New Nextbook Flexx 12 Flip Convenient 2-in-1 Tablet

Later this week media and industry will take over Las Vegas looking for the newest trends in tech for 2017.  E FUN, a leading designer and manufacturer of mobile lifestyle products, has announced they will be showing their Nextbook Flexx 12 Flip 2-in-1 Tablet.   The first in a new series of Flip 2-in-1 tablets from Nextbook,  the unit comes with a  large 12.2″ screen and support for a variety of A/V formats makes it ideal for watching videos, reading, listening to music, and looking at photos. Its sleek, modern design and combination of Windows 10 and a detachable keyboard make it an effective tool for professionals on the go and students.

“With a hearty 12.2″ IPS touchscreen and 1920×1200 high-definition resolution, the Flexx 12 Flip 2-in-1 tablet delivers exceptional image quality for watching videos, reading, working or any task that is viewing intense,” commented E FUN managing director and VP of sales Jason Liszewski. “Plus, the detachable Pogo pin keyboard easily flips the unit into a convenient laptop.”

E FUN's Nextbook Flexx 12 Flip

The Flexx 12 Flip will come with Intel’s new seventh-generation core processor, Kaby Lake, along with an Intel GEN9 LP graphics processor, and the ability to be configured up to 256GB of combined internal and external (microSD card slot) storage capacity.   A stylish metal case supports the device during use and protects the device when not in use.

Built-in Bluetooth 4.0 and 5G Wi-Fi 802.11ac/b/g/n connectivity options allow the unit to be used virtually anywhere. It will also have a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery that will provide users up to eight hours of power, plus a Type C port allows for an easy, reversible connection. To ensure you can capture that special moment quickly, the Flexx12 will have a  front camera and 5M rear camera with autofocus.  E FUN has also preloaded apps such as Vudu movies and TV, Flixster to find movie theater schedules and locations, Barnes and Noble Nook, and more.

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LG’s Levitating Speaker to Debut at CES

With the ever changing world of technology evolving every day, companies are always trying to redesign the wheel.  LG Electronics announced on Monday it will launch a futuristic Levitating Portable Speaker.  It’s not enough that it’s Bluetooth and that it offers great sound, but it will wow your visitors by floating in the middle of its platform.  In addition to its striking looks, the versatile speaker provides users the ability to seamlessly play music, podcasts and other audio content in the home as well as outdoors.

LG Levitating Portable Speaker

“The PJ9 wireless speaker is an exciting combination of audio design and innovation, offering the perfect balance between performance, beauty and versatility,” said Tim Alessi, head of product marketing at LG Electronics USA. “This latest addition to our growing lineup of premium wireless audio devices will not only turn heads, but it makes the bold statement that LG is committed to exploring new concepts and pioneering innovative audio designs for consumers around the world.

Using powerful electromagnets housed within the Levitation Station, the PJ9 achieves a stunning visual effect of floating in mid-air, untouched by any surface or wires. At its core is a 360degree omnidirectional speaker with turbine blade-inspired design and deep bass courtesy of the subwoofer embedded inside the Levitation Station. The PJ9 also features Dual Passive Radiator technology to reproduce flush mid-range tones and crisp highs for enhanced sound quality.

When the PJ9’s 10-hour batter begins to run low, the smart portable speaker automatically descends to the Levitation Station and begins to charge wirelessly with no intervention required from the listener and no interruption in music playback. To add to the excitement, LG has made the  PJ9 weatherproof so it’s able to withstand adverse weather conditions. If that wasn’t enough, the PJ9,  has a Multipoint technology, which enables the speaker to connect to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously!

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Interesting, New Technologies That Define Our Generation

Our generation, also known as the Millennials, have grown so accustomed to new, interesting and advanced forms of technology.  I mean just look at us – I don’t know anyone between the ages of 13 – 30 that doesn’t own a cell phone.  So with new technologies comes new forms of spreading knowledge and education.  What’s weird is that children are even caught up with the new gadgets and gizmos.  For Christmas this year, my little nephew asked for a tablet, an underwater drone, and a video game.  He’s 10.  I found it so crazy that a 10 year old wanted a tablet and drone.  He’s so in with the new technology.  I still thought kids at that age wanted toys and sports equipment – man was I wrong.  He ended up getting the video game and the best quality rov ever for their entire family to play with.  Isn’t it cool that nowadays technology is used for professional and entertainment use?  I remember back in the day that super advanced technology was primarily used to further development and knowledge.  Now, it’s used for basically anything!  There are so many start ups and businesses that strictly design tech for entertainment, which I guess, is how we got to this point.

So back to our discussion – there are so many pieces of tech out that that truly define our generation.  The iPhone, Macbook, bluetooth speakers, Fitbit, portable headphones – these are all items that we use day to day.  These pieces of technology are built essentially to fit into our changing lifestyle, and lucky for the makers, we have grown accustomed to using them daily.  We not only have adapted as a generation to rely and depend on these products but have also built higher expectations to our standard of living.  Just look at how far we’ve come at creating a self-driving car.  Why did we do that?  Because people are constantly looking to the future and trying to change the world for the better.  In order to do that, they’ve got to compete to create genuinely unique and original technology.  Everyone wants a piece, but the competition is extremely high.  Our generation is so focused on creating change and transforming our world into a more efficient, comfortable way of living.  This isn’t a bad thing at all.  In fact, it’s fascinating at how fast our technology is growing.  This is the reason that technology defines our generation.

dtNow, onto the cool and interesting gadgets.  Deep Trekker, a company that makes cool, underwater ROVs, is creating unique drones that you play with underwater.  These machines can basically do anything you want in any sort of body of water while you control it remotely.  Another company, Swatch, has come out with a watch that you swim with underwater.  It has a 200m dive rating so you can swim on all you want.  If you’re looking for something even more techie, the new Apple watch lets you control you phone from your wrist.  You can check messages, emails, the news – similar to having your iPhone attached to your arm.  For entertainment, you can get television systems similar to Roku and Amazon Fire TV which lets you watch Netflix, control your TV wirelessly, and offers other streaming services automatically programmed on specific channels.  These make life so much easier and you have an abundance of options to choose from for when you feel like starting a new show.  Those are a couple of the new gadgets that I’ve found to be extremely useful and entertaining.  Stay tuned for more!

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