Fallout 4 Family Friendly, Less Violent Please?

I have heard the arguments against magic and Extraterrestrials which is probably a reaction against jarring improbabilities, things so unrealistic they seriously detract from the flow of the game.

A Non-violent, Family Friendly Fallout 4 Gameplay

Being a true wanderer and not being able to carry all you gear falls into this.

Power suits and armor should allow you carry more, robots should be adaptable to use as a transport option instead of slaves or mutants, animal or human.

Let my power suit or armor allow me to run at bicycle speeds for about the same amount of effort, a speed my bots can keep up with.

Let them carry enough to carry up to half a ton of tools, weapons, gear and loot for sale, trade or use as needed, Allow them to be armed so my stuff is not unguarded in a dangerous wasteland situation, while I do something dangerous nearby.

For those of us who have dealt with disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, floods maybe even a war zone it is hard to imagine being in such a situation where you can start making things better by starting and trying, and nobody does so.

There seems to be something in most people that makes them want to help and feel good about the appreciation they get for doing so.

Bethesda Should Make Family Friendly, Less Violent Fallout 4

Repair a pump, generator, windmill, waterwheel in trade for something you want or need.

Have tool attachments on your power suit or armor suit so you can cut, weld, grind, drill etc.

Fix up or convert a Mr. Handy or Mr. Gutsy so between the two of you, you’re very useful to have around.

A brain bot so you can use it as primarily a heavy transport that can carry the attachments to set up an upgraded Handy or Gutsy to serve with the attachments of either .

A lot of retirement aged gamers, unemployed blue collar workers, and genuine handymen will have more fond memories to relive peripheral to their adventures. Build reputation and friends for better trade opportunities. Salvage some scrap and use it to add value to something else you have to trade.

Give us the option to truthfully say in this game you sometimes have to hunt down or defend against criminals and dangerous predators, but for the most part we can help the survivors of a nuclear apocalypse survive and rebuild, check it out and see what it is about.

We should not feel the need to go off and play it away from the eyes of our children or grandchildren.

We should have the option to be comfortable showing the game to a friend or neighbor with their children and/or yours in the room.

Give us options so the people we show Fallout 4 or 5 to a feel comfortable doing the same.

Bethesda’s Rage is apparently going the have DLC involving the Scorcher tribe, it will include 10 new achievements including completing the new Ultra Nightmare level.

I do not know the history of Bethesda adding more extreme play levels to a game advanced players find too casual, but if Fallout 4 is released with a lot of options to appeal to many novice and return gamers on the casual or easy level a level to rock the advanced gamers does not have to be far behind in a DLC.

Bethesda seems willing to try and satisfy as large a community of gamers as possible, it is good business to do so.

We may not get all we want on first release, but quite possibly through sites like this they will listen and take care of us as best they can as soon as they can in DLC, but we need to do all we can to help make the game a success by supporting it and honestly promoting it for it’s virtues to people who will appreciate it as it is when it becomes available.

And no I do not work for Bethesda, I just want the best games possible as fast as possible to enjoy and share with friends, family and community.


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  • Wyatt

    Fuck no glad u don’t work for Bethesda

  • steve

    r/atheism delivers………fallout 4 will be a fallout game because otherwise no one will buy it………no one will but a fallout game with unicorns and gold that you pull out from a fairy’s ass

    • Matt

      If you pulled gold out of a fairies ass it wouldn’t be “non-violent” anymore

  • Kingofawesom3 .


  • gerrit

    why do some people want to ruin a good game if Bethesda Chang the game to you want it to be just a small hand full of people would buy it. all that they must do is make fallout 4 almost the same as 3 add some of Vegas stuff like the close that change how people c you and add maybe some smart new idees but not your once and defiantly don’t take away the blood and stuff to make it child friendly the what is the point of a Apocalypse ???

  • No

    This is fucking retarded, reducing the levels of violence would ruin the series. That’s one of the things it is known and loved for, this article is a big pile of shit.

    • fallout4

      i would rather look at a big pile of shit, than read this article again.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000234237439 Jesse Tronier

      Article title: Angry bimbos feel since they are women and that their emotions are more important than anything else. And think they deserve to be treated like Honorary employees because of it.

      • http://twitter.com/tylermcbride Tyler McBride

        This was written by a guy, but thanks for being a sexist dick.

  • Dave

    Shit plan! You choose what to show your children but what 8 year old in the world wouldn’t kill for a shot at a raider with the Bloody Mess perk activated? If anything Bethesda should crank up the violence, racism, sex and horror elements of Fallout dramatically and that’s exactly what they’ll do unless they want to lose a significant portion of their fans. Oh, and they also need a beefier story that is almost as engaging as BioShock Infinite with morally grey choices that are more meaningful; a better crafting system akin to Alchemy in Skyrim where every component has multiple uses and you need to experiment to find each use and improved overall game mechanics… particularly for combat and dialogue (which there needs to be more of). Did I miss anything?

    • http://www.facebook.com/karl.schmidt.501 Karl Schmidt

      The game mechanics are good in my opinion, and considering that Bethesda make Skyrim, you can expect to see the crafting upgraded
      as for the more violence and such, that’d just give it a bad name and cause it to be rated R, and R rated games are a pain in the arse to acquire in Australia. It’d also give morons more fuel for the “Games make kids violent” argument, which is total bullshit by the way.

