GTA 5 Flexible PS3 and Xbox 360 Mods For PC

  • Cedric Cole

    one dumb question modding is always gonna be there

    • palmer

      you just went full retard

  • bigjones

    Lets hope not, id prefer to enjoy the game as it’s meant to be played.

  • Alex Evans

    The guy who wrote this obviously has never played Gta 4 online you can do so much stuff, I myself am a fellow modder :-P

  • Alec Jeffrey

    I hope that modding isn’t possible on GTA V period. Most of the modders I know make the game worse…(Freezing Console, Lagging Up Game, Invincibility But Can Still Kill You, etc…) In my opinion modders need to have legal action taken against them.

    • Jamel Frazier

      You must’ve never modded San Andreas on Original Xbox or PC have you?

      • Alec Jeffrey

        Nope I dont mod. It would be different if they wouldnt mod online and kept it to themselves but we both know that will not happen

        • Jamel Frazier

          Well, I don’t play competitively so I welcome mods galore. The only time they get annoying is when a troll joins a game. It seems like you have a serious problem with modding, why I don’t know.

          • Alec Jeffrey

            Uh….because of my above post! And that mostly all of them

          • Maximilian

            As the madguitarist007 said, you seem to be talking about hacking, not modding. They’re two distinct concepts, the former is to gain an unfair competitive advantage by manipulating real time information in the game, the latter is to modify content within the game by replacing or adding to the game files (e.g. cars, clothing, weather effects, etc.)

          • FrogMaster

            Modding doesn’t cause any of the things you’ve listed.

            Your console freezing has to do with your console either over heating, being run to long or simply just might need some repairs. The current consoles have been out for quite a few years no telling what could’ve happened over that time.

            Your game lagging again has to do with your internet, your console or the specs of your PC. 99.9% of the time any internet based issues are on the users end. Remember big game company’s have million dollar server rooms that your shit little home connection can’t even compare too.

            Invincibility is hacking, or tampering with data. It’s not specifically difficult either but regardless it is done, and has nothing to do with modding the games. More often than not, hackers aren’t even using tools they’ve developed. third party trainers and dlls can be downloaded by anyone.

            Now onto Modding, which is CLIENT SIDE (This means it effect nobody else other than the person modding said game.) They could go online, sure they’ll see whatever cars and clothes they’ve added but these things appear no different to you and have no effect on your game play.

            Before you cry and say modding is causing a ton of shit, maybe you should do a little bit of research before someone makes you look like a fool.

          • ModderHater

            you my friend are an idiot. cheaters aka modders can freeze your ps. i know a guy who does this in gta 4. Game lagging can be caused by people who mod their console with a lag switch. Perhaps its you who should go do some research cause obviously your oblivious to what “modding” is.

          • Tom

            you obviously do not know what your actually talking about.. Modding and hacking are two entirely different entities in itself. Modding is altering the game in the manner of different maps, guns, cars etc in a sense of altering the experience of gameplay. Hacking is taking advantage of the game by giving your character invincibility or high advantage compared to other players to win. i have been in the console world for years and you have no idea what your talking about.. Before flaming other people such as you and Alec about the differences between modding and hacking please look up things before you type because it makes you dumber than you really are. when you mod you choose alter its apperance not the physical aspect of the game as an advantage.. Hacking is where you and him are talking about when you hack the game for instance call of duty and give yourself quicker reload, dead aim, longer lifespan or even guns that dont normally do that much damage more.. thats called hacking.

    • madguitarist007

      You’re thinking about hacking. Modding is the development of new game resources by players for players to use. Hacking is what you describe above.

    • Lewis Mason-Hathaway Powers

      that id exactly why people like you should stick to consoles. because of attitudes like that, unless you see a ”REAL & CAPABLE” Modder don’t moan , and what modders are having to work with on the console in terms of performance is very very limited , so running extra scripts , etc will detract from performance. MODDERS ARE DIFFERENT FROM HACKERS ! modders attract to the benefits of the game and add content or other means of fun . HACKERS CHEAT ! .so id like to see people with your opnion strung up because your exactly why developers choose to be pricks !

    • Christopher Scott

      FUCK YOU!!!

  • Franky

    I want to mod a Oscar Meyer wiener mobile

  • Franky

    And the monster truck gravedigger!!

  • Rocco Zajrow Trabalza

    I love Gta 5!!!!

  • Kastrenzo

    another non news article.

    Stop making horseshit articles just trying to attract attention. Seriously, every time I find a new “GTA V PC” search on google, it’s some fabricated speculative shit from here, or Sidhtech.

    Modding is not possible on consoles, period.

