Candy Crush Saga Free Download Is Now Possible On Android Devices

How to play Candy Crush Saga on your Android device.

At a glance, the Candy Crush Saga might seem like your usual puzzle game wherein you match three similar blocks. But if you happen to play the game, you will realize that the game is not just your usual puzzle game. Aside from the fact that the puzzle makes use of appetizing and irresistible candies and jellies, you also get to encounter a lot of interesting stuff as the game progresses. The good news for Android users is that it is now possible to play this game on your Android device, and here are tips on how to go about it.

Download the Game

Of course, the first thing that you need to do is to download the game. So go to the Android Market of your Android device and search for the Candy Crush Saga. Remember that you need to be signed in with a Google account before you can download any app from the Android Market. If this is your first time downloading an app on your device, then add a Google account on your phone by going straight to the settings > account. After you signed up, log in and start downloading the game app from the Android Market.

Start Playing

As soon as you are done downloading the Candy Crush Saga, the game will be installed on your device and the icon of the game will appear on the device. Simply click on the icon and the game will open up.

First of all, familiarize yourself with the game board. You will notice that it is loaded with candies. All you basically need to do is to tap and swipe the screen of your phone in order to switch their places and match at least three similar candies. When you do this, the candies will be crushed and the candies above will move down. If you crush more than three candies, a special candy would be created that can do special things like eliminate entire rows and columns.

Make Use of the Boosters

You actually get to earn some boosters at the beginning of the Candy Crush Saga game. You also have the option to purchase the boosters within the game on your Android device. The boosters will basically help you to win a level especially at those times when you cannot find a move.  But in order not to end up spending your boosters, be strategic enough with your move. The key to winning the game is to be quick enough to spot combos in order to earn special candies that can help to crush an entire board.

The best strategy to winning the Candy Crush Saga game is to start by eliminating those dangerous and complicated candies first. As you progress on the game, you will notice some blocks, such as bombs, chocolate bricks and tiles. These things should be first eliminated as these could inhibit your progress and might be the reason for your loss. Be very mindful of those bombs as well and make sure that you eliminate them as fast as you can.

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