GTA 5 Buy Houses and Apartments Through Auction?

[dropcap]R[/dropcap]ockstar Games told Game Informer that we can’t buy properties in Grand Theft Auto V.

There Will Be No House To Buy in GTA 5

Note: This article has been posted before GTA 5 release.

We were very disappointed when we first heard the news.

They were asked by Game Informer, so they had to have some form of reply.

They could have said “no comment” but they specifically said no.

They also could have said “no but you can rent things” to soften the blow, but they didn’t, they specifically said no.

Our initial thoughts were centred on the enormous potential on buying houses, apartments and even commercial properties.

Not sure about Franklin, but Trevor and Michael seem to have their own house.

Franklin surely has to sleep somewhere, too.

They certainly need some kind of hideout to plan all their heists. Our bet is that they won’t be in Michael’s mansion when doing so.

This is a vague assumption, but having Franklin as the young ambitious hustler, maybe he is the one who can actually buy some property.

It would somehow make sense, like his girlfriend or sister saying “I don’t care how many cars you own…”

We can see Trevor not wanting to leave his deserted place in Blaine County. And Michael got his luxurious mansion, why should he buy another one? So renting an undercover apartment makes sense.

In that respect, Rockstar have already got off to a very bad start with this, by telling us that we can’t buy properties.

We are still very disappointed by that.

Of all places, Los Santos (LA) is the best place for this kind of feature in GTA 5, just imagine working hard to earn money and get that mansion on the hill with the outdoor pool and sloping drive way?

Since we can’t outright buy properties, Rockstar should come up with better solutions regarding properties.

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  • Jwest

    Best article ever. I’m going to have to read it over like 5 times to digest all of this info. :rolls eyes:

    • Ryan

      Your comment basically sums up every GTA V article of the past 2 months.

      • http://www.facebook.com/joey.misita Joey Misita

        No one has new shit to discuss but people want nothing more then to talk about Gta V. This silence is shit.

  • Wickseymate

    “In that respect, Rockstar have already got off to a very bad start with this, by telling us that we can’t buy properties.”
    I don’t think that was a bad start at all. It keeps me wondering what I could do with all the money I earn in the game. Seeing as I don’t need to buy property now.
    “We are still very disappointed by that.”
    Nope. I’m not. I have no problem with not being able to buy property. It was cool in San Andreas, but it wasn’t anything special. For me it just gave me closer locations to save and store more cars. It didn’t mean much to me. I loved the game, but property meant nothing to me in it.

  • Houser

    Why would we want to spend money on houses anyway
    GTA IV just gave a you a shit load of safe houses
    GTA V will do the same, no disappointments here.

  • Moneymitch

    Where probably going to get alot of safe houses for free anyway, id rather get them for free then have to buy them like sa. As long as the tops go up and down on the cars and i can customize the cars then i really dont care about buying properties grand theft “AUTO” not grand theft “realastate”

  • http://twitter.com/Affinity4M Affinity4Music

    They will probably give you different mansions,condos, and houses after you complete certain missions. The economy will be very vibrant, so you probably can decorate your house from the inside and out, that is even better than buying properties. Would you whether get the most ambitious game Rock Star ever created, or GTA Vice City again? Don’t get me wrong, I love VICE CITY, but I want something different and better

  • http://www.facebook.com/mathew.todd.94 Mathew Todd

    Grand Theft Auto is about guns, cars, big maps, great gameplay, crime and storyline. Not real estate and economy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.m.hill.3 Joe Mckenzie Hill

    Ok i am basically disappointed that you cant buy property’s because in San Andrea you could so this is a big disappointment but GTA could be saying that to surprise us when it is released who knows.

  • Jake

    Terrible article. Most of us don’t really care about that so saying that Rockstar are off to a bad is just plain stupid, especially since their ‘start’ was the logo on their website back in October 2011 and then the trailer.

  • TheUnknownInternetUser

    Jesus Christ.. Franklin does have a safe house and it doesn’t matter if property buying is in it or not because R* stated that there will be LOTS of stuff to buy….

  • will no

    It’s probably for the story that you can’t buy houses, since it wouldnt make sense or whatever. Now Rockstar are so obsessed with realism since GTA4.

    But there were enough hideouts in GTA4 at least, and IIRC you didn’t buy any of them.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000352197793 Niklas Griffiths

    This article is invalid and should be removed because Rockstars stated recently that they changed their minds, now you ARE ABLE to buy houses,properties,clubs,stocks and ALOT MORE! YIHAAA!

  • NinjaBanjo

    Where do you guys get your awful facts?? It’s been confirmed that we CAN by properties in game. We can buy houses, garages, marinas, air strips, helipads, hangars, and especially INCOME PROPERTIES. Do some actual research on the game you’re writing an article about.

    • idiots

      hes right! they did confirm it in GI that you CANNOT buy properties……. 6 months ago.

      you can bet the change has something to do with the delay from spring to sept.

      • NinjaBanjo

        6… MONTHS… AGO. If he had been using information from the past month he would know that we CAN now buy properties. Making this stupid article shows how bad S&R is at news articles. No one wants a new update from something that was put to rest 6 months ago.

        • idiots

          that was my point lol
          sorry its hard to show sarcasm in text.

  • Jack Amphlett

    They changed it, they said buying property was back.

    Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTShoBcMF68

  • phil

    Actually they said that there are many properties to buy (not just houses) so fuck this website. And why the hell are you posting shit about the most illegal game on a site called ‘society & religion’. God does not approve, my brother.

  • joe

    How can this be new and posted today if I see a comment of mine from 4 months ago. FUCK YOU GUUUUUYS!!!!

  • John

    Did you just not bother watching the game play trailer?

  • Emmanuel Roman

    you can buy property you fucking idiot. remove the article now or rock star will report you.