      • http://www.facebook.com/patrick.williamson.5686 Patrick Williamson

        I don’t know if you have followed classification laws in aus, but they implemented an r18+ rating last year, so we can get brutal games finally!! And yeah de-brutifying fallout is a retarded idea, completely against the idea of living in a post apocalyptic wasteland, not to mention myself included that many people play fallout to blow a dude’s face off in VATS

    • Rob

      Hope they make the craftingsystem kind of like in the Stalker games. Where the guns and armours have their own perk trees with upgrades, like better aim locks out firing speed etc, so you can improve a weapon towards sniping or close combat. Armours shoult be like improving towards armour, stealth and maybe some kind of environmental resistanse ( if they make the environment more dangerous).

  • Mike

    There’s a reason the games are rated “M.” They aren’t made for children. There are numerous other games that are family-appropriate without changing the dynamic of an entire series. Furthermore, I enjoy the moral ambiguity of the story and having the options left up to me. I play a “good” character more often than not, but making those types of choices are what the game is all about.

    • http://www.facebook.com/karl.schmidt.501 Karl Schmidt

      I couldn’t agree more, it’s rated M for mature, but then again, that doesn’t stop 7 year olds from playing call of duty. If they made fallout like that it would be so fucking boring it’d be unplayable. Fallout gets a bit dry in parts, but it always picks up the pace. If you want a game like that buy “Cloudy with a chance of meatballs” or something. Jesus, you people are so fucking lazy you can’t control what your kids watch or play, you want the creators to change what they make to suit you, no, fuck you, regulate your childrens behaviour you lazy fuck. Seriously, if you don’t want your young kids to see when you show your friends fallout, ask them to leave the room, it’s not that fucking difficult.

    • someone

      I am mature. But i have children. They are in the same room i am. In the living room. I can’t play my games because there are flying around heads. Should i wait 15 years to play fallout 4? Game Business is changing. Gamers are not 20 anymore. they are older then 30 and have kids.

      think about that you kiddy.

      • Aaron

        How about tough shit. Becoming a parent comes with many responsibilities and sacrifices, one of them being the need to regulate what they watch and view which is your responsibility, not game companies.

        • rabid

          couldnt have said it better

        • Jason

          Here, Here! Aaron has a good point. You make choices. I have a child. I am 30. Here the kicker though… she has a bedtime!! Crazy concept, I know, but why don’t you stop whining because you can’t play video games with your kids and spend time with them interacting instead. Then after lights out you can have all the time you’d like, to play whatever you’d like. Spoiler alert: you’re an adult now, you don’t get to do whatever, whenever you want to now. Also, since you do have kids, you may want to take a grammar/spelling class. For both your sakes.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000234237439 Jesse Tronier

          So changing a whole franchise because you’re too much of a butthurt bimbo to have your kids view things that wont make them violent? Take them out of schools, shut down every tv. Isolate them from the world.

          Because drugs, illegal activity, and etc will hit your kids faster outside of your house faster than they will ever think negatively about a fantasy game. Just put your kid in a bubble and make him watch children shows. Because that’s not responsibility isolating your kid from reality. That’s an emotional thing and you’re only thinking for yourself when you do stuff like that.

      • http://www.facebook.com/Sebtraction Sebastian Pickett

        So youre saying that because gamers are older now, we should dumb down the games and make them boring to appeal to the lowest common denominator? No. Fuck that. Games are all we have left. Movies, tv, music the big parts of those industries have all been turned to total shit to accompdate selfish stupid people. Why the hell would you want to ruin such an amazing game

        • Lord Augustus Battlefang III

          Too Fucking Right.

      • Dollarhyde

        …Then get a Wii.

      • Graham Hood

        Or, how about you play games you don’t want your kids to see when they are at friends, or at school, or in bed, or out? The idea that because you made the decision to have kids, the world has to adapt to accommodate you is quite frankly pathetic. If you don’t like the consequences of your choices, that is your problem. You should have thought about that before you had kids. Try passing that lesson on to your offspring instead of bitching about how you can’t have fun any more. Or buy a different game.

        Do you know why you want to play Fallout? Is it because it is good? Is it because you have seen your friends play it? It doesn’t really matter, the fact is you want to play it, so it must be doing something right. Changing the way it works is just going to undermine that, and when you have turned FO4 into a terrible game you don’t want to play, you will be off to ruin Bioshock, or Left4Dead, or any of a dozen other games that you want dumbing down so you can play them around your family, but won’t.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=503975798 Martin Rimming Riley

        I have two kids and I play Fallout in the same room as them, If anything attacks me a defend myself and explain that the people in the game attacked me and they we’re “naughty”. There are worse things on the news than what a kid will see on Fallout….

      • M means Mature

        You are not mature. I don’t know how you have kids. Move your computer. You have a living room, thanks. Flying around heads? Interesting… No, move your computer. Game business is changing, but thankfully you’re not the one changing that. I’m 20, I’m a gamer, I’d explain how some people are 20 while you are 30 but you wouldn’t understand. The worst insult for Mike you can find is “kiddy”. How can you call yourself a gamer if you aren’t able to game because of your kids?

