Facebook Application APK Download For Free On Android

The internet social networking site Facebook, developed by Mark Zuckerberg, has gained much popularity in the past five years or so.

A majority of the population that frequently uses the internet are likely to have a profile on this site. Also, because of the rising use of smart phones, sites like this also create applications so that their users are able to use their website on the go.

Facebook Application: Coming Now to your Android

Billions of individuals use Facebook on a daily basis. Androids are amongst the most popular of high technology cellular devices. The Facebook application is now available for these types of phones. Even better – the download is completely free. There are many features that are exactly the same as how they are on the website, but others differ. Like with anything, using a program on a different device will include different controls and functions. This application is also available for download on a computer as well.

Features and Abilities

This Facebook app allows users to be able to stay connected to their friends and family threw the convenience of just having a cell phone. Following features are available that let the users be alerted when someone they are following (this can be a friend) has made a new status or do other interactions. Unlike many apps that are in use today, the Android Facebook app is overall pretty stable and free of glitches or bugs. It is extremely user friendly and could not possibly any simpler to use. Overall, the timeline and news feed functionalities of Facebook are the entirety of the site. Applications do an excellent job of keeping these functions exactly the same and just as usable. Most basically put, every single thing someone can do on a computer to their Facebook can be done through their phone, with just one exception; games. Even though games are not accessible through the app, many of them can be downloaded to a cell phone as well. Functions such as searching for people, groups or pages, liking and commenting and updating a status are all doable. Uploading photos is now much easier than it used to be. With an app, you can simply take a video or picture and directly upload it to your Facebook.


An added bonus to using Facebook as an application is that the chat function allows for its users to essentially be provided with free texting. If paying for unlimited texting is simply not an option, or even paying to texting in the first place, the choice of having seemingly unlimited minutes is available through this. This is especially a great option for those that would prefer to have internet activation rather than texting. As a provided plus side to all of this, when Facebook is accessed from a computer or cell phone after being accessed on the other, the conversations immediately update. No confusion will need to happen because of this

Just about everything the world uses at a computer can now be done through a smartphone. The convenience and benefits of using applications Facebook are seemingly endless.

Download Facebook APK

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