Download Temple Run For PC Now On Windows 7, 8 and XP

Developed by Rayleigh – based Imangi Studio and originally released for iTunes, Temple Run can now be downloaded to Windows computers ranging from Windows 7 to Windows 8.

This game received a great user response for Android smartphones. As with most downloads and installations the computer should be running and working at its best. This is one of those “Escape from your life” games that will keep you running over hurdles.

Download Preparation

Be sure to do a PC backup and restart your browser. Download an emulation program such as Bluestacks/IntelAppUp and then install any of the applications mentioned onto your computer system. Open Twitter application on Bluestacks/IntelAppUp and sign up. Accept the terms and conditions then click three times when asked. These steps must be followed no matter which version of Windows is used.


BlueStacks is an application that will allow you to run applications fast and full screen from your phone, Windows, Mac and PC. It took two years for engineers to build this technology. This is free while in Beta.


IntelAppUp was developed by the Intel Corporation for Microsoft Windows. This PC software can be used on netbooks, laptops and personal computers. Applications are available in books, business, entertainment, finance, social networking and many more. This software is supported by Windows 8/7/XP in 32 and 64 bit. It was designed to assist in software writing and distributing applications. The focus of the program is ultrabook devices, netbooks and PC(s). This software supports multiple devices.

Download for PC/Windows 7/8/XP

For Temple Run on Windows 7, download the Windows installer software. Follow the onscreen instructions, click finish and restart if asked to do so. Proceed to download and install Temple Run for PC downloads. A suggested free download prior to downloading Temple Run is Android Emulator. After downloading Android Emulator in the top right corner click “Spy Glass” which will show links for Temple run for PC downloads. Choose the type of Temple Run PC game to download (most preferred is from Amazon). Prior to the installation of this game you will view several links. There are several download options for the different types of Windows versions. Select the version of windows for which you want to download Temple Run.


Click the icon for search results, and Temple Run will start the setup. Alternatively download the APK file to install Temple Run for PC. Double click on file to install the game manually. The APK file is a free download used to distribute and install applications onto Google’s Android operating system, and as such will run through programs like Bluestacks.

Temple Run is a free application but payment is required for additional power-ups. The graphics in this game are well designed. This game follows a main character from a third-person perspective. The character must run, slide, jump, dodge, and pick up coins. The responsiveness of the controls, the sound effects, and the graphics are more than adequate. The download and installation of this game must be done correctly to get the full experience.

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