      • M means Mature

        Oh, by the way, where I come from we call people like you ‘prudes’

      • http://twitter.com/aerosquid aerosquid

        Playing the game is your CHOICE. Your decision to knock up cindy lou rotten crotch is NOT OUR PROBLEM. Perhaps you should reexamine your priorities and be a father first and a gamer second. Your dick will never dictate what game companies release. Just because you have a brace of rugrats the rest of us (and i’m over 30) do not need their games changed because you refuse to play after your anklebiters goto bed. In short… no one gives 2 shits about your retards. Back the FUCK Off. You can always play non violent games (like you should be doing obviously) when your brats are awake. Asshole.

      • http://www.facebook.com/hunter.talbot.3 Hunter Talbot

        Shoulda worn a condom

      • Dou Chebag

        You sound the like same whiny parent of a noisy child who refuses to leave the theatre because you deserve your reward on your one day out. It’s only when the child is truly screaming that even you can’t tune them out, that you’ll act, right?

        Yes, you should leave the theatre. No, it’s not fair. But it aint Utopia. That’s just how it works. Making us listen to your noisy child in the theatre is the same as forcing a family friendly game onto us. I’m glad youre not in charge, because I can only imagine.

        There are several solutions to your problem that would allow you to play F4 upon release. Grow a sack, and then a brain. Many of us have kids pal. We make it work.

        And if your problem is just that you don’t like the harsh world of Fallout, then stick with Elder Scrolls. Bethesda pleases us all, not just you, buddy.

  • PrimeKhaos

    This is stupid. It is good business for Bethesda to stay true to the Fallout series. Not everyone plays as a ‘good’ character. Fallout is morally grey. NPC’s have items so that the player can have the option to kill and steal for them. Would Skyrim even be playable if you took out the violence? Would rage? If video games make people violent, then shouldn’t fifa make people better soccer players? Do not try to ruin a fantastic game series with your ideals Either pitch an idea for a new game of your liking or go play Viva Pinata.

    • http://www.facebook.com/karl.schmidt.501 Karl Schmidt

      “If video games make people violent, then shouldn’t fifa make people better soccer players?”

      You my friend, have restored my faith in humanity.

      • PrimeKhaos

        Thank you sir, have a nice day

      • someone

        So looking porn on the tv and in the internet while masturbating all the time has no effect on the secuality of the porn-consumer? Ar you naiv?

        • Dollarhyde

          Which Fallout are you referring to there?

        • http://www.facebook.com/andrew.smith.5454 Andrew Smith

          It’s awesome when right wingers try to make a poignant statement and fail so badly at the spelling of such simple words.

        • http://www.facebook.com/hunter.talbot.3 Hunter Talbot

          You can’t even spell. Sexual preference has everything to do with genetics, but I guess knowledge of elementary grammar is required to grasp that.

  • johnny

    Article title: How to bankrupt your video game company

  • http://www.facebook.com/josh.vickers.7524 Josh Vickers

    Oh hello there mastr troll. how was your day?

  • disqus_Vb83rl0xlI

    NO. You are a dumbass just stop writing articles turn off your computer and just sit in the corner and just think about your life.

  • Me

    they already tuned down the violence on this game what more do you want? in the old ones enemies turn into skeletons or melt into a puddle of flesh and blood.

  • http://www.facebook.com/leif.lepton Leif Lepton

    I am a nice guy, but you should not write about video games you can’t get on Facebook. Have you played Falout on its maximum difficulty? It is very hard, which is why it is called so.

    • rabid


  • Austen Marx

    If we let people like you who turn to religion for answers to everything then this world would fall apart. The civilization we have is built on hard work and the efforts and ideas of great people, not phantoms and faith. God doesn’t make the world the way it is, we do. If you want to succeed in the gaming industry you do not appeal to the family friendly market. That would just be financial destruction. Have faith in humanity and yourself, not something that isn’t there.

    • http://www.facebook.com/diego.abascal.94 Diego Abascal

      Well said.

  • http://www.facebook.com/cole.pedersen.7 Cole Pedersen

    People like you likely deserve death. Fallout is good as it is, like said earlier, it would be nice to mix F3 and FNV together but a map the size of oblivions or greater, increase the violence and everything else…make kids kill able. It honestly should never go down in any way.

    Sorry if this doesn’t make much sense, I’m a bit drunk.

    But really, don’t down fallout again

  • http://www.facebook.com/chucknorris.versus.gamma.ray.burst Shane Cochrane

    No, I say Fallout 4 needs to be gorier, bloodier and have more ways to kill people in the sickest ways possible. Fuck the children’s innocence, Fallout is fun because of it’s cruel humour, brutal violence and all-round dark nature.

  • Joe

    This is just naive. The whole point behind fallout, from game one to New Vegas and all of the DLC available is this: It’s a post apocalyptic world. There is little law or order save for that which your wits and your guns can maintain. The whole point of Fallout is to feel good because you made the “good” choice in the face of the easier “bad” choice. Or, sometimes, hey, you just *gotta* be evil. All of these things we see in fallout are a reflection upon the face of society at it’s worst. What choices do we make when there are no authorities to truly uphold a moral “right” or “wrong”. To the writer of this article, I highly recommend that you read. “The Road” By Cormac McCarthy to help you understand these sorts of morally gray areas better, and see how even “Good” choices when made for the wrong reasons are still bad choices.

