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Can’t Afford to Go Out? Here are Some Fun Stay-In Date Ideas

By on November 14, 2017 in General

It doesn’t matter whether you are dating in your teens or in your 60s: it can be quite expensive. A meal at a quality restaurant can run well over $100 and even a night at the movies will set you back about $40, if you can’t resist the temptation of the snack bar.

When all is said and done, dating is not about where you go, it’s about the time you spend together. And you can absolutely have a nice time just staying put.

Here are some ideas for stay at home date nights that go beyond just “Netflix and Chill”:

Cook a Nice Meal Together

Most couples usually have one partner who excels at cooking and one that…doesn’t. This is a great opportunity to work together creating a lovely meal for the two of you. The half who loves cooking can provide tutoring.

Play Board Games

Both life and entertainment these days are so fast paced, it can be quite refreshing to sit down to an old school board game like Monopoly. Bring out an old favorite from childhood or try one you haven’t played before.


Do you love to sing, but are mortified by the idea of doing it in public? Wail to your heart’s content at home with no one but your patient spouse to hear you butcher classic songs.

Indoor Camping

Love the idea of camping, but hate dealing with the weather, insects, and wild animals? Try setting up a small tent and sleeping bags in your living room. You can use the fireplace as your camp fire, toast marshmallows, and do all of the other things you would normally do outside without all of the hassle.

These are just a few basic ideas to get you started. Bottom line: the true magic of an evening usually revolves around the people involved and the connection they share.

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