GTA 5 Gas In Cars

  • Brian Black

    This was done on the first True Grime (I haven’t played any since). A mundane and superficial gimmick that would add nothing – and over the playing hours that gamers put into the GTA series, it would seriously grind folks’ gears.

    • Troy

      Actually, petrol stations only repaired car damage. Fuel was not a feature (not on the PS2 version, at least).

  • blab

    I would like to see fuel depletion on it would make for a inventive game but I can not see rockstar putting in diesel or petrol choice that be silly, electric, lpg, biofuels ? Lol

  • Josh

    The best thing to do is have the option to turn the re-fueling on and off.

  • Quibriya Gulam

    Have it as a cheat.

  • Anon

    Its Also used in Mafia 2 and it works quiet well tbh

    • Colin Stuart Bolton

      Mafia 2 is linear, there’s not as many free-roaming aspects as there is in GTA. It should be optional whether or not you have to fill up

  • Ricky Gervais

    It would get very annoying, very fast.

  • LegendM0de713

    your argument is stupid. you don’t deserve my vote or opinion

    • HiItsSam

      So why did you comment then AND come onto this post?

      • Guest


  • Franky

    Ah man, if day do dat der I will jump outta my car and jack another one. I hate pumpin gas, Aint nobody got time for dat

  • S3R6i0

    You idiots have no imagination. Obviously we won’t be fueling up cars every 5 minutes. It’ll just be a feature that pops up randomly and seldom to make it more realistic.

    • S3R6i0 is a dumbass

      Yes, because in a game where you can easily murder hundreds of people for fun and can run over 10 guys and get one police car after you, REALISM is what we want.
      So in a game that’s goal is clearly to be fun without giving a damn about realism, should we choose fun or realism here?

      • S3R6i0

        Hey, stupid ass! When you watch an action movie, which do you prefer, the over-the-top movies where the guy drives a motorcycle strapped with C4 into a train and then let’s the explosion carry him to safety, or do you prefer action movies that are somewhat believable. There’s a balance between realism and fantasy. I personally thought it was cool when cars would fail to start in GTA IV after a couple of crashes. You don’t know anything.

        • James

          ^ totally agree with S3R6i0 it’s not going to need refuelling every 10 mins. Actully nice to see someone with some sence commenting on these retarded articles. GTA is not Saints Row even though they are both great games. If you want a unrealistic open world game instead I recommend cancelling GTA V and getting SR4

          • xinger

            The thing is though, WHY do it?

            It seems like a pointless mechanic. After all, it isn’t a driving game.

            If I were faced with the situation of having to refuel my car, I’d just hop out and steal another one.

            It completely defeats the purpose.

          • James

            Just because you won’t play the game in a certain way it does not mean someone else won’t, besides considering so far 3,386 people are for car fuelling and 1,287 are against I think its safe to assume that most people do want this.

            Apart from that yes gta isn’t a driving game but driving is a HUGE part of the game, just look at the title ‘Grand Theft AUTO’. Nobody says YOU have to refuel cars in your world but as the poll clearly shows more people will be doing it than not. Hardly seems pointless.

          • xinger

            Simply because “most” people do it doesn’t make it good idea.

            Remember slavery?

            How would the system even work? Would some cars have plenty of fuel, and others have very little? How frustrating would it be to be running from police, jack a car, and then get busted because the car ran out of gas? It’d be a mechanic that limits the player in a way that wouldn’t make the game fun.

            You could argue realism and authenticity, but if you really wanted that, why not have the character be plagued with diseases from time to time, or have them use the bathroom every so often? How about a serious need to eat a balanced, healthy meal? There are hundreds of things you do more than fill a car up with gas, but aren’t in the game.
            It isn’t a good idea, it doesn’t seem like it’d be “fun” to stop what you’re doing, spend money on gas, and then immediately total your car 3 blocks down the road.

            No one’s played the game, and I’m willing to bet that the majority of voters in the poll didn’t even consider the gameplay implications before voting.

          • James

            I really doubt it would be as simple as that. You seem to be focusing just on the negatives of how you think it will turn out. Just think about how you think it is going to turn out. What happens if your on a mission chasing after another car and you run out of fuel, yh ur fucked. Stop complaining and have a little faith in R*. Do you honestly belive R* will make this feature how you belive it will be made. Like I said you will proberly be pleasantly surprised by the feature once the game is released. Besides its not as if it’s going to need refuelling every ten seconds. I wager it will be at least an in game day and night to refuel and when you think about it that isn’t so bad.

          • xinger

            I’m not questioning the mechanic’s soundness, I’m positive Rockstar CAN make it work, my question is WHY?

            Why have this feature? It doesn’t add to the game, it isn’t frequent enough to be a part of the game, and it seems so pointless anyways. Obviously it wouldn’t be every 10 seconds, but when have you EVER driven the same car for a reasonable amount of time?

