Download Subway Surfers and Stay High. It’s all Free!

Do you want to stay high at Subway Surfers?

Who doesn’t know of this endless runner game, a super addictive game involving a young skater getting caught in spray painting? In order to escape from the security guard with his watchdog, the protagonist has to avoid being sent to juvenile facility and go through train tracks, meet obstacles and trains speeding down the tracks and also collect coins and other power-ups. If you want a really high score in this free game, here are a few tips for the endless runner.

Move Combinations

If you use move combos, it could make all the difference to your game. It is especially useful when the game is crowded or more challenging. You can get more coins, if you fly headfirst right into a train, using certain combinations. For instance, if you Jump and Roll, the jump gets cancelled and it instantly goes to a Roll, whereas if you Roll and Jump, it cancels the Roll and instantly goes off into the Jump. Another effective strategy is to remain on top of the trains and make use of power-ups for flying. If you practice this strategy to the max, it could prove to be much safer than remaining on the ground. Additionally, if you make use of a magnet, you will be able to attract coins present on the train as well as the ground and this is done without posing any risk to your life.

Using the Hoverboard

Hoverboards can be really useful while defying death and must be used in the last minute. Just when you are about to run into an obstacle, you must double press the ‘tab’ button to activate the hoverboard and save your life. Keep your hoverboards till the later stages in the game, where things can get a little sticky. Hoverboards are of different kinds and are actually a sort of futuristic skateboard. Most of them last only for half a minute and then disappear. There are others that remain with you but you need coins to get them, with most of them being limited editions that might have expired. You can still get these expired editions, if you are able to change the settings of the time and date on your device. After getting the hoverboard that you wish for, you can revert back to the correct time on your phone. But, there is absolutely no need for investing real money in this free game.


Power-ups can be really useful in increasing your progress in Subway Surfers. If you wish to stay high on this game, you need to know all about the use of power-ups. Jetpacks are used for flying and dodging from obstacles, whereas super sneakers can make you run really fast. Again, coin magnets help you collect coins all around you whereas 2x multipliers can help to make your score double.

During the beginning parts of the game, it is suggested you make use of magnets and jetpacks for getting coins and for purchasing items. Use the super sneakers and the 2x Multiplier later on in the game, so that you can run faster and jump higher and get more coins. You need some practice with super sneakers, so you need to master the movements of jumping and rolling combinations while avoiding crashes.

Bottom Line – Get more Coins

You have to get more and more coins by doing the daily tasks, watching videos and so on. Some of the tasks include collecting the letters required for completing a particular word. These are found on the tracks. You also need to connect with the Internet after you download Subway Surfers, or you might miss out the daily challenge. You can get the super mystery box if you complete tasks and missions for five days in a row. You can also get additional coins if you share the free game with your friends on the social networking site, Facebook. You get 5000 coins for this. When you complete missions, you can increase your multipliers up to x 30.

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