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[dropcap size=dropcap-big]Y[/dropcap]our email is likely an integral part of your life. Not only does it hold a number of important messages from contacts across the web, but it is likely the central area where you have password resets and notifications sent.

When mobile phones became popular, one of the first and most popular apps to be synced onto a smartphone was email applications. These apps allowed people to get mobile alerts when they got messages, and even allowed them to read/respond while out and about.

Gmail is one of the top email clients available, and has some of the most secure protection features for free email service around the net. Additionally, Gmail accounts are also closely integrated with GTalk, Calendar, Contacts, GDocs, and so much more. This is why getting the Gmail app download is essential.

Gmail Free App Download

In keeping with being one of the best free email clients around, Gmail created a phenomenal smartphone application that was free to download and use as well. This application can be used on a number of smartphones including Android, Windows Phone, iPhone, BlackBerry, and Nokia!

Gmail App Features

Notifications – get helpful notifications when you receive any sort of email or alert through Gmail. This allows you to immediately respond and get the latest information sent to your inbox.

Profile Pictures – if you are working with various contacts, especially those who have Google+ accounts with updated pictures, you will be able to see their profile pictures in your inbox while you are messaging them.

Email – Send emails, check your inbox, manage your contacts, and even sort through your filters all with the intuitive interface provided to you on your free Gmail mobile application.

Multiple Accounts – Instead of simply syncing one account like many other email clients for mobile apps, you can sync up to five different Gmail accounts on your phone. Switch between them quickly and manage all of your inboxes and contacts right from your mobile device!

Attachments – Instead of simply having to wait till you get home to see attachments sent to you, you can now save them directly to your phone and view them through Gmail. Additionally, if you want to email some pictures or documents yourself, you can send attachments straight from your smartphone as well!

Google+ – Enjoy being able to update and use your Google+ account through your Gmail application. Additionally get various Google+ notifications as well.

Associated Accounts – As stated earlier, the Gmail download allows you to access your various associated accounts as well. Google + , Calendar, and Contacts are some of the accounts however you can also sync your Google Drive and documents accounts to manage various uploads.

How to get the Gmail app

If you do not already have the Gmail application on your smartphone, then simply go to the app store and download it for free. The Gmail application works with almost every smartphone including the main iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone operating systems.

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