GTA 5 Full Console Experience On iPhone and Android?

Someone has spotted Rockstar Games’ job listing for Android and iOS but sadly it would not be GTA 5 related.

GTA 5 For Android, iOS and PS VITA?

GTA 5 ios android 300x234 GTA 5 Full Console Experience On iPhone and Android?

Rockstar have plenty of other assets they may wish to bring to mobile. GTA V is not coming to mobile platforms anytime soon because the mobile platforms are nowhere close to the performance of a PS3 or Xbox 360 at this stage.

In 3-10 years I’m sure that Android and iOS devices will develop to the point that it could, as these platforms are growing very rapidly.

They will someday compete with PS3/360 performance, and I’m sure that Rockstar will capitalise on that, but much too early for this job listing.

They already ported the entire GTA 3 and GTA Vice City to mobile. The only thing that is stopping them from porting San Andreas is the memory limit that smartphones have (many phones from last year only have 16GB of memory eg: Nexus 4).

Some would expect that San Andreas to come to mobile by end of this year or early next year and GTA IV to come to mobile by 2015 if this chart is accurate:

GTA 5 on Android, iOS Possible But Not Probable This Year

nvidia gpu performance chart 1 GTA 5 Full Console Experience On iPhone and Android?

As for the job opening, it’s nothing special really.

Probably looking for someone to help the Social Club team create a mobile app in addition to helping Rockstar Leeds with whatever mobile game (possibly PS VITA) they are working on.

For right now GTA 5 for mobile phones without sacrificing quality is a little more than slightly out-of-reach and I highly doubt Rockstar would be wasting production bandwidth (especially at North) on even trying to attempt such a thing.

GTA 5 is just the broad heading on their Facebook page.


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  • Greggory Alexander

    Some of these developers just full of $#!+ .why rockstar is doing this, they can definitely bring a GTA to the vita but always have some excuse not too

    • Oliver Teigaga

      They could but why would they? It will cost a lot of money to port because the amount and optimising they would need to do (it wouldn’t look anywhere near the consoles versions) and the vast majority people would obviously butythe ps3/360 versions as a first choice for the best possible experience. Limiting the Vita versions

      A late port would be nice, but again it would be financially smart, not with the Vita streaming PS3 games in 2014.