Flappy Bird Real Life Game in a Box

Flappy Bird Real Life Game in a Box

Flappy Bird game is far from completely gone, even if it cannot be downloaded from Android Market and Apple AppStore.

If we overlook the hundreds of Flappy Bird clones which we can download or play online, we can say with confidence that that addictive game no longer exists. After all, its creator decided to take it out of the main shops of the moment.

Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on the camp you are, the Flappy Bird game decided to jump from the virtual environment directly on your desk, in a form as similar as possible to the one you saw on the internet in the past weeks. This iteration uses a cardboard box, an Arduino controller, two servo motors, a reed switch, a magnet, some pictures and a bit of programming. Captured in action in the video below, it is the creation of Fawn Qiu, a lady who was very excited about the game and endeavored to recreate it.

In practice, the motors are responsible for changing the decor. A button has the task to simulate wing flapping and to move up the yellow bird. The entire system is also capable of detecting if you hit a pipe and therefore closes the lid. A short song is also played at the end to let you know that your only life in the game was lost.

Personally, I believe that from all the iterations of Flappy Bird this is the most attractive one. Enjoy.

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