Gmail – Best Free Email App Download 2014?

Gmail is an amazing email service. In fact, it’s the most popular web-based email service provider around.

From this fact, one can assume that it’s the best. After all, it’s used by more than 420 million active users. Surely, it wouldn’t reach that number if it’s not good.

There’s More to It

Unfortunately, a lot of users are not maximizing the use of the service. They just use the service for their daily emailing needs, not realizing that their experience can be better. This is mainly because the experience is good enough as it is. However, they’re missing out on a lot by not maximizing the use of the service.

How to Maximize the Use of the Service

You can use Gmail like how pros use it. Follow these 5 tips and maximize the use of the service. You’ll be surprised at how amazing the service really is by following these tips:

  1. Be productive right from the inbox.

The service allows you to do things right from the inbox. This means that you don’t need to open emails to be productive. For example, you can RSVP to an invitation without opening the email invitation. You can even track packages and review products.

  1. Customize the tabs.

You’ve probably noticed the tabs. Without customizing it, there are three tabs – Primary, Social and Promotions. You can add more tabs and customize them for easier viewing at a glance.

While you’re customizing the tabs, why not add labels as well? You can add and customize labels and display them prominently on the left hand side of the page. For example, you can label emails with invoices as “Invoices”. This can really help you organize things.

  1. Integrate it with other Google services.

Google is offering a lot of other amazing services like Google Drive, Google+ and YouTube. Integrate your Gmail account with these services so you can complement your email account with them. For example, with Google Drive, you can send files with a size of up to 10GB.

  1. Use a custom theme.

Do you find yourself working better if looking at a specific color? Are you bored with the current theme? Gmail has countless of available themes that you can use.

  1. Use add-ons.

Thanks to the popularity of the service, a lot of developers have developed add-ons that can improve your emailing experience. You can check out these add-ons and select the ones that you think you need. For example, there’s the Boomerang add-on that allows you to schedule the sending of an email. There’s also the HelloSign add-on that allows you to easily sign PDFs that you receive. There are a lot of other add-ons that you can check out.

Improve Productivity

Follow these tips and expect a spike in productivity. Gmail is a beast. Feed it with these tips and you can expect to enjoy it even more. In addition, Google constantly updates their email service with a lot of new features so make sure to stay updated with these updates.

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