    If you modify game files, Sony/Microsoft ban your ass, end of story.

    • Christopher Scott

      No, it is possible to get around the networks and mod games however, but this only will work for a short period a time before Sony or Microsoft begin to detect misconduct. Usually when this happens you’re not even given a warning of redemption, your automatically banned as you said from their networks. With this said, being banned still will not stop a hacker if he or she is determined. Hackers go as to so far as making their own faulty update allowing them to still use their consoles, with this said, Sony and Microsoft still can again pick up on the misconduct and by this point turn your IP address over to the FBI for a illegal piracy, as continuing to use faulty made updates goes against their ban and at this point is an act and form of piracy due to using the copy right without their legal consent. In which case the subject or hacker if you will, would be fined for the piracy of a fee of no less then 2,500.00 and a sentence of no less than fifteen years in a maximum state prison without post bail. If you do the crime, you do hard time!

      • Kastrenzo

        I don’t think anybody has ever been charged with that, it’s just a threat to deter people from doing it.

        but even if it were true it makes sense, America has absolutley no fucking sense of priority, Video game and movie pirates get 15 years, People who kill people in a drunken brawl get 10.

  • James

    I have no problem with modders but I hope R* give you the option if you want to play with them or not like cheats in single player. I mean online wise if I wanted a flying T-Rex I would play Saints Row not GTA. Like I said though I hope there is a filter or something because for me it gets to a point very quickly where mods no longer become fun but annoying.

  • Bob

    i hope not. mods ruin the game. especially in multiplayer.

  • maurice brown

    stfu man i been stuck in ps3 and xbox lobbies were mother fuckers are playing a full cod black ops match at the fuckin airport GUNS AN ALL SOUNDED LIKE A WAR ZONE FROM THE ONTHER SIDE OF THE WATER THE SHIT CAN BE DONT !!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST WONT TO KNOW HOW SHITTTTT SOMEONE TELL ME !!!!!!!!

  • ModderHater

    Wow, talking about modding gta 5 already…. You modders make me sick. You will never have any skill. You probably suck so hardcore IRL that your only escape is video games, but you suck so bad at those too that you have to cheat to get any satisfaction in life. Do all of us legit gamers :who pride themselves on their ability to play a game legit and gain skill by using our brains and not a noob tool: a favor, and go jump off a bridge.

    • Fireprufe15

      You must not understand what modding is at all. Does it make you sick that on PC we can have all kinds of fun with mods? Iron Man in GTA IV, Character switching like GTA V has, all new cars, super improved graphics with the ICEnhancer mod, mods that add new ways to play, like being police, mods that add new maps, new areas, new experiences. Modding is integral to the gaming experience on PC and can add weeks of play time to a game when you’re done with it.

      How can THAT make you sick at all?

    • Keith Williams

      You have no idea what modding is. Play Skyrim on PC and you will change your tune on modding real fast.

      Things like better graphics, more immersive game-play, better sound, etc have all come because of modders. We wouldn’t have Day Z if it wasn’t for modders.

    • Ghobe

      Yeah but you should know most people who uses alot of mods play single player. Do you watch machinima? If you do you should know that those fan made movies are only possible thanks to mods. If someone gains an unfair advantage it’s because they are hacking, hacking brings no joy into gameplay as the user would know he’s doing all this just to have a unfair advatage,

    • Kastrenzo

      Changing models and improving the graphics is not the same as hacking the game so your guns do more damage in an online match.

    • steam punk

      Why do you got to be like that ModderHater? I like gta 5 and I would like to be able to shoot a new gun or drive a new car. So if you go to be that way then I hop you get kicked in the nuts ModderHater and poo your self in the process.

    • steam punk

      I bet ModderHater is just fat loser that just complain about stuff all the time and thinks he’s so brave.

  • Kastrenzo

    No, It’s not possible and won’t be.

    And if the game is on PC it will be moddable, Even Battlefield 3 is “moddable”, the developers just don’t allow it.

    changing a M4 model to an AUG model in GTA4 Is technically modding.

  • TheDarkSlayer

    Are cheats and jerks ruining your multiplayer experiences? An extensive
    new reputation system helps keep annoying players out of your games. its about time Microsoft.

  • Bender Rodriguez

    Have all the fun in single player you want, but don’t keep ruining the multiplayer with your mods. GTA 4 is unplayable because there is a modder in every game putting someone on fire, being invincible and freezing your 360. If you mod online you might as well tape a sticker to your forehead that says “I SUCK SO I HAVE TO MOD”. People who mod online simply suck and need to cheat to win.

  • Hawkeye

    I for one am with Alec jeffrey