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Have You Ever Been a Victim of Road Rage?

By on June 23, 2017 in Society

A dramatic crash brought about by an instance of road rage in California made headlines today. The available video does not show what started the confrontation, but we do see a motorcyclist kick a car, which then swerves towards him. The cyclist is able to regain control of his vehicle before it hits the median, but the car’s driver loses control. He or she then crashes into the same median and then crosses over into the next lane and hits a truck, causing it to roll over. Reports do not detail the degree of injuries sustained, but it would be very surprising if there were none.

Many people live in a state of near-constant stress today and that spills over into their driving habits. Maybe they are late for work or fatigue, anxiety, and impatience are causing them to act irrationally. Whatever the case, losing your temper and acting out is one thing; doing it in a car or truck is much more worrisome and potentially deadly for anyone in the vicinity.

When we are caught up in the moment, it can become incredibly easy to forget the consequences of our action. What might seem like a simple reaction to a rebuke can lead to serious and even fatal injuries. The consequences can be truly tragic.

A disturbing survey by State Farm Canada revealed that one third of Canadian drivers admit to engaging in road rage at least once per month. If you spend a lot of time traveling in your car or are a regular commuter, that means you have no doubt found yourself in such a situation as either the giver or the receiver.

How did you react? Did you lose your cool and cause an incident or keep a level head when confronted with one? Click the comment button and let us know.


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