    Also, Dude, Fallout’s been rated. M for mature for a *long* time now. Pro tip? Don’t play it in front of your grandparents, pastors, younger siblings and the like. C’mon, man. Think. It’s not illegal yet.

  • Redumblican

    This website is a fucking joke.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003101408398 Alex Kuroneko Kagamine


  • the faque?!

    dude it is an APOCALYPTIC game series. It isn’t meant for kids you fucking twat. honestly, if you want a more innocent game go play something rated E.

  • the faque?!

    uhh the point of the game isn’t that of “ooh yay nuclear apocalypse disney land!!” it is kinda supposed to be a bit depressing and it kinda shows how ironic it is that a land once filled with a relatively peaceful population is now a war zone filled with horrifying creatures and people who must fight others in order to survive. An apocalypse game without any fighting would be just stupid.

    • someone

      kiddy.. “i am playing gore games – so i am mature”.

      • http://www.facebook.com/kyle.mraz.33 Kyle Mraz

        Dude. Your an idiot. And the way your acting I highly doubt you’ve got kids..I don’t play any of my Rated M games with or in front of my kids. The worse they can play is Rated T and that’s the Ninja Turtles games or one of the Marvel hero’s. Its upto us parents to regulate what our children see and hear. WE set the example. And hope that our children follow it. It is lazy and completely stupid as an adult to play someone else for the lack of the job you don’t want to do. If you don’t want to do the job then don’t have anymore kids. To the original poster of this asinine drivel…..The Wasteland/Fallout games are a vision of Brian Fargo. What is the point of having a game set in the post nuclear apocalyptic world if you are not trying to survive it? It CAN NOT BE A FALLOUT GAME WITHOUT THE PURE SAVAGE BRUTALITY OF CIVILIZATION DESTROYED. IF you want family friendly games, they’re plenty. Hell, if you want something edgy in context but can be played in front of your kids, play a Genesis or SNES game. I dare you to play Castlevania Bloodlines or Symphony of the Night in front of them. Be the adult, monitor what kids see and do, stop making everybody else suffer because of your incompetence.

        • Leucutis

          Well said. It is the parents responsibility to regulate what their children are doing. I was in a major chain store watching a mother examining games and asking others if the game was gory, sexy whatever because she was unfamiliar. It was refreshing to see. I’m almost 40 with 2 children and I find time to play my games without issue. Plan your life better. Raise your children yourself, don’t make others do it for you.

  • http://twitter.com/ryddie tyler rydman

    Fallout is raw, gruesome, gory, bare, grotesque, gritty, sexy… never in a million years will post nuclear war America be family friendly. There’s just some things that will never mix, and don’t fault Bethesda for that. I think its rather sick to even want to show children a game where a gunshot to the chest can rip your enemies apart.. lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/ryan.michaels.528 Ryan Michaels

    This article isn’t retarded. From what I read of it, it sounds like an okay game, but Fallout was meant to be darker. It wasn’t meant to be like this.

    • http://www.facebook.com/kyle.mraz.33 Kyle Mraz

      Umm…..your not understanding. He’s bitching about parts of the game he doesn’t understand. Fallout is, has, and will always be a dark game. What he’s proposing would spell certain death to visiting the Wastelands

      • http://www.facebook.com/ryan.michaels.528 Ryan Michaels

        I definitely agree that Fallout should not become some game that is meant for all ages, but from what I read of the article, the game this guy thinks of might be okay as a completely different title.

  • Wes

    Yes, and we should make pornography family friendly as well.

    • rabid

      While we are at it, might as well make the CoD series be about friendship and balloons.

    • Matt

      Don’t give ‘em ideas

  • Phill_42

    Hey, just FYI, you can already make the choice to play fallout and fallout n.v. without taking a life. It’s a much harder game that way but then so is making the right choices in real life.

    It CAN be done if you have the moral character to do it.

    Consider it your challenge to do it right and set an example for all those who need a good example

  • Josip Tonković

    Fuck you and fuck off , what the hell do you expect from a post nuklear war themed game , and upgrading your power armor so it can weld, cut and grind hahahaha you must be kidding

  • http://www.facebook.com/Oh.Hell.Nah.Mah.Frand Mary Haase

    Or you can just not let your little family to play.

  • Thepersonwhohatesthisarticle

    kill yourself. no literally i’ve said kill yourself to numerous people but you sir have made me truly lose faith in the human race. I will mail you the rope, please, kill yourself.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Sebtraction Sebastian Pickett

    You’re an idiot. I fucking hate casual gamers. Go play fucking mario party leave the real games to the grown ups.

  • Aaron

    Just to touch on one of your other points as everyone seems to be focusing on your call to tone down violence in Fallout: why the hell would power armour make you run faster, it’s supposed to make you a walking tank, slow but powerful. Making power armour nimble and fast would completely imbalance the game.

