Candy Crush Saga Free Download On Google Play For Android Phone

You have probably wanted to download a game, then you searched for the game and a quick dropdown list popped up.

You went straight and clicked on the site which supposedly pointed clearly to the game’s download page. However, on proceeding, you were taken in circles until you gave up. Chances are that you tried to download items you thought were your game but ended up with a host of unsolicited applications which never made any meaning to you, particularly at that point. We intend to provide you with crystal clear tips on how to download your candy crush saga game without much strain.

Candy Crush Saga Free Download for Android

When you locate the Google play Store for Candy Crush Saga, you will notice that there is a download link which displays a list of the available versions of the game.

How the Game Is Played

You need to put your thinking cap on before you venture in the thrilling puzzle world of Candy Crush Saga. Place your fingers on the play buttons and interchange as instructions on the screen demand. It is important to be fast because, often, the number of bids and the time allowed are limited elements of the game. The game controls of candy crush saga are robust and spot-on.

The Game Plot

Each level of the game has a board stuffed with candies of different colors and sizes. The thrill lies in the surprise obstacles a player has to overcome in order to access the candy. The game is played by swapping the positions of two vertically adjacent candies with an aim of creating sets of similarly colored candies. The candies provided include the red jelly bean, the green square, the orange lozenge, the yellow lemon and the blue lollipop.

Sound and Graphics

The developers of the game got the sound effects and color graphics of the game quite right. The colors and graphics are well moderated throughout all the stages of the game. Animations are impressive too. It is not a wonder that the game is regarded as a top ten game. The soundtracks were carefully selected to enable you switch into the game mood fast enough. The sounds are refreshing and relaxing. One almost gets the feeling of being in an amusement park. Be warned! The game is addictive, especially for fans that have a knack for puzzle games.

Select the Version for Android and Proceed With the Download Process

Candy Crush Saga is a game of strategy. If you cherish games that require thoughtful moves and strategic antics, then Candy Crush Saga is yours. The game has been likened to Tetris and Bejeweled. Moreover, the puzzles in candy crush saga are typical fancy and fun twists. The game has been reported to be one of the most sought after games in 2013.Indeed the eventuality just seems to fall in place with the game’s developer’s plans. According to one of the co-founders, the game was intended to hit the top ten lists. It seems their dreams came even sooner than they expected. In addition, the game reaped huge profits from iOS in the last trading season. In fact it is said to have made more cash than any other application on iOS.

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  • Allen Gilpin

    why cant I get candy crush to start on my dgtec 8in android tablet it starts loading for about 15 seconds then goes back to the start