Candy Crush Saga Most Downloaded Free Mobile Game In 2014?

I think it is impossible to have not heard about candy crush in the past year.

Millions upon millions of people were playing it during their bus rides, car rides, or even while sitting on the porcelain throne. The candy crush saga literally spread like a virus and took over the mobile world in almost no time. Well, now we have evidence on how addicting this game is because it was the No.1 most downloaded free app for the iPhone in 2013.

What is Candy Crush?

If you’re one of the lucky ones who didn’t fall to the Candy Crush addiction, then let me enlighten you on what this game is. Candy Crush Saga is a game that was released in 2012 for Facebook and for smartphones. The game is very similar to bejeweled to the fact that you are swapping item positions to get a row of three. There are many levels with different end requirements, but at the end of the day you’re just matching up rows of similar candies to win.

Increase in Popularity

So, how popular is Candy Crush Saga really? Well, in July 2013, it was estimated that the app had about 6.7 million users and was earning revenue of about $633,000 per day in the iOS app store alone. While the game was really popular in July 2013, the game wasn’t in the top-100 most downloaded iPhone games. So, how did Candy Crush saga manage to make it to the top of the most downloaded list?

Well, in December Candy Crush Saga began to run commercials on Japanese television. Thanks to these advertisements, in the first week of December Candy Crush managed to jump from being outside the top-100 to being No. 1. That’s simply insane!

The change in Android wasn’t the same though because on Android they only went from No. 83 to No.  23, which is still impressive, but nowhere near as crazy as the fluctuation in iPhones top 100 chart.

Do you play Candy Crush?

So, were you one of the people who helped Candy Crush Saga reach #1? Personally, I never played Candy Crush, but all my friends were addicted to it for a while. How about you? Did you find it, or do you still find it pretty hard to set down?

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