            Considering how vast the game world is going to be, running out of fuel half way into the countryside seems like a mechanic that serves only to frustrate the players.

          • James

            It adds to the realism of the game, it’s not something everyone has to use. Your point is very true though it is not something the majority of people will use, but if you found a super gt or a new really cool custom car you are not to likely to dump it for a much worse one. So even though it won’t be a hugely used part of the game it is still pretty cool.

            Just think about petrol stations now in GTA what can you use them for, only really to blow up something right? It’s not a massively used feature in fact I would even go far enough to say its the least used feature in GTA but the fact it is there makes it pretty cool. Hope this changes your view.

          • Connor Jones

            Totally agree with James I know many people would not like to add this feature in gta but personally I love this feature in game because adds lot more realistic to the game btw it’s only a feature that’s going to last about 2 mins if that so can’t see why people are criticising this game for. I like realistic kind of game and this gta is exactly that. Can’t wait for it

      • jani

        STUPID ,WE want reality ,which attract us ,and if you fool like fun then please forget this gta v and play gta vice city ,san andreas ,for fun ,you got it

  • HiItsSam

    Tbh, I agree with Josh and Anon, but I cannot see Rockstar adding that feature due to the MAZZIVE map size. But I can see it being A feature in SOME missions.

  • hedgefund

    F*ck your idea of having to refuel ”the correct” fuel. It’s not how you think. Fueling a car must be exactly like Gran Turismo 5 in order to make it a pleasant feature. In other words, it will take one hour for you to run out of gas and 1 in 10 cars you bump into will have a low fuel tank.

  • hedgefund

    It will be much more simpler than what the author thinks. That’s if re-fueling ever becomes a feature.

    • Rojiko Piero

      That right. He went a bit to far with that fueling thing. I think it would make more sense to include refueling than driving on this huge map with the need to do so. He also pointed making mistakes by putting the wrong fuel. I don’t think rockstar is that stupid. If u at the wrong pump it Jus won’t take any. And stealing a next ride aint a problem we do it every gta so givin us a reason to steal a ride is a plus when we run out of fuel

  • TruthBeTold05

    I don’t mind refueling my car on GTA, I refuel my car at least twice a day anyway. The car fuel feature was in Mafia II and it was perfect, you didn’t have to fuel to often.
    Now all they have to do is use some of that space for several gas stations.

  • TheUnknownInternetUser

    It would be a good idea, but as an optional in the game menu, so if people want to use it, they can, and those who don’t, they don’t! Win-win

  • GTAlover

    i think if being able to put fuel in your car was possible in the game, i dont think it would be an inconvenience as it’ll just be only a feature and not sometihng that lsows down you gaming, Rockstar wouldn’t put it in otherwise.

  • Zabe

    If they do add this to the game, it would make seem more exhilarating in ways. I feel that it would also be great to implement re-fueling in multi-player, as it would make it harder for the opponent to get away, and also hard for the attacker to keep up with his opponent. I also think you went a little, too in depth with the gasoline in the game. I’m pretty sure, they wouldn’t make it that complicated, it would be as easy as: park next to pump, press A to refuel.

  • Hein Peens

    I want the option to put fuel in the cars, what’s the point of a fuel station in the game if you can’t use it ?

    • Your face.

      I fucking hate your face.

    • Bob

      use it as a evasion devise, lure cops in drop a grenade, get out and watch the explosion.

    • xinger

      They’re in the game because they’re in the real world.

      That said, there are plenty of things in the game that serve no real purpose… so why should this be one of them?

  • Harry Sachs

    This is why society and religion don’t mix!

  • Mxk

    What’s the point in having them there but not being able to use them, just a pointless thing gta 5 is supposed to be the best of them all so why not have refueling in there.

    • bd

      What’s the point in having shops if they can’t be entered?

  • Gumby65

    Uh….. I would hope my playable character, even/especially Trevor (he does make use of fuel you know) would have a slight idea as to what kind of fuel to add to a given vehicle at a gas station. Free will.

  • Alenson Cano

    yeah it’s cool… But in actuality, how does that benefit gameplay? It is a GAME after all, not real life.

  • Eat A Stupid Butt

    fueling up was already a mod a long time ago for vice city, just like taxi rides which eventually ended up in the real game. that’s irrelevant tho…why the fuck do your retarded articles keep showing up as new? kill your stupid fake pretend ass retard website. i have yet to see any adequate writing on this crap address. the one thing everyone should learn from your articles is this, if you want to be a journalist, go to school, learn your english and grammar, and study older, actual journalism. Apparently anyone can write for the internet.

  • Andy Singh Grewal

    Re-fueling is a WICKED idea. The Mafia series had it, and adds to that realistic touch GTA is trying to achieve. I always thought fuelling should be a part of GTA.

