GTA 5 Cast Female Storyline

  • Affinity4Music

    I agree, but one day they will make that happen, however I just hope they do something differenr with a female protagonist. Don’t make her like a dike, she can be feminine and tough at the same time, kinda like Laura Croft.

  • Chree_Chrunk


  • Robert


  • TruthBeTold05

    If they have a female lead, I’d surely hope they use GTA V’s formula and have mltiple protagonists. I can’t see myself buying womens clothing.

  • Rayne Forsyth

    It depresses me that nobody thought to mention SA was Catalina’s smallest role. She was the freakin’ antagonist of III.

  • Gumby65

    Meh. Yell loud enough and they may give you the option in DLC.

  • GTAV>NextGen

    only if she has big ass titties

  • random34

    Really? complaining about character gender?
    Just another moaning conspiracy nut, it’s just a video game.

  • LB

    Male or female, gta v is going to be amazing.

  • Paul

    R*s last game, Max Payne 3 has a huge selection of female multiplayer characters. It’s not the same as being part of the actual storyline, but hopefully GTAV will deliver the same. Plus, the recently announced deluxe preorder package offered through Gamestop includes DLC multiplayer characters from previous GTA titles (maybe we will see Catalina?!)

  • sinn1

    Usually I pass stuff off like this as nonsense, however I agree with most of this. You talk about Catilina, yea she was ok but if you want a crazy woman in GTA use a real life person. Let us not forget the queen of the real cocaine cowboys in Miami. She is real and is responsible for the deaths of at least a 100 real deaths and some she did herself. So saying a woman is not capable of pulling that off look no further than the real life Grisalda Blanco. That’s real life not a game or movie, look her up.

  • Fred

    Women don’t play video games so forget about it.

  • mortalhuman

    It was not a missed opportunity. Where do you see a woman like Niko Bellic? Like Carl Johnson? Like Tommy Vercetti? Like any of the protagonists in GTA V? ANSWER: YOU DONT. PERIOD.

    A DLC maybe, but it will need to be a stealth/spy/sleep with enemy thing – and you don’t WANT that in GTA, so stop asking for it.

  • cnnm

    who will make the sandwiches then