  • Eman4evr

    If this is what Religion looks upon video games, I’m actually not willing to support your opinion. This game is about VIOLENCE. By changing the violence to an absolute low, you’re taking away the whole game. Take mario for example. Take away the enemies. What do you have there? “But mario is demonic! it teaches kids how to jump and save a princess!!! It’s bad guise im serious! listen to me! Why are you laughing? I’m right because i am posting on a Religious website! LISTEN TO ME!!!” Seriously. Do you know what a thing called ‘common sense’ is? I think not.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000078336439 Jonathon Joesph Kogowski

    Moar blud

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000234237439 Jesse Tronier

    ” satisfy as large a community of gamers as possible” You’re the only idiot that thinks any of this. Go play farmville if you want family friendly windmill fun.

  • Kait

    Hell the fuck no! The apocalypse is not family friendly!

  • Kait

    Whoever wrote this is retarded. So because you suck as a parent you think that a successful video game company should make a boring game? I can play it in front of my kids just fine. My younger siblings play it too, with my parents around. If you think that game is violent there is seriously something wrong with you.

    • maxonepercent

      So, you are saying that a game that depicts drug-use, prostitution and heads exploding in slow motion is appropriate to play in front of children? I bet that is EXACTLY the kind of thinking that Adam Lanza’s mother had. I am a hardcore gamer, love Fallout and other gritty adult games like this, but they are not meant for children. It would be just like showing a them a gory horror movie or even soft-core porn, it is inappropriate and ultimately damaging.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Franki-Bisono/639581271 Franki Bisono

    Fallout 4 needs to be MORE VIOLENT. Think of Somalia or Liberia on steriods no government pockets of rag tag gangs fending for themselves.

  • http://twitter.com/Ageoffan1 Mike

    No, no , no. Fallout is supposed to be bloody and violent. It is literally a criticism of America in the 1950′s. But I do like the little idea with the whole welding and what not.

  • disqus_z3Kig5QX7L

    Ugh. What kind of retard comes up with this shit.

  • Darren

    Article should be re-titled: How to alienate your fan-base and bankrupt your company in 2 easy steps!

    Whoever was paid for writing this should probably give the money back to their boss, because this is inexplicably pathetic.

  • http://www.facebook.com/andrew.smith.5454 Andrew Smith

    “We should have the option to be comfortable showing the game to a friend or neighbor with their children and/or yours in the room.”

    So what you’re saying is that you should feel comfortable playing a movie that’s rated R with children in the room? Because that would be the equivalent. And if that’s the case, what is the purpose of the rating systems to begin with? A system that was enacted largely to appease people like yourself.

    You’re asking them to change the *VERY NATURE* of the game. It’s not like you’re suggesting there should be child friendly games, you’re actively saying that there shouldn’t be M rated games.

    If you’re going to start spouting censorship nonsense, please at least have the strength of character to admit that’s what you’re doing and not wrap it up in the cloak of “think of the children”.

  • gerrit

    you could do all that make it more child friendly and all that sh*t but will they at it why don’t they just change the name off the game and give it to so other company to crate maybe then you will be happy don’t change the game just don’t

  • Fuckoff

    Fuck you, okay?

  • The Deathmachine115

    He brings up a good point on some things like it would be cool to be more interactive with the world to covert robots, start up generators and such but there is no way there can be a fallout game with out as much violence and gore as ther rest but more interactive would be awesome!

  • http://twitter.com/Lakstoties Lakstoties

    Fallout is a game set in the post nuclear apocalypse. There’s nothing family friendly about a world ruined by nuclear war and the fall of mankind. We are talking about a world where there most beings are operating on “survival mode” mentality. It’s not a nice place. When many people in the current world operate on a “I don’t do that, because I’ll get punished” mentality, the result of that same mentality when placed in an environment where all previous forms of societal law enforcement have been wiped away is a very violent and brutal world. Beings that want to “restore” in a world of ruin are the rare exceptions. A good post apocalypse game should be based on what the beings in it do when the world slate is wiped clean and that does include the baser forms of human nature that arise when things don’t go “our” way. Example: You are starving will probably die soon without food. Someone has food. You offer practically everything including the shirt off your back for some of the food. They will not budge. You try to reason with them. They can’t understand or be brought to think like you do. You try to appeal to their empathy and morales. They don’t care. You try to intimidate them. They call your bluff. You have a gun… They don’t…

    Now on to your points:

    Power armor does allow you to carry more. (It improved your strength in previous games.) NPCs are often used as pack mules to help share the load. Slaves, mutants, animals, and humans are all part of the universe. If you have a slave, mutant, animal, and human in your party… Why shouldn’t they help carry the load?

    Power armor was designed to carry itself and augment the user’s strength at normal human speeds. It is actually limited by the physics and mechanics of the human body. Human’s can’t run at bicycle speeds very well and power armor trying to force someone to run at that speed will actually injury the human in the armor.

    Your party can already carry half a ton of stuff and guard it quite effectively.

