GTA 5 Online News Activities Dating System

  • Steve.


    Thankyou, and goodbye.

  • Avinash


    • TheUnknownInternetUser

      No. It was annoying, and a waste of time and space..

  • Tubby Ben

    Dating wouldn’t fit with the characters in this game, seeing as one is married, one has a girlfriend and the other is a psycho. I want consistency in the story. Not some bullshit unneeded mechanic.

    • S3R6i0

      I don’t see how any of your descriptions = not dating.

  • Anonymous

    after the date, the classic cutscene is necessary!

  • jeremy

    fuck this website what the fuck stop writing about gta v HOLY SHITTTTTTTTT

  • This Site is SHITE

    How can I block this site from pooping up when I type in GTA V on google? This site is a joke, makes me laugh.

    • TheUnknownInternetUser

      Spam the crap out of it till they close the website down? XD

  • vito

    Michael has a wife , Trevor isn’t dating material , And Franklin has a girlfriend named Rosalie as seen in trailer 2 .

    • TheUnknownInternetUser

      Where did you get the name ‘Rosalie’ from, eh?

  • Ryan

    Not sure how much space on the disk the dating elements take up, but i’d just assume use that space for more area or vehicles. The dating element was stupid.

  • Daniel Robert Gordon

    Oh my god this was the scariest editorial I’ve ever read.

  • Alec Jeffrey

    Dating could be made to be fun

  • Hmz

    don’t forget we couldn’t buy properties aswell.

    • wise guy

      but it didn’t say we couldn’t earn it.

  • William Oliver

    This website is truly the complete embodiment of bad journalism. Writing terrible, grammatically incorrect articles based almost entirely on speculation is honestly quite pathetic. Sure, you get to be the first result for news on GTA V, but is it really worth it? Your website is rapidly degrading its image and integrity with this garbage.

  • TheUnknownInternetUser

    Where won’t be dating… IT’S CONFIRMED….

  • GTAV>NextGen

    I COMPLETELY AGREE!!!11!1!!!!one!!!1! This article is awesome!

    I think we should only be able to date in GTA V!
    I don’t think cars are necessary either :( they just get in the way when I’m taking a stroll with my sweetheart :D

    • Guest


    • James

      You are either the biggest troll in the world or the loneliest pervert in the world.

  • randomperson

    i hate this website, i wish someone would do everyone a favor and ddos them or shut them down. and STOP WRITING ABOUT GTA V!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are all idiots S&R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • King Chism74/ ReallyDarkTho

    Leave a message…If There Were Dating In GTA V. Trevor Would Kill His Date. No Ifs or Buts About It. # He’s a Psycho

  • Eddie Parker

    Thats is fucking gay no dating u cant buy houses what is the ponit this game post to be a world that u can do what the hell u please wats next take off the shooting if thats the case i will stick with sanits row bad ass game do wat the hell u want buy houses cars u can move out da hood who wanna have so much money and only buy bullshit u dont want and u can buy tats of ur gang u rep hell no they need to rethink befor puting shit out there for people to buy post to be what we wanna see not them othere then that its going to be a pice of shit thats right i said a pice of shit sanits row 4 is the way to go

    • James

      Ummmmmm don’t mean to burst your bubble but you cannot date or buy property which you can live in in saints row well in saints row 3 at least. Anyways I don’t mean to be a grammar nazi but I don’t think you should comment unless you can spell simple words like piece, before and other.

  • Bob

    really? r* explicitly said that “dating will not return” do you even read what r* says?

  • James

    This article is such an insight to your life. You have thought more about interacting with women than I have thought about the whole game. Bit of a pervert ain’t ya.

  • tim

    rockstar already said theres no romance “dating” activities in this game. u guys suck so bad as site