Google Chrome – Free Software Download to Enhance Browser Performance

Sharing, search and speed updates are the latest additions to the browser of google Chrome, with versions released for users of iOS, and Android.

The free Chrome browser in the new Android version enables scrolling performance and search at a much faster speed and now, the recent JavaScript engine V8 has been included with optimization for mobile.

Chrome’s latest version for Android has speed and this is critical when it comes to being on the go, scroll and fling Web pages with speed and more ease is something that Android’s version of Chrome enables it’s users. Another release that has been included for Android is HTML 5 features with expanded support; this includes (CSS) Filters Cascading Style Sheets.

New Features

Apple iPads and iPhones iOS version of Chrome has gained new features as well; this new release has optimized the devices making the Chrome 25 a great addition when using the browser. Refining searches and the new omnibox (or address bar) enables you to search at speed, rather than using the lengthy URL search option. More content is now available on the page and search queries are improved.

Android and users of iOS have other new features, including the tab view history, which enables the user a quicker way of visiting a previous page from earlier browsing session, just by pressing the back button and keeping hold of it this will give you access to any of the pages via that tab.

Sharing Web pages is easier by using the ‘menu’ button and clicking on the ‘share’ button; this enables the sharing of a page by email or social networking site. Stability and improvements to security include fixing bugs in Chrome for users of IOS and Android.

New Beta Version

Android users were able to try out Chrome’s new beta version browser by using the beta program Chrome Android with beta code access given to users before the stable release phase. This gave Android developers and others who use Android 4.0 or later, many new capabilities on their devices. After the launch of Chrome in February 2012, the channel Chrome beta allowed developers and others to see the developing features and use them as well on the version for Android.

For users running Linux, Mac, and Windows versions of the browser in Chrome, the beta version was already accessible and so too for the stable release version. Ditching Chrome’s release version does not have to happen in order for developers to try on their devices the beta channel; when downloaded beside their version of Chrome that they currently use on Android, additional permissions will be requested the first time Chrome Sync is used.

Google Chrome’s Success

The accomplishments of Chrome has increased since it launched back in 2012, with Internet Explorer by Microsoft taking a back seat and Chrome for the first time, becoming the most used browser across the world. The additional features and its strengths have encouraged more users with many more expected to be using Chrome in the years to come.

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