Flappy Bird vs Angry Birds Free Download – How to Make a Wise Decision?

Strategy games and action packed 3D games often pack in power and punch to keep the gamers at the edge of their seats.

There is however a section of gamers who enjoy simple games that bear minimalist controls and do not require much of brainwork. Two such games are Angry Birds and Flappy Bird.

These two games not only sound similar but have also earned similar popularity. There could be times when you need to make a choice between the two games. Here are a few points for you to ponder upon that can help you choose wisely.

Theme and Plot

Flappy Bird’s theme involves a bird that needs to keep flapping its wings to stay in-flight. Players need to keep tapping on the side panel of their devices to ensure that the bird keeps flapping to fly high and stop tapping to drop low in order to maneuver the bird through pipes. The graphics are tacky and resemble the classic Mario but the game has still managed to rake in millions of users.

Angry Birds plot is much more varied and detailed. These birds have personality and characteristics. As the game progresses, different backgrounds and themes are introduced. The new birds have different flying styles. These variations make the game innovative and hence much more interesting.

Graphics, Visuals and Art Work

Angry Birds graphics are sharp and innovative. The various levels introduce a variety of artwork that is a visual treat for the gamers. Flappy Bird on the other hand has graphics that can give you a sore eye. The bird barely has a flapping movement. It looks more like a fish with fins flying through chimneys. Some sources cite that the game was developed over a few days by the developer. This comes as no big surprise as the game looks raw and shabby. It is a great mystery not only for the gaming community but also for the developer of the game as to how this game has become a raging success in no time.

Simplicity Clicks with the Users

The simple game controls strategy has worked in favor of these games. People across all age groups today enjoy these games. Flappy bird looks very simple to play but the game is very challenging. For a new player, getting past the first few obstacles itself can become very frustrating. The gamer has to keep practicing to make it through the first few obstacles. The player always loses in the game. This makes the game frustrating as well addictive at the same time.

Angry Birds on the other hand patiently waits for the user to plan their moves and position their fingers comfortably to give the best shot at the best angle possible. The game is easy and progressive making the players feel the joy of winning throughout its many levels.

Since Flappy Bird is the latest rage today, do not shy away from downloading this game to find out what the fuss is all about. The game is trending on leading social media sites these days. Angry birds maybe a better game, but download Flappy Bird to share your own experience with others!

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