Download Free Antivirus – Which are the Best Free 2014 Antivirus?

It is not difficult to find a good free antivirus. The offer is rich and the functions provided by a free antivirus cover what any user need.

A computer without antivirus is like an invitation for all kinds of malware. In addition, if you don’t have a good antivirus, this also affects you and those that come in contact with you through the local network or the Internet. If you’re not willing to pay a certain sum of money on advanced protection level, then you can choose from the list below a good free antivirus. It was made ​​after consulting several companies that test charts made ​​by the malware.

A good free antivirus offers basic principle effective protection for ordinary users. But lacks advanced features offered by developers of paid versions. It may not have programming modes available scans, parental control features or customizable firewall. The recommendations below are for Windows 7, which is the most popular operating system in the market. The free antiviruses below have been tested in the last months of 2013 and achieved very good performance. Download links are only from their official websites.

Avast Free Antivirus

For those who want an easy to use free antivirus, Avast Free is a very attractive solution. With a 98.7% protection rate during the last test, it provides protection against viruses and malware, spyware and rootkits. It may not be the fastest and most powerful antivirus on the market, but for those who want constant protection without hassle, this is a good choice. The two paid versions of Avast Antivirus are coming up with a range of extra facilities. Avast Free Antivirus can be downloaded from here.

Panda Cloud Antivirus Free

panda e Download Free Antivirus   Which are the Best Free 2014 Antivirus?

This is a free antivirus service based on cloud. Files or parts of them are sent to a server to be scanned. This comes with both advantages and disadvantages for the user. First, free antivirus has a very good protection rate of about 99.8 % according to one recent test conducted by AV Comparatives. The interface is simple and easy to use, and the performances are quite good. Unfortunately, a full scan may take quite a lot, and the Internet connection is very important. It can be downloaded from here.

BitDefender Antivirus Free Edition

bitdefender Download Free Antivirus   Which are the Best Free 2014 Antivirus?

With scanning engine of one of the most popular definitions antivirus on the market, BitDefender Antivirus Free Edition is a solution which could not be simpler. We cannot even talk about a true sense interface. The application comes with a small window of interaction, which can be accessed when needed. The need for this free antivirus can be simply left to work in the background without giving headaches. It will work very well on slower computers. Those interested can download the new version from here.

AVG AntiVirus Free

avg Download Free Antivirus   Which are the Best Free 2014 Antivirus?

This antivirus application type is quite common. Although along the time it wasn’t the best on performance level detection, it is still a good solution for the average user. In addition to protection for viruses, spyware and malware, it checks accessed links and can be used for secure file deletion. The interface is user friendly and older PCs will not be affected in terms of performance. Those who want to download this free antivirus can access this page.

Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Essentials Download Free Antivirus   Which are the Best Free 2014 Antivirus?

The free Antivirus from Microsoft had varied performance over time. After some time it was a good enough antivirus for unpretentious users. Unfortunately, in the last six months it has not been up to expectations. It is difficult to recommend it to inexperienced users that can access files or install applications from unsafe sources. This antivirus can be installed for free as an update of the Windows 7 operating system.


If you do not want to pay for antivirus with lots of facilities, you can find a good free antivirus in the list above. If you have used a similar one in the past, you’ll be quite familiar with the application interface. Even when using a good free recommend antivirus you should pay attention to the source files and applications. Also, avoid links to web sites with questionable content.

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  • rofusr

    How does Malwarebytes Pro compete with these free anti-virus software?

    • costea

      Malwarebytes Pro is not free mate, costs $24.95 although it’s worth it.