Candy Crush Saga Tips and Cheats for Every Level of the Game

The Aim of Candy Crush

When it comes to playing Candy Crush Saga, the aim of the game is to match candies together that are not only the same but also three or more of them, which will clear them from the board. As with all matching games, every level has a different objective with some requiring certain moves, a minimum score and even a time limit.

Candy Crush Incentives

Although Candy Crush Saga is free to play, it tempts users with incentives, so they spend more money. It offers the option of buying boosters, more lives and extra moves if you become stuck on any of the levels. If you find yourself on a Candy Crush level you cannot seem to get past no matter what you do, well, this is where a handy array of tips and cheats comes in. The tips and cheats created for Candy Crush Saga will enable you to pass every level, and with Candy Crush played on so many different devices, you will not have to worry about any of the tips, cheats, and hints not working on any of them.

The Different Levels of Candy Crush

Now, Candy Crush has 500 different levels, and there are the dream world levels too. All 65 of them to be exact, with each individual level having a set of cheats. As with the rest of the game, the dream world boards are very similar, and so are the candy matches and jellies, which all require the same clearing techniques. Furthermore, the dream world levels now have two new features added to them – Moonstruck and Odus the Owl.

The object of dream world is to balance Odus the Owl on the moon and keep him there. This rule applies in every game. Once you start the game you will notice that Odus has a candy color either side of him, and it is those colors that you have to avoid making moves on, or make equal moves on both of the colors, this is the only way to keep Odus balanced on the moon. Favoring one color for a long time or forgetting to pay attention will also cause Odus to fall off the moon, and if this happens then the game is over. However, if you are successful in keeping Odus balanced on the moon, one color goes away from the board and this is how you earn a Moon Struck with each game having more than one.

How to Get Unlimited Lives On Your Mobile Devices

Now, if you are playing Candy Crush on a mobile device, here is a great tip on getting yourself extra free lives without paying for them. It requires you to set your time ahead so your full set of lives gets regenerated. Now, if you always follow these steps you will get a full set of free Candy Crush lives instantly. Whether you are using a mobile or a tablet, regenerating a full set of lives can be easily achieved and you don’t have to hack or download anything. Here are the steps as follows:

For iOS (Unlimited Lives)

• Go into the settings of your tablet or mobile device
• Go into ‘General’
• Scroll down to the ‘Date and Time’
• Then switch ‘Set Automatically’ to off, then tap time and forward the clock by two hours
• Resulting in 4/5 lives being fully restored

For Android (Unlimited Lives)

• Go to settings in your device
• Scroll to ‘Date and Time’
• Remove the tick that is next to ‘Date and Time’
• Then tap ‘Set Time’
• Set your clock forward by two hours

Once you have completed these steps, this cheat will save you from paying for Candy Crush lives ever again. One thing that you must not forget though, is do not start playing the game immediately after doing so. Make sure that you set the clock back to the correct time, before you go back to playing the game, otherwise you will have to generate a life in the usual way by making you wait a very long time. As long as you never forget this rule, then playing Candy Crush using this cheat will always give you unlimited free lives.

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