Chromecast Clever Way For Google To Evolve and Break

[dropcap size=dropcap-big]C[/dropcap]hromecast was launched to support Google TV.

Chromecast Is a Supplementary Device

Chromecast is a strategy that Google figured out in response to the emerging sticks from the Asian countries. Chromecast is priced modestly to try and prevent users from being hoodwinked to other applications that cost less. Consequently, the Google brand will be maintained. For this reason, Chromecast should not be compared to Google TV because they are two sides of the same coin.

The development of Chromecast is not just pegged on the fact that Google wanted to ease competition but is an evolution of sorts. Sources indicate that while Google TV hardly ever talks of their sales margins, their competitors have posted impressive growth in their accounts. It is reported that Apple has raked in a handsome profit so far, at least as far as the number of users is concerned. Chromecast is rumored to be Google TVs clever way to evolve and break into a market that has so far been a hard nut to crack.

What Chromecast Does

Chromecast has been developed to enhance TV viewing. Internet video viewers can never stop to celebrate; at least not now. Chromecast is a Google application that was developed to enhance the quality and variety displayed on your viewing screens. Although the options are many, Chromecast comes with a rich background support from Google.

Facing the Competition

The field has definitely got crowded, and the competition is stiff. Similar screen definition capabilities can be found in other emerging devices such as common gaming consoles Blue-ray and HD TVs. But the current biggest competitors of Chromecast are Roku and Apple TV. The competition does not just manifest in terms of the technology genius, but it is now evident that the prices of the latter are also generally low. All other three devices’ price range is between $30 and $100.

Chromecast Is Easier To Use

Chromecast appears to have an edge over the rest because it is perceived to be relatively easier to use. Indeed, it has attracted lots of users in the recent past. The device is plugged onto the back of a television set and is controlled by use of any smart phone Android device or tablet. It can also be manipulated using a browser such as chrome on PC, Chromebook or even Mac. Therefore users should note that the controls of this device will depend on the application in use. For instance, while Netflix offers fairly simple controls, You Tube is able to line up several videos from different people at the same time.

Therefore, it is evident that the controls you use will be determined by the type of content you have in mind. Choose an application that best serves your purpose with Chromecast.
On the other hand, both Apple TV and Roku have their unique accessories. They come with their tailor made remote control device and special app. These features enable users to manipulate and control content from various providers with ease. The applications resolve text entry issues in search fields. But Apple application only runs on iOS while Roku can work on both Android and iOS.

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