Fallout 4 Most Likely To Come in 2015?

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]hey essentially made Fallout 3 from scratch.

Fallout 4 Release Date Pushed To 2015?

At least they have some idea what they will or will not be doing and how to do it.

But, they still have to make Fallout 4 from scratch as well. We would expect them to spend far more time on Fallout 4 because they didn’t really go out of their way to be fully original for Fallout 3.

They still have to remake them for the new engine.

They have to come up with a whole new games worth of ideas (original ideas hopefully this time) and Fallout 4 will most likely be for the next gen console systems.

Skyrim was 11/11/11 right?

So that is 16 months ago. Even if they went full force on Fallout 4 as of 11/12/11 that would still mean a good two years or so worth of work left.

Based on how Fallout 3 took over 36 months of work. We doubt they went full force on Fallout 4 the next day after The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

We also have to factor in New Vegas.

Which was made to fill the time gap between Fallout 3 and Fallout 4. Could be Bethesda’s way of saying “Hey you’re going to have to wait awhile.”

People think “well Fallout 3 came out in 2008! So Fallout 4 must be close now.” Forgetting New Vegas is there.

So really its only been two odd years since the last Fallout, not five years.

Our guess would be mid to late 2015.

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  • Patrick Williamson

    I would have to disagree with you about the date, I reckon there is a good there’s a good chance fallout 4 will be coming out around the end of the year. By the time Bethesda releases their next big title it will be a 3 years since new Vegas was released. Also it was obsidian who made new Vegas which is an entirely different design to team to fo3. Not to mention that Bethesda has a history of working on games concurrently with quite a lot of overlap.

    • Bob

      They started the conceptual design last year with their visits to MIT. That means they hadn’t even written single line of code for the game yet. That would mean the soonest you would see the game would
      be 2016.

      • dave

        yeah, that was a rumour, not fact. they will have been making fallout 4 the same time as skyrim, just not focusing. chances are its been in development just under 2 years, since skyrim was well under way by that point. chances are a 2013 release (if were INSANELY lucky) but most likely 2014.

        • will no

          You’re right, Bethesda are always working on 2 projects at the same time. One is in full production, and one is using a skeleton crew which does conceptual stuff.

      • Wyatt

        No, Skyrim was conceptualized In 2006 when oblivion came out, fallout 4 was most likely conceptualized in 2008 after fallout 3 came out. So skyrim was in pre production from 2006-2008 then when fallout 3 came out in 08 the whole team worked on it for 3+ years until it came out in 2011. So 3 yrs pre production 3 years production. So fallout 4 was most likely in pre production from 08 to 11 and then the team hadhas some of 11 all of 12,13, and some of 14 with a late 2014 release, and that would fit with bethesdas usual plan of 3 yrs pre production and 3 years actual production, so you are wrong sir.

      • RomanEmpire

        How do you know what they have or haven’t done, Bob? You don’t know anything. And if you did, you would have already been redacted. Spit out some proof, or clamp your pie-hole.

      • will no

        You’re wrong, that would be too long of a dev cycle and doesn’t fit.

        Also lets not forget that they’ve shaved a year off of their usual dev cycle for Skyrim. Probably because they have more employees now and can get a game pushed out faster.

  • Alec Rider

    I don’t understand how this site can make so many stupid articles concerning Fallout 4. It’s a feat I’ll give you that.

    This article basically says that it will be 7 years between the two games. Do you realize how unlikely that is? 2014, that is the year.

    • Alec Rider

      Plus, Bethesda Softworks didn’t make the game. Obsidian did. Bethesda just distributed it. HUGE difference.

  • Franki Bisono

    you dont know what youre talking about. Bethesda started working on Fallout 3 on june of 2004 released on the fall of 2008 and Fallout vegas was not their baby.

  • Spam

    maaan, this is so wrong, Obsidian is not Bethesda first up. And Bethesda is a company, not a bunch of lazy artists, they have to keep pumping out games to justify expenses. It goes Oblivion then Fallout 3, then Skyrim then Fallout 4, the gap is 3 years. so its 2014. it is known.

  • Justice Brown

    Dumbass, Bethesda didn’t make Fallout new Vegas, stop posting things you know nothing about

  • Atheos NightFalcon

    due to the fact that this website is societyandreligion, it doesnt suprise me that this article is fucking stupid.

    • shitpickle

      I agree

    • RomanEmpire

      Hehe, maybe the “S&R Staff” are part of the congregation of the Children of Atom.

  • BeckettDaysOff
  • shitpickle

    Fallout: New Vegas was made by Obsidian and produced by Bethesda, so really it has been 5 years since a Bethesda Game Studio fallout release.

  • Jordan

    youre dumb. really dumb.

  • westoftherockies

    yeah its probably gonna be 2014…they’ve been working on FO4 for a while now..they didn’t just start working on it…Bethesda overlaps their games and working on them. oblivion came out in 2006, FO3 in oct 2008, skyrim in late 2011 so we’re due for FO4 anytime…my guess is 2014 way its gonna be 2015. 7 years between Bethesda fallout games? not even.

  • A Person

    This is the most ridiculous website that only produces shit articles with no news. I have literally never seen anything that is news from this piece of garbage.

  • yur boi C

    your really dumb, look at this

    Elder scrolls oblivion:2006
    Fallout 3:2008
    Elder scrolls skyrim:2011
    so compared to this i am going to say realistically a late 2014 release date

  • RomanEmpire

    This has to be the most ignorant article I’ve read yet. This is the kind of author that prolly thinks Elder Scrolls and ESO are made by the same company. I knew before I clicked the link it was yet another BS article that pukes out on a daily basis regarding Fallout 4, for the sole purpose of getting advert hits. At this point, I click the links and skim the articles just to scoff at the propagandizing tomfoolery.

  • Eric Hutchison

    You do realize Bethesda didn’t develop New Vegas, right? All they did was publish it.

  • RomanEmpire
  • maxonepercent

    First of all, Just Because Skyrim came out on 11/11/11 doesn’t mean that Bethesda wasn’t already working on the basics of Fallout 4 before then. Secondly, these companies need income to survive. There is no way they can go 4 years without releasing another game and remain solvent. My guess: Spring 2014 on the PS4 and xbox 720 (or whatever it is named)

    • gsdakjghah

      Spring is too early I think more like Fall 2014. Next the author is retarded just because Skyrim came out on 11/11/11 doesn’t mean it didn’t go GOLD months before that because it did. Fallout 4 was probably being planned by then for sure if not being worked on.

  • will no

    What a load of tripe. Fallout 4 will not be made from scratch, and Fallout 4 was not made from scratch. And if you believe Skyrim was made from scratch then you’re either Peter Hines or very gullible.

  • Mike

    Gotta say, once or twice there is a good article that has new info, but SR is just “hurr durr, lemme spit some random stuff out.” while as Tekrieg is LITERALLY just copy pasting their older articles and renaming the title. You can tell when it pretty much has the line “First thing first, I know that FO4 is defo in development…”