GTA 5 News: Can You Sell Drugs In GTA V?

[dropcap]G[/dropcap]rand Theft Auto: San Andreas was almost banned for the Hot Coffee files, despite the fact they were only accessible through mods

“Drugs Are Fun” campaign in GTA 5?

Unless Rockstar Games thinks they have to create artificial controversy in order to sell GTA 5, we think they will keep drugs low-key and not be an obvious part of the protagonist’s or Michael’s family’s lifestyle or game element.

Rockstar has subtly been again drug use, in terms of having the protagonists refuse drugs when the opportunity came up.

Even though Rockstar is irreverent in terms of seeming to not care that their games cause offense to certain sensitive groups, they still have certain positive social values that they subtly and consistently want to promote in their games.

One of those values may be drug use. We have a feeling that as a corporation or as individuals they do not want to glorify drug use or even make it seem like a valid choice for people to make.

Rather, they treat it like most movies and FCC-approved TV shows, where drug use is generally a bad thing (though of course drugs are a primary motivator for dramatic crime situations).

That’s ironically in contrast to most movie or TV media and Rockstar doing a nudge-nudge-wink-wink about how quaint it is to get drunk on booze, and socially elegant it is to drink in high class cultural settings, or how cool it is to get frat-house falling-down-throwing-up drunk on beer.

We always liked it in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that we could walk up to the white-hoodied pushers and they would ask if wanted to buy, and before they could even finish the question, we would give them a shotgun blast in the face.

We thought drinking in GTA IV was horrible too, the blurry screen just annoying and a little bit Woozie, it was pretty hilarious once when Niko ran into a door with his girlfriend and continued to sprint at it for 5-10 seconds before falling over, but other than that one instance, it was annoying.

Unless they can do something stupid like turn everything into a Mario-Like land and the protagonist is the plumber hopping across pipes and avoiding Koopa’s it would be a bit of fun, Koopa’s can be cars or something, and cops are the little things that shuffle sideways.

But that would take a lot of time and effort, it would be better spent on something that isn’t going to be deemed as teaching children that “Drugs are fun”.

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  • Jon Bechtel

    These articles suck and are pointless. And they say the people at GTAForums are bad….

    • Joey Misita

      It sucks when there’s nothing better to write about. I want some info

      • Jon Bechtel

        Yeah it’s really kinda sad that they resort to writing this crap. I agree, some info would be nice. I’m tired of this silence.

  • HiItsSam

    I recon that Michael’s bankrupt, nagging wife, arguing daughter and ginger son, I recon all that stress wont just lead to robbing, but drugs.

  • Samantha Cross

    Why is SOCIETY & RELIGION posting Grand Theft Auto articles anyway?

    • Ace Marlow

      Anyone can post an article here if I am not mistaken.

  • Jason North

    How do I block this piece of shit site from google search? anybody?

    • Jangus Khan

      Use GreaseMonkey (Firefox) with the script “Google Hit Hider by Domain.” Puts a Block button beside each results link, allowing you to hide it.

  • Danny

    Not true. GTA games that came out AFTER San Andreas had lots of drugs in them. Take Vice City Stories on the PSP which came out 2 years later in 2006. That featured whole sections where you raided and killed drug gangs so you could take them over and sell the drugs yourself. You could take over many buildings and choose to reopen them as a drug dealership, brothel, money laundering service etc. GTAIV character Brucie was heavily juiced on steroids and was loud and proud about it. in GTAIV character Vlad would snort cocaine of any surface several times in the game.

  • Henry Steele IV

    Why are all of these articles speculative, baseless garbage?

  • Aitchi Hy

    “Teaching children” kids shouldnt be playing GTA so should they even be taken into consideration when creating game content?

  • Jack Harris

    Austraila now has an R rating for games, your site is now invalid

  • jamal

    i hope rockstar actually looks at this page and all these amazing ideas and puts them in that wuld trully top everysingle game coming out …. well i think so


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  • Stuball

    i love gta games and always have,but i dont see the big deal with giving your character a choice to take drugs? in the scarface game you are selling coke and what hype was there about that.GTA games are based on shooting people for fun,stealing cars,beating people up,basically causing mayhem and people are freaking out if you add drugs into the mix.Maybe the storyline could show the effects of drugs in a character for example Trevor becoming a wreck.

  • Moneyofpropre

    Why you don’t talk about GTA Chinatown Wars ??!! You can buy and sell many drug in this GTA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, why you say that they can make a scandal to sell the game, while they are ever make it, the question is : how the scandal can sell the game while you don’t remember it obviously ?!

  • Mastah Ninja



  • TayTay

    Why are you so concerned with possible drug messages that children may pick up? It’s an adult game, kids shouldn’t be playing it in the first place!