How To Choose The Best Antivirus For Your Device?

The market for antivirus applications is the most profitable, given the extremely high number of options that you have available.

How to choose antivirus for your computer

Most of the PC users believe that they need an antivirus. Furthermore, smartphones are now in need of such application. Many systems come with one preinstalled by the manufacturer, but most of us call a friend who knows to find out which is the best. Fortunately, there are independent organizations monthly testing most of the antivirus market, which is why you can now make an informed decision across your security system and the best antivirus to use.

Free Antivirus Vs. Paid Antivirus

Before moving on to more complicated issues of choosing an antivirus, the most important detail is related to the amount of money you want to spend on this product or if you decided to go on a free solution. Although there are security and reliable software solutions that do not cost any money, most of them are chargeable. To differentiate between them and choose the best antivirus for you, you should note a few details.

In most cases, a free antivirus scan give uses the same as paid version of that product. As a result, it is also effective in getting rid of your viruses and other forms of malware. Almost every time a virus that invites you to upgrade for a small fee transition involves a complex security suite with several components. Among these include a firewall, anti-phishing filter, an anti-theft, anti-spam and more. These functions are not required, most often an antivirus makes a good enough job.

On the other hand, free products tend to get stressed. Often appears windows that invites you to upgrade to paid version. After all, the money are earned from paid products and the free version is the best method of marketing to convince you to make a small investment. Bottom line, this is the biggest compromise.

Antivirus 1 How To Choose The Best Antivirus For Your Device?

Use Known Antivirus

The simplest recommendation that I advise you to follow is to use antivirus software from a famous company. First, only those products appear in tests, have reviews on specialized sites and are often actualized to escape criticism. On the other hand, the performance of an unknown virus is impossible to determine.

In recent years, more and more malware applications disguised themselves suddenly in antivirus and offer a very bleak picture about your system. Most times, it seems that you have hundreds of infections that you cannot remove without the help of a credit card. If it was not obvious, they are fake antivirus name could not be simpler, like Antivirus 2014, Antivirus Live, Internet Security 2012, which do more harm than good. Runs in the background, it is likely to block access to various programs that are installed on the system and, worse than that, to significantly slow down the performance of the entire computer.

Do not dispose of experiments to discover “best antivirus”, use antivirus that you know for a long time.

Antivirus 2 How To Choose The Best Antivirus For Your Device?

Watch Antivirus Tests

AV TEST is such a publication known for its unbiased tests that can be accessed at Almost every month, the editors of this publication verify the performance of a large number of antivirus against a large variety of malware samples. They considered several criteria. Success rate at removing infections, resource consumption for the disinfection procedure and, not least, how friendly is the interface offered to users.

If you already use an antivirus, the latest top made by AV Test will provide an overview of its performance compared to other modern solutions. If you are looking for such a program, it is the best starting point. Unfortunately, there is no perfect anti-virus and more than that, it is doubtful that the first occupant of this month will occupy the same place next month.

Windows Defender and Microsoft Security Essentials

The two free solutions offered by Microsoft are also classified by AV TEST tests, including latest Windows Defender built into Windows 8. It is regrettable, however, that Security Essentials for older versions of Windows or Windows Defender don’t occupy a great place in the rankings. In fact, occupies exactly last in each top, being used as a benchmark for how good they are compared with all other antivirus solutions offered by the Redmond giant. As a result, the most ineffective antivirus today is created by Microsoft and offered for free.

It was not always so. For several years, these applications created by the company founded by Bill Gates came out very well in the tests and were rated with lower resource consumption. The scandal began recently, when a spokesperson for Microsoft recommended Windows users to switch to a third party security solution, just as soon as someone from the company to assert the opposite.

Antivirus 3 How To Choose The Best Antivirus For Your Device?

However, for a certain class of users the free antivirus from Microsoft is quite good. If you are an experienced Windows user and have already adopted a preventive lifestyle when it comes to surfing the internet, this level of protection provided by Security Essentials is good. If you want a good antivirus or want to install one for a friend or a parent who is not very good at computers, in such a scenario, it would be better to avoid these security products and use something more efficient.

Another important feature that can be lightly dismissed is about Windows Defender functionality. On Windows Vista and Windows 7, Windows Defender is working just as anti-spyware, it protects you from viruses and other forms of malware.

You should be careful online

Choosing a good antivirus is just the first step to securing a computer. Whichever antivirus you are using as well give the tests there will always be a malware infection that passes from your virtual wall.

Permanently update your antivirus and operating system. Every time you install a program, read the content of the windows installation not to install various toolbars or programs that do more harm than good. Do not download programs from sites you are not familiar with, if you are unsure of what you do. Always avoid clicking OK in a window that appears without being previously called. Because Facebook has become in recent years as dangerous when it comes to malware, avoid giving Like to any page that has a condition to see a video or picture with that click.

Antivirus on Mac, Linux or Android

You do not need any antivirus on OS X and Linux systems or Android device, provided that you only use applications from official online stores. Almost every time, avoid downloading from third parties on questionable sites or the torrent. Among the apps on Google Play malware rate is small. The same applies to Macs. Overall, the myth that Windows is mostly infected is as true now as five or ten years ago, provided you do not spend excessive time trying to infect your MacBook with various malware, spyware or toolbars from your browser.

In conclusion, before you decide upon an antivirus, it would be better to make an informed decision and to put in balance the benefits of a free solution to that of a paid one.

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