GTA 5 Creative Ways To Make Money For Upcoming DLC or Update

Note: This article has been posted before GTA 5 release. [dropcap]G[/dropcap]TA fans, I think it’s time to give my ideas and thoughts on how money should be used in the upcoming installment of Grand Theft Auto.

Make Your GTA 5 Money Work For You

Below I will show you examples of activities, vehicular usage, pedestrian usage and other ways to have money a factor for.


As we all know, in Grand Theft Auto 5, activities will be more present. With mini-games like Golf, Tennis and even Yoga confirmed, we can expect some quite exciting and fun stuff to do around Los Santos. But, will price be a factor? Well, I believe for activities taking place around Los Santos, a certain price should be given. For Tennis, in real life, you would normally pay to hire a court for a certain amount of time. With Golf, you obviously must pay to play either half a course, or more for a full 19-hole course. Prices will vary of course, with certain activities costing more than others. If you would like to, you can perhaps discuss prices and how much you think it will cost for the activities to take place, or even for anything I mention later in this post. Now onto Jobs with Activities. So, there are many ways to gain money in GTA, but how about a more real life like way to earn money. How about giving us the option to either go to the Golf Club, or search online for the golf club and apply for a job! You go to your jobs location, go to the marker and it skips the shift. Giving you a realistic way to earn cash.


If you have been to Los Angeles before or if you are just a Baseball or Basketball fan, you know what LA brings to the table. For Basketball, we have the LA Lakers and the LA Clippers both using the Staples Center, which is located in downtown LA. We don’t have any idea or any history of a Los Santos Basketball team, but if the Staples Center is in, you can expect a local LS Hoops team! With the baseball however, we already know after viewing early screenshots that the local Baseball team is called the Los Santos Saints. The LA Dodgers, the real life baseball counterpart plays their home fixtures at Dodgers Stadium. So perhaps Dodgers stadium will be in the game as well, but renamed as Saints Stadium. Now to the money usage part. With specific venues, like those two great sporting arena’s or stadiums, will we be able to go to the front door and pay to watch a game? Will we be able to go to the “Saints Stadium” and pay $100 for a front row seat, or cheaper for back seats? Or will these stadiums just be scenery on the world? Let’s hope Rockstar has given us this chance, because this is quite a good way to spend your money on Grand Theft Auto. Again, with the Jobs thought, how about giving us the chance to go and apply online to become a fast food clerk inside the Staples Center, or Event management.. or how about becoming the local coach or manager? Something to give us cash in a realistic manner.


gta v tennis 620x348 GTA 5 Creative Ways To Make Money For Upcoming DLC or Update This sub-topic has been used in past GTA series very well. As we know, you could always go to a Takeout store and purchase a burger or something like that. You could buy cans of soda, you could go get drunk at a club or pub, and of course you can go inside a strip club and pay for your own luxurious lap dance. How can Rockstar expand this though? First of all, with food and drinks, we were limited in GTA IV. We only had the option to purchase a burger from only two Takeout storse, Cluck’n'Bell & Burger Shot. This was quite a limitation. How about we get 3,4 or 5 takeout stores, and more menu options. Perhaps have ice creams on the menu, have meals like San Andreas did, and even have just Fries or a Soda as a solo option. Then of course have the prices, which should vary depending on meal size. Now speaking of snacks and drinks, why don’t we have service stations or petrol stations around the town, with an accessible building. Why cant we have snacks and drinks inside to purchase? how about, if your up for it, go ahead and rob the clerk, stealing money from the cashier? Same goes with pubs, clubs, and strip clubs. If I want, I should be able to go up to the bar, and choose a specific drink. Drinks like a beer, scotch and coke, a can of alcohol, wine, and other spirits. Why not have this option, its a good way to spend money for something, and a good way to enjoy the pub or club. But, this will only work if the game has a sit down feature, where you can buy a drink, press R3 and you sit down on the closest chair or stool. Same goes with takeout stores. Now this one is a big one for jobs. A lot of today’s population works at fast food restaurants. How about giving us the chance to work at one? Perhaps work at a club or night club as well. And if you work there, get discounts when you go for fun. This I think would be a lot of fun and very realistic.

Vehicles/Transport Services

car gta5 620x348 GTA 5 Creative Ways To Make Money For Upcoming DLC or Update So first of all, vehicles you drive on the road. Petrol Stations are their for a reason. How about the ability to pour your petrol and pay for it after you pour? That will be money usage. Of course, we may have vehicle customization. PaynSpray or Car wash again? that was always a good way to spend your cash. How about being able to take your car to a dealership, and sell it to them? That’s a good idea. Also, you about being able to go to a dealership and be able to buy a car, used or brand new, your call! Trains, Trams and Busses and all that should be accessible as well. Including airplanes, but the airplanes is only a good idea if their is more than one airport, which I doubt there will be more than one. But, we should be able to purchase our train ticket before entering the train, go up to the machine and pay, same with a cruise perhaps. All of this is a good way to make money usage so much more realistic. Now for jobs, this is also a good idea. We should be able to get a job as a car salesperson at a dealership.. get a job as a train driver, as a taxi driver or even a pilot?

