GTA 5 Original Investment For Properties and Houses

[dropcap size=dropcap-big]A[/dropcap]s one of the most popular games out there Grand Theft Auto as a series is one of the most played games in existence.

And with the release of Grand Theft Auto 5 the popularity of the series has continued to grow. Played by gamers all over the world, it’s easy to see why the game remains as popular as it does. So, how do you make the most money in GTA 5? Buying properties is one of the best methods, but when looking to buy properties, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Original Investment

When looking to buy a property, you are going to spend money up front. It may seem like a hefty cost, and it may take a while to earn the money to buy, but once you do, it will be worth it. The original investment will be a lot of money, but buying the best of the properties will eventually yield you far more money than your original cost.

How to Purchase

It really isn’t difficult to purchase a property. Once you have the money you need, simply walk up to a real estate sign. A prompt will appear asking if you’d like to purchase. Agree, and you’ll be the owner of a new property.

Knowing What to Buy

Deciding what properties to buy is about weighing the original cost against the eventual profits. It may seem attractive to buy The Hen House as it is only $80,000 dollars and becomes profitable after only 87 weeks. However, the three year earnings will only be $63,520, a modest amount. Choosing a property that costs a little more up front and takes longer to become profitable, such as Tequi La La may seem like a bad choice. It takes 122 weeks to begin earning from this property. However, after three years the earnings will be $574,000, far more than that of The Hen House. Each year after that, profits will grow to $858,000 annually. Knowing the returns of different properties can help you know which properties to buy, based on your specific needs. If you need money more quickly, it might be worth purchasing a property with a shorter earning time. If you’re looking to earn the most, it might be worth waiting.

Other Benefits

Making money is a great goal when it comes to purchasing properties, but it isn’t always the only one. It’s important to look into the details of each property, in order to know what else they have to offer. Some properties will give you benefits that are completely independent of money.

There is more than one way to make money with GTA 5, but properties can easily become the most profitable. It is easy to purchase properties and after a waiting period and the original investment, the returns can be amazing, offering you the chance to earn a lot of money. Properties are a great way to get the money you need, so you can focus on playing the game.

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  • Phiiiiiil

    almost NONE of the properties in the game are worth purchasing because who is gonna be playing for YEARS of in-game time?? The properties should pay back much quicker, they definitely blundered this aspect of the game.