    A long term nuclear apocalypse is a bit different than many natural disasters. Despite some natural disasters being able to affect a large area, their destructive potential pales in comparison to a full nuclear bombardment. After the tornado, hurricane, flood, or war subsides… there’s nothing preventing you from rebuilding. There’s no lingering affects that were directly caused by the disaster. A ground strike by a nuclear bomb not only annihilates an area, but makes anything in the region USELESS and unapproachable. Even brief exposure to nuclear fallout (the “snow” or irradiated earth kicked up by the ground strike blast) will KILL anything. It takes up to two weeks after the initial release for the radiation levels to drop to a point where it is considered “feasible” to go out into a fallout affected area to do anything of consequence. And even then, it’s not “safe” for YEARS. I could go into more detail, but I’ll summarize it as… Nuclear weapons devastate the area for now and for lifetimes after.

    There’s not always that “something” to make most people want to help and feel good in the appreciate they get. Most people just want to feel good. How they do that varies. Many psychological and sociology studies show that this topic is very debatable.

    There are many tasks in the game that do provide rewards for fixing things up. Game mechanics wise, it’s pretty trivial the means and results. The difference between many of your described additions or actions are literally a text variable change.

    One of the major points of the Fallout game series has been being able to help despite the world you are in. But, it’s still a very grim and dangerous world. And often it plays around with the concept that your help may not always work out in the end. I always have tried to play the benefactor to the world in Fallout games. But even doing “good” can be very gray and vague at times. Do you bring the bad guy to justice? Or do you put a hole through his head and make damn sure they’ll never harm anyone else again? Both will benefit the world arguably. And is the bad guy really a “bad guy”?

    Fallout is a world about moral ambiguity, gray karma set in a devastated world where the slate got wiped clean by nuclear fire. To properly portray that world, you have to accept all the aspects of human nature and account to what might be predominate in a world with no enforced rules. While those seeking to rebuild the world exist… They are rare and the exceptions. They will have to contend with the majority that sometimes simply don’t know any better. To avoid the whole nature vs. nurture debate… When all you have ever seen is violence and ruin, how do start thinking there is anything different out there?

  • Schnapps

    Reduction of violence in Fallout is a horrible idea, and I will disregard that premise entirely. I mean, you’re trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, how can it NOT be violent?

    But, I think the idea of having more missions centering on repair and rebuilding wasteland factories or neighborhoods sounds pretty interesting. I’m not talking about fetch quests, (gather 10 pilot lights, 15 Abraxo cleaners and bring them back to me etc…) I’m talking about actually and perceivably making a difference. Say, for example, a gamer is tasked with repairing a water tower. When you actually achieve that, show the gamer the difference he/she made i.e. more residents moving in, new structures being built etc.

    I, and I think many other gamers, really like to see the results of choices we make, not just being told “good job”.

  • Alex

    Poor guy, it was a good effort but trying to remove or dull down the violence in Fallout would be like trying to fish without a hook, it just doesn’t work very well.

  • http://twitter.com/Ganjamancer Ganjamancer

    Guess what? Gay people are going to get married, video games and movies are going to continue to be violent, weed is going to get legalized and MAN CREATED GOD!

  • shitface fucknut

    eat shit religious fuckface

  • http://www.facebook.com/zach.dubin.5 Zach Dubin

    you just went full retard

  • http://twitter.com/SickNickle Field Moose

    yeah, no. Clearly the person who wrote this knows jack shit about video games.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Aurelio111 Aurelio Aguirre

    This argument has been around for ever. And its nonsense. I think with examples like Game of Thrones currently topping the TV charts shows us the need for realistic and, if necessary, gritty depiction of human interaction. In a video game designed around freedom of choice, removing the grit terminates a tremendous amount of choices in the game, effectively neutering, and destroying this all important aspect of such a game.

  • richard head

    This whole website seems like an elaborate troll. Well done.

  • g1i1ch

    As a game developer, I’m not going to curse at you or get angry like some people are. I respect your opinion and I’ll treat it as an honest opinion. Video games are an art form. And like any art like paintings and films, there’s some art made for family friendly purposes and some made specifically for adult purposes.

    You wouldn’t take a young child to Silence of the Lambs or The Usual Suspects. Likewise a child shouldn’t play some games like Fallout or more specifically Hotline Miami. These aren’t made for children, they’re made for adult consumption. Especially Hotline Miami, which is an amazing game and a beautiful piece of gaming art. It is not a game anyone 17 or under should play.

    Part of the confusion about this stems from the fact that most people assume the game industry is child focused, or the games are for kids stigma. This couldn’t be further from the truth, it’s actually the opposite of this. Completely opposite. Our biggest market falls between the ages of 20-30. That’s the age demographic that buys the most games and it’s the most profitable. Knowing this, it’s no wonder that there’s a flood of mature games when the largest group of consumers are adults.

    Why is that the case? The Super Nintendo and Playstation1 gamers grew up. They’re adults now and they still like gaming. Sure there’s a lot more children, but children don’t have their own money. On average they maybe convince their parents to buy them 2-4 games a year at the most. While these now adult gamers have their own money and can afford to keep track with new releases and on average buy much much more games than children could manage. The industry is adult focused, so really there’s nothing wrong at all with having adult titles when it’s mostly adult gamers that buy games.