Other Ideas

Finally, a few things that spring to mind when I think of GTA and money altogether. Wouldn’t it be nice if we can purchase a private jet? Purchase a VIP ticket to a club show? How about different prices for plane rides: First class, business class etc. Helicopter hires or tours, even be able to purchase a private Heli as well! VIP seats to a Saints or Basketball game. Lets not forget with jobs, we could even try and become a police officer, a fireman, a medical person. How about drug dealing? Is that an illegal way to earn money as well? Perhaps smuggling drugs from one airport to another, the challenge of getting through airport security undetected? All of these ideas i’m sure are on the top of everyone’s list, well most anyway. But as we know, Rockstar most likely wont and can’t put all of these ideas into the game. But, I have a good feeling they may add a few extra things in, since the game is delayed, but they do say its for extra development, but little do we know, it could be to move GTA V to the PS4 rather than the PS3. I hope you all enjoyed this read, and you all agree with a lot of the ideas with money usage and jobs for Grand Theft Auto 5. Thank you GTA fans! WRITTEN BY NICKMAJFC

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  • Samuel Andrew Rodriguez

    These ideas are good but keep in mind this is GTA not sims so i dont think it would be a good idea to put jobs in the game

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      • Deadred Fingerhead

        Not very good with biology either. I don’t know how putting something up a pussy would then cause it to come out an ass. Maybe one day he will see the real thing and realise his delusion :-P

  • SPlyerr

    i think applying for a job doesnt fits GTA. The protagonists are all criminals so why would they want real jobs? Trevor is too unqualified for a job anyway, Mike would probably be to prideful to take a job as cashier at burger shot, and Fraklin already has a job as a car dealer and is making money being a theif.

  • HiItsSam

    I can see some of the things being in the game, but dont get to realistic, its gta, remember that it isnt the sims, but there still are very good idears in there :) P.S mafia2 made you fill up cars and let you choose your food, so its possible in the food area and gas area. P.p.s some guys on this post are virgins who’ll never get laid.

  • bigjones

    Some of this sounds good, but remember this is GTA, why would I go to a dealership and buy a car when I could just drag some old biddy out of hers and take it?

  • F*ckoff

    You sound like one of those twelve year olds on every forum. How about they do this or that, who gives a shit. Rockstar knows what they’re going to do, calm down and let them blow our minds.

    • Johnny

      What he said………..

  • jordan davies

    this game is about crime not life managing

  • thomas hunter

    A lot of great ideas like the mass transit and being able to order a drink and food. In mafia 2 which is also published by take two you can get different foods. Sit down. Order different drinks at bars. And actually put gas in cars. So I could see some of these coming to gta5 with them being under the same publisher and with them saying they’re were working together for mafia 3 and gta5 to collaberate ideas. And by the way they already have a basketball team in los santos as its the same it was in gta san andreas as is the baseball team the same. But the 1 thing I don’t agree on is the jobs. I want to make money being a criminal not some employee doing min wage. Otherwise all great ideas

    • IchiYamamoto

      I honestly love these little details/excursions. I was really let down in LA Noire seeing that nothing close to that was done. Diners, cabarets(outside of the story), gas stations – all virtually useless. I’d like to pump my own gas, eat food, or see a show.

  • Franky

    I think everyone should stop talking about gta. It’s old news and over-rated. No one wants to play this stupid game! They need to come out with better games, like Tetris.

    • IchiYamamoto

      Ah, good ol’ sarcasm. It’s nice.

    • shane findlay

      Said nobody, ever.

  • Precipitation:June 9

    Most o this shit isf fucking stupid

  • Precipitation:June 9

    Go play Sims or Saints Row. Gta V is not for you

  • Uragon Draggon

    the only thing how money can revolve is through a business and consumerism. real estate..assets.

  • Jamal Hans

    19 holes? The fuck?!!! It’s either nine or 18. This writer better not be getting a cut off the advertisements.


    THIS is how you search for GTA V news
    “grand theft auto 5 -examiner -society”

  • Guest

    They just need to add more heist and give a way for people to make money from property.

  • ruck1b

    They just need to add hiest’ and find a way for us to make money from property. As for jobs they need to bring back the police, ambulance, and fire truck missions. Those were fun and good ways to make money.

  • Naipawat Poolsawat

    I’ll go with car dealer idea , BIg way to earn money.
    Steal a car then sell it for money. good idea man

  • Matt Fairclough

    The name of the game is grand theft auto and hes on about doin ‘honest’ jobs!!!
    Worst idea ever