  • 8 Ball

    HOLD ON JUST ONE G****** T*********** A********** MINUTE HERE. Even if cars did run out of fuel, it would only add to the challenge, and a challenge is something that GTA games have always lacked to some degree (especially toward the end of the game). Who the hell ever played a GTA game and when their car had a problem with it, they went to get it fixed? … NOBODY, thats who. When your car runs out of gas, you walk into the middle of the road, fire into the windshields of the cars coming your way until someone gets out and PRESTO. I agree completely. Nobody is going to go to the gas station to fill their tank, because its much easier just to steal another car. Petrol? Diesel? In the words of Carl Johnson, “I need that s**t you drive.” This is GTA after all.

  • fury

    Refueling in the game would be awesome because it would make the game more realistic
    and paying the cashier is like in real life so please… Rockstar more people want it in then people that don’t so do the right thing……?

  • bob

    Speak for yourself i would love putting gas in the car but they should just put same gas different amount

  • Dian

    It would be cool because it will provide the player with diverse situations they must try to overcome in order to reach the mission’s goal. Running out of fuel would create tension and immersion i think.

    I would like anticipating the neccecity for stopping for fuel as i would not want to run out of fuel having to lose my newly customized car. It would add value to your actions and more exitement trying to preserve your precious car.

  • Bob

    if its in there they should add a speedometer and fuel gauge. a speedometer will be a even better idea.

  • Karl

    I saw it coming 2k made Mafia 2 and they had the gas station feature, 2k owns Rockstar. I also think it will offer the possibility of robbing gas pumps like in Mafia 2.

  • Cristian Del Rio

    hahaha, i dont think they would go THAT in depth with the fueling system if they did add it. I think it would be a fun addition. I was totally fine with having to refuel in Mafia II. Why would GTA V be any different?

  • Grant Talbot

    Grand theft auto needs refuelling , think about it ,if Rockstar does do it , we know it will be done right . For example different cars being more economical than others , would be good for strategy do you go for the fast sports car that’s gonna eat up fuel quick but give you a good chance of a speedy getaway or a more economic car for a prolonged getaway , but think about it most cars today can probably do 300 miles plus to a full tank , how many times have you driven over 300 miles in the same car in GTA answer : probably never .

  • Dian

    It would be cool because it will provide the player with diverse situations they must try to overcome in order to reach the mission’s goal. Running out of fuel would create tension and immersion i think.

    I would like anticipating the neccecity for stopping for fuel as i would not want to run out of fuel having to lose my newly customized car. It would add value to your actions and more exitement trying to preserve your precious car.

  • xinger

    In comparison to how much time you spend driving, vs how much time you spend re-fueling your vehicle, its unlikely that a car would run out of gas in a GTA game.

    After all, you aren’t driving hundreds of miles at a time. (That said, GTA V has a MASSIVE map, so the argument could be made for that).

    But since you switch between players and such, wouldn’t it be likely that when you aren’t observing one player, he spends his time re-fueling?

    Which brings to mind the question of what happens if you physically trap one character? For example drive him into an area that is inescapable. I’m sure you’ll be able to find one in the game.

  • michael riley

    I personally wouldn’t mind it. It would add more difficulty to the game as well as realism. Escaping the cops would definitely be more interesting if the possibility of running out of gas was present. Besides, as a franchise, GTA has been increasing its realism over the years. Adding this option would be heading in the right direction. Comparing it to Saints Row is not going to adequately prove your point since GTA is a more serious game and SR is a complete fun-filled, wild and looney game that brings out the inner child in the player. In conclusion, being able to refuel your car and make use of the gas stations would be intuitive and a great addition to the Franchise.

  • NEpatriots12N81

    So is this actually going into the game or os it just an idea

  • dimitris

    i think that refueling the car,the boat,the motorbike,the airplane it would be just an amazing feature! Just think that you just bought a special car and costumized with many parts..Then you have to go for a refuel with gas,nitrous and there you go!!! I think that Rockstar should add this feature before we order this game..

  • Marco

    That’s stupid as hell, all they would have to do is be like “you can’t put this fuel in this car” or something like that (something similar to trying to paint a cop car at the pay’n sray) I personally would love the idea of putting gas in my car. I love the realism, and for people that don’t like it they should add a cheat code or something.

  • Malik Asfand

    Its a very good idea. Why not have a new game fuel which fits and works in all cars. Imagine having done the heist, having a 5 star and u ran out of fuel.
    Trevor(shouts) :wtf

  • matthew

    in grand theft auto 5 u shuold be able to re fule cars it would be a good idear

  • matthew

    cos then gt5 will be great!!!

  • meap

    why not it would be fun and so neat i mean atleast you should have that option

  • Luis

    If they have a stupid ass car wash feature they should have refueling as well.