  • Guest

    Are you serious? If you had ever enjoyed a single minute of one of the previous games you would know you are way the fuck off. I legitimately hope this is some troll post and you are actually not this fucking dense. I’m getting so sick of people crying and bitching and moaning about shit that THEY DON’T HAVE TO FUCKING DEAL WITH IF THEY DON’T WANT TO. Welcome to America, nobody is forcing you to play a masterpiece, we don’t fuck with the Mona Lisa, Don’t fuck with our artwork.

  • L337COD4 .

    Fallout 3 and New Vegas were popular because they presented dark, dangerous, and fucked up situations and made gave them a light-hearted feel by allowing you to fucking with it in any way you wanted to. It’s things like the bloody mess perk that really defined the series, and the last thing it needs is to be reinvented yet again, especially when the previous formula was a legendary success to the company.

    So whoever wrote this can go fuck off, stop trying to fuck with the stuff we like.

  • http://twitter.com/Soccerdudechew Brian

    “We should not feel the need to go off and play it away from the eyes of our children or grandchildren”
    Um, yes you should. It’s rated M for a reason. Mature audiences only. This means that you should expect it to have adult content not suitable for your children or grandchildren. If you want to play something to play with your children or grandchildren, buy a game that is rated E, or maybe T when they’re older, but don’t expect a gaming company known for adult games to make something completely different from every other one of their games so that they can please an audience they weren’t trying to reach in the first place. That’s just redundant.

  • Marcus

    I think it would be cool to be able to help rebuild and to have some more survival aspects but they should just add that stuff not take anything out or censor it. I’m not going to cuss you out and be a dick about it because that sort of makes us gamer’s look bad. There is a rating system for games eC E k-a E-10 T M A and you should buy games for your kids based on this system or read about the game or ask the people at the store you are buying it at about what type of stuff is in the game if its a gamestop or other game stores they will most likely know about it and you should be able to tell if its appropriate for your kids to play it that way don’t go buying stuff randomly then get mad when its bloody and violent and don’t blame the company its your fault for not learning about the game first. That is all

  • luke b

    you are retarded dude I want to play a Post apocalyptic RPG go play a different game and stop wanting others to change what they want to cater to you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ElZoggo Mario Manuel Fiorentino Ferrey

    Religion is worth for shit and im happy bethesda knows that.

    • maxonepercent

      Not sure about that, the Honest Hearts DLC came across as very pro-Mormon IMO.

  • Tim

    So kowtow to your wants while alienating almost every other consumer. Good call bro.

  • Fuck you

    God please fuck off. You obviously don’t like the game as it was meant to be. Go play Animal Crossing you fucking pansy.

  • derp

    you are a cock. the entire image of the franchise is mature content. stop being a pussy and go play bibleman.

  • FKU

    Fallout without Blood and Gore? Go into your tiny little cave, and SCREW YOU!

  • Will

    Where did this
    person learn
    how to write?

    Does she not
    know how to form

    This is too choppy to
    read. I

    got lost by the 3rd sentence, aka
    the 7th line.

    (Also, this ^ is a shit idea. There are tons of good family friendly games out there. The themes of Fallout are not family friendly, why should the game play be?)

  • http://www.facebook.com/bambooman584 Jake Melendrez

    Absolute crap. Fallout has always been known for it’s black humor and obscene violence and to deviate would be stupid.

  • Your A Fucking Retard

    You mother fucker, stay away from this franchise you bigot piece of shit, and your god is a dick sucker like you ….. and a stupid cunt.

  • Stupid Post

    This is stupid. Do you not understand why there are PG / G games out there?

  • http://www.facebook.com/vytis.subot Vytis Subo

    Noway you fu*cking Tschernobyl Children . Your kids dosnt need to buy fallout if fallout very “violent” is.
    Bother some other game.

  • Abyss

    what the hell did i just read? this game is post apocalyptic. your attempting to survive in this wasteland. “Let my power suit or armor allow me to run at bicycle speeds”. this isn’t some hybrid robot mega-man game. please just die.

  • Matt

    I seriously can’t believe what I read here There are plenty of family friendly games out there. Fallout just doesn’t have to be one of them.

    To paraphrase Sheldon Cooper: This game is not for you! NOT FOR YOU!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/mike.creanjr Mike Crean Jr

    i totally disagree. fallout games should be for mature audiences only and made that way to even the dlc’s too.

  • M means Mature

    Why don’t you go make that game so I can not fucking play it.


    fallout should have killing kids, LIKE HOW THEY USE TO in fo1, fo2 because it be more like the origin

    • maxonepercent

      No it shouldn’t, that will result in a massive outrage from people and it will suffer the fate of games like Manhunt 2.

  • Rob

    Should maybe start makeing the Bible family friendly. There’s a lot of torture, rape and massacres in there that are moraly disgraseful and far worse than anything in the fallout games.

