Fallout 4 Release Date Tease

  • shikamaru317

    Hopefully this is good news for Fallout 4. They could potentially have it ready by now, they’ve had a game in preproduction since 2010 and they likely would have started on it in full once they finished Skyrim, while a smaller part of the team worked on Skyrim DLC. That’s means they could have worked on it for at least 2 years with most of the team by this Holiday season. Though if they do announce it this year, it could just be a tease like the Skyrim tease at the VGA’s almost a full year before Skyrim came out, meaning we wouldn’t get the game until some time in 2014.

  • Society of Bollocks

    What is it with this shit site! this info was founded over a few month back and stop posting shit about fallout every time I search it on Google, another article comes up in the news with shitty made up crap that you users type STOP IT MAN!!!! its fucking shit!!!

    • Lucan

      You seem upset.

    • Mike

      Better than Tekrieg that literally just copy pastes the same article with a different headline. Or that bloody examiner website with Mr. Shue “I can’t tell the difference between Fallout NV pictures and Fallout 3″ Ta

  • Shady

    Yeah real fuckin news would be nice let the gamer mags and Bethesda release the info. Not this bs with he said she said shit get a life. We all know its coming so stfu step in line and wait.