spread so much that it took no time in becoming one of the top trending games on the app store. It is a huge success today; let’s see what caused this game to top the charts.

While playing this game, I realized that it has a very enticing route to engage the player.  You get an extra lifeline for every half an hour that you are still playing the game. Talk about rewarding patience! This way, you begin the game for free, clear the level stages and then either keep waiting to resume the game or top up with the pay to go on playing from where you left off. The game also is popular on the social network sites, you can send your friends extra lifelines, by doing this, and you are actually popularizing the game online.

You get to play around 400 levels for free if you have the patience to stay and keep resuming your game. I have noticed their monetizing scheme, as discussed above is really beneficial to them; no wonder the developers of this game are literally minting thousands of dollars every single day, because the players keep checking in on the app throughout the day.

There is also other customized kind of experiences that you will come across when you play candy crush. For instance, as you move up in the levels you will be able to see the score of your friends who have signed in through facebook. You can also get to see who scored the highest and then try and replay the game to beat that score.

Each level seems new and offers the player a new experience altogether.  You just cannot anticipate what next to expect. The sinking of a tile to the end of the screen, getting rid of the jelly tiles, time bound scores etc. are little incentives that keep enticing you in the game.  The animation is top notch and attracts you even more towards it. So you have the jelly beans,  gumdrops, gummies and a visually appealing animation all set for you to play.

The overall appeal of the game is a huge success, which is why it is one of the most played games that has topped the App Store. It is the best game if you want a few minutes of entertainment. It provides an amazing gaming experience. If you liked playing bejeweled then you are most certainly going to love candy crush.

My personal verdict – this is a hit! One of the best games these days to actually download on your smartphone, or play with your friends on Facebook.

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