GTA 5 New Features: Can GTA V Compete With Sleeping Dogs?

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]leeping dogs might not be a perfect game, but the combat system is one of the best we’ve seen and more enjoyable than any beat ‘em up game in the market, Rockstar should take note.

GTA 5 combat and grappling system

The only problem with this is that only Trevor is able to have skills in combat arts.

That’s one problem we have with this 3 protagonists system.

Some features are getting disqualified by the personality of one ore two of the protagonists.

And building a combat system for only one of the guys seems to be unrealistic for Rockstar Games to do.

Another thing is the grappling system or hostile mode in Sleeping Dogs.

You can take an enemy by pressing B. Then you can run with them by pressing the sprint button and when you equip your weapon you are using him as shield.

You should be awarded for fighting often and that is definitely not the case in GTA IV.

And that’s not just saying, in GTA 4 it seems like the counter system makes what it wants.

You can press the counter button at the right time sometimes but Niko does nothing.

And when you countered and attack and want to make these finishing move he sometimes doesn’t react.

The system in GTA IV makes it job but is far from being something you want to do over and over and being satisfied because even when you win against two or more it was luck rather than skill.

But as it seems we wont get any new features like these. Except blowing up cars with canister and zippo.

At least the guy from Gamekings who was at the GTA 5 demo said that he didn’t saw such things.

And if there would have been any Rockstar Games would have used them in the demo.

That makes us worry again. There so many possibilities and suggestions from the GTA V community and it seems like they don’t listen to such things.

Of course there can be new things. But we think they would have announced it during the demo and Gameinformer and other video games publication would have wrote about it.

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  • HiItsSam

    Im just worried that rockstar will make this game shit. I hope that doesn’t happen unlike in Gta Iv

    • Ace Marlow

      That is something that Rockstar is a afraid of, that’s why unlike 4, where the release date was made sooner because they were running out of money, they pushed the release date back so that they could continue to work on 5.

  • Maaz Inam

    Dude….I have never seen such amazing combat system than in Assassin’s Creed III!!!! It’s amazing game!!!!

  • Kevin Rama

    This is article is fucking poorly written. Learn proper english first you moron!

  • Nic Ryan

    meh, stop complaining and let rockstar make their game :P

  • CatchingDown

    So, was this article written by a 4 year old? It’s fucking terrible. Get back to primary school.

  • HiItsSam

    The heli in that picture is ‘The buzzard’ from Gta iv tbogt

  • Cameron Wei-li Yang

    You’re comparing a game that’s been out for nearly a year to one that’s not out for another five months 0_0

    • disqus_Muo6bDmO1u

      loool had a brain fart

  • disqus_Muo6bDmO1u

    GTA 4 is five years old and you’re comparing THAT to a game that has not yet been released!? fool..

    • Niklas Griffiths

      Sleeping Dogs was released several months ago.

      • disqus_Muo6bDmO1u

        LOOOL yh i know i had a brainfart and thought of watchdogs for some weird reason, forgot to correct myself, knew it would come back and bite me in the ass xD

  • Joe Gil

    Sleeping dogs’ fighting mechanics look horrible.

  • rob

    How can u say something isnt in the game just because ur friend didnt see it at the demo?

  • Ush Lee

    Sleeping Dogs fighting mechanics is the best fighting mechanics I’ve seen in a game (fist wise). It’s true, Gta 4′s melee combat is horrible. But, it is not good to compare it’s melee combat to a game that isn’t out yet. But I think Sleepy Dawgz melee combat would beat Gta 5′s though.

    • Niklas Griffiths

      sleeping dogs fist combat suck balls.. have seen better, the fighting system in sanandreas was SOoo much better.

      • Ush Lee

        Well we all know that’s sarcasm. Sleepy Dawgz is known for having the most advance melee combat seen in a game.

        • Niklas Griffiths

          We real gamers know that’s not sarcasm, just try out GTA Sanandreas, True Crime Streets Of LA and A LOT more older games. It’s funny because Sleeping Dogs is a prequel to True Crime, but they sold it to another company that fucked the game up :P

          • Ush Lee

            Mr. Grriffiths
            I have played Gta San Andreas and have tryed out the boxing, tae kwon doe and muay thai, I have played TCLA. It was good melee combat, but in the physics of the throw down, dis-arming, push kicks, tornado kicks, the flying punch and eskrima, I’ve got to say Sleepy Dawgz does it best. And the melee combat physics in SD is accurate.

          • Niklas Griffiths

            Then you’re obviously just a fanboy, because I’m a man that is horny for details in games, I recently started playing Sleeping Dogs, and I can tell you that there was nothing that amazed me, the driving mechanics sucked, animation sucked, melee combat sucked, npc AI sucked, graphics were decent, shooting mechanic sucked, story decent, and physics sucked. I even had 47′s outfit and a lot others and it still sucked. Sleeping Dogs was even worse than Saints Row 3… And ye you had a lot more combos in True Crime LA, even the shooting mechanics was better.

          • Ush Lee

            I directly pointed out that SD melee combat was the most advanced, I did not mention about the driving, shooting,story or graphics. As you would say, because I’m a man that is ‘horny’ for mixed martial arts/fighting. I know how to fight therefore I know which games are more realistic or not in the field of melee combat. You would of found it more fun in True Crime, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the fighting is accurate. I’m not a fanboy for SD, I’m a fanboy of mixed martial arts.

          • Niklas Griffiths

            Still, True crime LA had better melee combat, because it had more combos!

  • Dylan Harris

    God your spelling is atrocious. Go back to school, then maybe you could write a good article. It’s as if Bill bellic himself did this.

  • Ace Marlow

    Ok so I read a couple of paragraphs in and immediately noticed flaws in your article; everyone can up their combat skills just Trevor might be better. Though my understanding is Michael is focused in gun combat skills (meaning he will always be the best with guns) Trevor is a pilot, and Franklin a professional driver.

  • Johnny Ripper

    The game isn’t out yet, why are you assuming all of this? I seriously doubt the hillbilly character is the only one able to learn martial arts.

  • Vic 2.0

    Now that GTA 5 is out, I’ve had the chance to watch some videos of its gameplay and look for objective reviews (both positive and negative)… and quickly decide to buy Sleeping Dogs instead of spending three times its price on a game that doesn’t look like quite as much fun.