Fallout 4 Power Suits that Allow Users to Wield Power Tools

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]allout 4, an RPG with FPS elements and less immersion jarring, suspension of disbelief moments.

Fallout 4 Release With FPS Elements

An industrial or construction grade power suit or power armor option that credibly allows a person to run fast and far hauling a couple hundred pounds of loot, gear, weapons whatever.

Why shouldn’t the power tech that gave the military power armor have found civilian applications in industry and construction before robotics gave rise to military, industrial/construction bots to replace people in military, construction and industrial roles and even serve in homes and businesses?

Power suits that allow users to wield power tools and attachments (welders, cutters, machine tools to precision shape materials) like the robots eventually will. Power suits that allow you to wield weapons and fashion armor panels for them.

Ability to tinker with Mr. Handy and/or Mr. Gutsy type bots that can credibly carry the kind of weight, gear whatever they can supposedly carry though they are too small to carry the items internally or credibly externally.

Think of the size of most rifles no to mention heavy weapons. Make these bots bigger, give them racks and packs.

Keep the two headed Brahmin, there seem to be more bots around earning their keep anyways.

The evolution from RL-3 to ED-E, Dog meat to Rex seems to indicate a broad gamer acceptance and popularity of bots already, so what is the problem? They are gear used all over already.

The tech skill to tinker with bots can be acquired from tinkers like the mechanist of Canterbury Commons, the tinker at Robco who sells RL-3, how many such tinkers does it take to keep all the old bots in the diverse locations you find them at Megaton, Rivet City, Underworld etc. going?

Seems probably not that rare a skill set.

Why should the ability to find and salvage lost tech for resale, and develop tech skills be less valued and exciting than fighting and killing? Why can’t you do both?

Properly used common and existing technology in the Fallout series allows one to do a lot without magical, illogical, fantasy abilities.

Maybe you start out as apprentice to, or child of, a wandering tinker and ‘inherit’ everything on their untimely death. This could even happen exploring a new found cache. You could be apprentice to a ghoul well versed in prewar tech.

You two have fixed up a couple of construction suits and couple of Handy/Gutsy bots to get into places others less equipped can not. The extent of your abilities are your secret.

You do not have to start out a lot of valuable loot or gear, salvaging your parent’s or mentor’s superior power suit gear, upgrading everything you now own and adding tools and attachments you find in this cache improve you ability to access, repair and use what you find in even harder to penetrate, and thus untouched facilities.

Include shipping records indicating where you might find other similar caches that may not have been breached, or fully breached. maybe even better more capable bots. or maybe a journal from your ghoul mentor.

Mean while you develop your skills to match your new abilities. Take available repair jobs and salvage opportunities.

Probably too late for the story line in Fallout 4, but illustrates how tinker option could work without having to be a vault kid.

You can be a lonesome wanderer realistically carrying all you need ever where you go, with bots able to provide some security for your gear wherever you go, whether you are with it or not.

Basically your two, three or four bots allow you to carry the gear to acquire and carry the loot you need, and are a nearby mobile base to realistically retreat to for rest, repair and resupply, if you choose.

A mobile base that can follow you most places you can walk, help you break in and loot it, occupy it, till you are ready to move on.

With Mr. Handy bots and tinkers why is everything wreckage every where 200 years later?

You’ve got at least 1 robot to fix up and clean up your place after you and you can not get the raw materials together to improve things?

If marriage is not common where are the single mothers? A child able to care for you in your old age would be worth keeping.

Would they band together in caravans for the fire power to travel and do trade between communities?

Use large dogs to carry packs and haul small carts with gear and possessions.

How about a capable Veronica or Waking Cloud type hard working single mother as a companion and apprentice?

If or when you see fit to part ways let her and her family leave much better off than when you met, maybe with a couple of bots with plenty of attachments and exceptional skills.

Maybe your ex-apprentice and some of her caravan sisters set up shop based out of one of your caches, and serve a few local communities.

Let’s not assume the impoverished are comfortable living in squalor and do not want better for their children and grand children.


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