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Editor in Chief: Paul Cook | Email

Paul has nearly ten years as the head writer and editor for a successful marketing company, Paul has a vast experience in non-profit, health, fitness, education, wedding, pet insurance, entertainment, real estate, mortgage, publishing, fashion, textiles, visual arts, greeting card, photography, retail and many other industries.

Deputy Editor: Dom Santos | Email

Dom is a self made writer focusing mainly on games and football. Dom loves his Fifa and is always encouraging his wife to go out with friends just so he cant get some extra minutes in.

Dom also loves to write about celebrity gossip and regularly visits Los Angeles and it’s hot spots.

Dom loves travelling that much that he tends to be the first pick when we are invited out to events or conferences!

Reviews Editor: Sharizan Abdullah | Email

Sharizan loves gaming and when he is not at university thats all he does! He loves reviewing all types of games and will play it for days on end just to get in as much detail as possible. He is keen to provide gamers with all the information! Sharizan is also hoping gaming developers read his articles in an effort to make future games and/or updates better!



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