  • Hessenmensch

    The author of this article has at best understood a fraction of what Fallout is about. Of course, you are free to play as a naive goodie two shoes, but the game is more than that. Luckily I´m very certain that anyone from Bethesda who might ever read this would think just the same thing. The views expressed in this article clearly fall into the corner of conservative (and obsolete) christian moralists, who are often too unflexible and unreceptive for anything that shows some moral ambiguity or traits of lliberalism. I´m not going to judge the way anyone lives with their family here, but using this whole construct as a basis for your argumentation / request just fails from the very start. How do you think you can generalize such a demand just based on the way you want raise your little family?! You hint towards the responsability of Bethesda as producer of Fallout – where does your own responsability come into play? They don´t raise your kids, you do. Just because your children happen to live in the same house as you and you want to play the game, this doesn´t generate any moral imperative that allows you to enforce limitations on others. I suppose you believe that other people´s liberties have to be restricted wherever they conflict with your very limited assessment of this particular and similar other situations… Of course you are entitled to your opinion, I´m just having a hard time taking it seriously…
    Games like Fallout are actually the few remnants in the niche of quality adult video game entertainment and peolple like you should never be allowed to ruin them.

    • maxonepercent

      Anyone who wants their children to play a game like Fallout is NOT a conservative.

  • Tehguy

    At first I thought this was a serious article, then I remembered I was on Society and Religion.

  • http://www.facebook.com/fivo.asia Fivo Asia

    Some of us have already had our children and they’re adults. Maybe we don’t wish to have our entertainment ruined by making a rated-G version. If anything, I wish Fallout 4 would go for broke and explore mass carnage scenarios. We don’t read Ringo and Heinlein out loud to small children, either. I don’t play games like GTA x because I choose not to do so. Maybe your should exercise choice instead of trying to make mine.

  • http://twitter.com/TheTonjuax Jeremy lucaci

    Less violent? ITS MATURE

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004894423462 Justice Brown

    Pussy ass bitch, stop watching Soap operas

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004894423462 Justice Brown

    This whole website is a fucking joke

  • Societyandreligion.com= CRAP

    The OP should getnhis internet rights revoked…he is EXACTLY what is wrong with gaming today.

  • maxonepercent

    The fallout series has always been adult entertainment. I mean it is set in a NUCLEAR FUCKING APOCALYPSE!!!! What kind of family entertainment is set in a world that has been destroyed and human beings must fight to the death with one another for survival?

  • Sir_K33tanz

    Dream all you want, Damien. But taking the ‘best games’ by rank that just so happen to have some violence in them and turn them into something they’re not, isn’t going to happen. Just for the sake of your five minute enjoyment (because you obviously aren’t a gamer) is a waste of our consideration. You’re definitely getting your hopes up of living in a world one day that’s some kind of fictional utopia. Here’s a tip: You can start by changing your name because it’s certainly not Biblical.

  • Derek Ten Broeck

    Wow…this is most likely one of the most asinine articles i have ever read. you want to play a video game in front of your children or grandchildren??? Get a fucking Wii, you retarded imbecile.

  • someone

    are you stupid!!! why would you want them to lower the violence, honestly i wouldnt even play the game if what half the shit you said were to be put into the game!

  • thuglife

    Thank god you write shitty articles and not work at bethasda.

  • srfe

    What a way to ruin a game that everyone loves because of the violence and gore, fucking faggot.

  • James Tidmore

    Are you retarded the point of a post apocalyptic game is fight to survive please do yourself a favor and delete this website

  • someone

    What a freakin yuppy, if anything fallout 4 should be more violent!!!

  • Kristopher Rodriguez

    This is like asking for family friendly porn. lol

  • Joseph

    Oh god…
    Not this kind of article…

  • Name

    i cant even wrap my head around how someone can write this

  • Dou Chebag

    This entire article is nothing but a very not clever troll. You guys really should be ashamed of yourselves. After a while, it’s not about ad money anymore. There’s some basic level of principles that you should stick by. It doesnt have to be journalistic integrity. Not on the internet. Just how about a gamer’s code of conduct?

  • Pope Wüst

    The author doesn’t seem to understand the Fallout franchise or its fan base at all. Fallout 3 is actually tame, compared to the original two, which may have been less graphic (due mostly to the isometric perspective and lower resolution) but the content was even more adult. If you’re looking for a family friendly experience, don’t choose a universe ravaged by war, where people murder each other over some irradiated sweetrolls. Fallout fans enjoy the grittiness: if you take that away, you lose the following.

  • Citizen

    Jesus Christ this article is so fucking rancid.
    The title “make it non-violent, we’re gamers” is the stupidest title ever. Not all gamers want non-violence, i’m sure most don’t. When I play a video game, I play to do things I wouldn’t or couldn’t do in real life. It’s cool to be able to make someones head explode and laugh at how ridiculous it is. If you don’t like it, why don’t you go play with your dick in the toilet and buy E rated games?

  • Ldude893

    Okaaaaaay, someone’s been taking too much Chems again. Go to a doctor to heal your addiction; it’s bringing your Intelligence down by two points.

  • Luke stitzinger

    I am so glad you don’t work for Bethesda. That games sounds like it would suck. Killing is what games are!

  • Jerad Mcclain

    i dont get this article at all.

  • Chris

    Please religious community mind your own fucking business, you have got to try to ruin everything for everybody? Jesus Christ!!!

  • Kastrenzo

    Whoever wrote this article needs to be shot with a Fat Man.

  • http://www.facebook.com/doxas Steven Doxas

    Less violent Fallout? Aint nobody got time foh dat! War never changes, SandR. Besides, you CAN play as peacefully as you want. I believe you can play the entire game with killing less than five people.

    Great points about helping rebuilding, though. I would actually like to see that added.