Free Adobe Flash Player 13 – Your 100% Fix for a Faster PC

Download the Adobe Flash Player 13 browser based cross platform application runtime today, for a faster PC and better web experience.

Everyone is aware that the Adobe Flash Player is the standard for the web and all the major browsers include it. It enables better application viewing as well as web content viewing and is compatible with all operating systems and browsers. You can get a richer viewing option by installing the latest version with this powerful multiplatform runtime.

Additional Enhancements

The new release from Adobe comes will several additional features. This enables better viewing of content, apps and videos across several devices. It is available for downloading on all the major operating systems and is compatible with your smartphone or tablet and also with all browsers. Users can access more than 1.3 billion devices in the web with this runtime, with enhanced support for TextField with the beta version.

Advanced Technology

The results of the new features and specifications incorporated in Adobe Flash Player 13 are that you get a low bandwidth video through compression technology. This results in better quality of viewing and artistic text appears crisper because of the advanced text engine used. Rendering of graphics is also better and 3D looks much better. Thus you will be able to view 3D content even in full screen mode. You can also view full screen modes for your applications and for flash video. Filters, such as Bevel and DropShadow result in dynamic effects. The runtime also contains other filters like Blur, Color matrix and Gradient Glow, offering blend modes as well as radial gradient. Text and vector graphics can be incorporated smoothly and files can be compressed, so that it ends up saving your disk space as well.

Bugs Fixed

Some bugs and problems have been fixed resulting in more security, improved stability and better performance. The previous versions of Adobe also had some compatibility problems with certain devices, but Adobe Flash Player 13 has since addressed these issues also. For instance, the Apple iOS store has updated some requirements and these have been suitably addressed by this new version.

Welcome Additions

Some irritating features of the previous versions have also been looked into. For instance, many users were finding the ‘press escape to exit the full screen mode’ covering up their content. Yet, it is important for the developers to also address security concerns, so the changes have been incorporated in such a manner as to satisfy the latter without having to compromise with viewer enjoyment. This intrusive message has now been shifted to the upper part of the screen and away from the previous central position.

What are the System Requirements?

If you are wondering about the system requirements for downloading Adobe Flash Player 13, you will need a Windows Processer 2.33 Ghz and a 1.83 GHz Intel Core Duo in case of Mac. Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher is required for Windows and in case of Mozilla Firefox it is version 17 or later. For Chrome and for Opera, the requirement is minimum version 11. In case of the Mac, you need a Safari 5.0 and higher or a Google Chrome and Opera 11, with Mozilla Firefox of 17.0.

Beta Release

Adobe has also announced the release of a rapid beta version that involves a background updating. You don’t even need to click and will still be able to get the latest versions of your Flash Player. This version is just a beta build, so it might have some bugs that need fixing. Anyway, users can still download it, as it is free, and check out what’s new. In short, it is a powerful package for accessing improved digital content.

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