Crows Zero 3 Explode Live-Action Movie 2014

[dropcap]C[/dropcap]rows Zero 3 is set to hit cinemas in 2014, but Genji Takiya and Tamao Serizawa will not be returning to Suzuran High School as third-year students.

New Crows Zero 3 Title, Cast and Release Date

Crows (Hiroshi Takahashi) a teenage fighting japanese manga to inspire another new live-action movie next year.

Toshiaki Yoshida will be replacing the legendary director Takashi Miike position as director for the Crows Explode film, which will take place one month after the end of Crows Zero 2.

The new movie will take place at Suzuran High School after Tamao Serizawa and Genji Takiya have graduated.

The film is the third in the series about intense battles between delinquent youths and has many action scenes.

It will put the spotlight on the fresh third-year students as they take over the new first-year students and transfer students at the school. Masahiro Higashide will play the protagonist — a transfer student named Kaburagi — and Taichi Saotome will play first-year student Ryohei Kagami, who aims to reach the top of the Suzuran’s High School.

So who will be the new Tamao Serizawa?

Well, it seems Yuya Yagira will play third-year student Toru Gora, whose name at the top of Suzuran.

The 2014 action movie will also cast the following stars: Takanori Iwata, Ryo Katsuji, Elly, Yuya Endo, Shuntarō Yanagi, Kenzo, Itsuji Itao, Saki Takaoka, Reina Asami, and Kento Nagayama.

Additionally, the following cast members are returning from the previous films: Kyosuke Yabe as Ken Katagiri, Motoki Fukami “Rindaman” as Megumi Hayashida, and Tsutomu Takahashi as Takashi Makise.

Kenzo, a member of Da Pump revealed, while filming in February this year, “I received 8 stitches to the back of my head.”

He was injured while practicing for one of those scenes and he laughed as he said, “Although I was bleeding quite a bit, perhaps because I was acting seriously, it did not hurt at all.”

Kenzo is known for sweeping the locking section of the 2010 and 2011 international dance competition “Euro Battle.”

The first movie Crows Zero opened in theaters in Japan in 2007 and its sequel Crows Zero II opened in 2009.

The two films were actually prequels to the original manga, and starred Oguri Shun as high school troubled teenager Genji Takiya. Crows Zero 2 was set eight months after the first movie as Genji nearing graduation.

What do you think about this movie Crows Explode?

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  • Hoang Viet Dong


  • belgop ganja keringzz

    I think the movie will not be fun anymore because there is no GPS Takiya genji and members are also the members of Serizawa

    • alumtou .

      I think because it’s not based on the manga anymore. :(

  • belgop ganja keringzz

    not cooll..

  • Miguel Reyes Baltazar

    Crow zero 3 should be focusing on the revenge of Bituo Tatsuya against Suzuran high, Did he succeed revenging? It should also focus on what happened to Rindaman and Ebizuka Junior high trio Did they build another alliance? did they conquer Suzuran high?

    • sm

      i agree u

    • ena_mina

      I heard that they won’t do film that based entirely on the manga . Like the first and the second film , as you can see most of the characters did not even appear in the original manga , it’s just their name was mention but not by their appearance . Sad but true . That’s why even Bouya Harumichi won’t appear in the film .
      *Sorry , bad english :)

  • mikami gaara

  • mikami gaara

  • Dony Takiya

    crows zero 3 still tells about life after graduating from Genji Takiya sma suzuran

  • Ogonkishi

    I find this very disappointing that genji isn’t in this movie, i was expecting that he would fight bitou tatsuya. The stage was already set at the end of crows zero 2, then why the fuck did thet put genji out in this movie?

  • naya tiee

    widout genji n serizawa it flops fuck u movie makers who didn’t put genji and serizawa in movie

  • Arjun

    Without G.P.S this movie fucks

  • Aksh mishra

    tamao serizawa and genji should cast in crows zero 3,,because they were the main attraction of the film..