GTA 5 PC and PS4 Release Date

  • Thomas Hunter

    I don’t see either ports getting made till next year to be honest. Took more than just 2 months for gta 4 to be ported to pc and that wasn’t no where the size of game gta 5 is

    • Dan

      Yes but because of the ps4 hardware,porting is much faster and easier.

  • maybe_later_music_dude

    yeah the PS4 and PC port are pretty much the same thing i would think code wise. except on pc you can turn the eye candy way up.

  • maybe_later_music_dude

    i wanna go scuba diving!!!

  • Yander Delgado

    Why would they even rebuild GTA for PS4? It’s pointless.

    • ONEAL

      Because R* stated that they will have another big competitor “Watch Dogs” from Ubisoft Montreal…. which comes out 2 months after GTA V’s release date for 360 and PS3. So they said if they make it on PS4 then Watch Dogs will only be on PS3 therefore less sales and for new consoles people can only buy GTA V…

      • BabyFarkMcGeeZak

        You and almost 99% of everyone else on this website is a moron.

    • Niklas Griffiths

      Ehm, better textures, smoother (60fps) gameplay and anti aliasing? or you wanna play with 15-25fps,720p and everything looking fucked up with weird edges? WELL DO YOU BITCH?=!

      • Bobby_Lotto19

        GTA V PS4 60 FPS?Hahahahahahahahaha….Thanks for making me laugh…Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah. Say it again…

        • Niklas Griffiths

          Obviously you don’t know how Consoles works, PS3 has even worse graphic card than a school laptop, still it can play CRYSIS 2,3 with good graphics, and still doesn’t lag, if you were gonna use that graphic card on a pc, you woulden’t even be able to play with 10 fps at low, explain that kid ;)

  • Frank Nguyen

    R* has already said that it isn’t going to be on next-gen.

    • Niklas Griffiths

      No they haven’t you retarded ugly motherfucker, they said they will port it on the platform wich has the most fanbase, and back then ps4 and xbox one weren’t even announced, now when they are, the fans of gta has demanded it to be released on next gen and pc, and Rockstars always listens to their fans, that’s why they delayed the game for 5 months just to make you be able to buy properties etc because when they first said we woulden’t be able to buy, people started complaining.

      • Adam Rodriguez

        Rockstar always listens to the fans huh? What about when people demanded that Red Dead Redemption be ported to PC? Look what happened there.

        • Benjamin G.

          Nobody’s perfect. We can at least be thankful for what they do deliver on. From what I know, Rockstar always puts out what they announce they’ll be doing. Be happy, don’t worry.

        • Niklas Griffiths

          is ROCKSTAR North the makers of RDR? HUH? no they are not…

          • 8 Ball


          • Niklas Griffiths

            is Rockstar North the makers of Red Dead Redemption? NO THEY are not you fucking kiddo, god retards these days.

          • Niklas Griffiths

  … Rockstar just said that they will show us gameplay soon, now after the fans have demanded it, you were saying kid? hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!

          • 8 Ball

            OH MY GOD SHUT UP and stop being such an asshole. It was funny trying to get under your skin at first but I’m tired of getting notifications every time you post another stupid comment. And for the record, I never said R* doesn’t listen to their fans (only that they haven’t said anything about porting it to next gen yet and that you only used that as an excuse to call someone a “retarded ugly motherfucker.” If you know how to read, R* just said I was right u fucking idiot.

          • Niklas Griffiths

            I said that they NEVER SAID they WON’T do it on next gen, fucking tard, I should have clarified that I ment when I said they always listen to their fans, is that they either is going to do PC or next gen, or BOTH, god retards these days, can’t even read for sure. Read what he said first, and then read my comments.

      • 8 Ball

        Fuck off and die you pretentious piece of shitttt. You’re talking out of ut ass. I’d like to see u back that up with a statement from R*

        • Niklas Griffiths

          Okey, Rockstar said that you woulden’t be able to buy properties when they first announced the game, then fans started complain so they delayed the game with 6 months, now they have confirmed that you can buy houses, clubs,companies and even more, so OBVIOUSLY THEY FUCKING LISTENS TO THEIR FAN you piece of shit.

          • 8 Ball


          • Niklas Griffiths

            Man stop raging, you can’t even spell properly, it’s like arguing with a child haha ;) But yeah obviously you think that there’s only 1 Rockstar company that makes all the game, let me help you with that , Rockstar North, makers of Manhunt, Grand Theft Auto Series and the upcoming Agent game. Rockstar San Diego, makers of Red Dead Revolver, Red Dead Redemption & the Midnight Club series. Rockstar Toronto, makers of The Warriors & the Max Payne series, also responsible for porting several GTA games to PC, might explain why IV was so bad ported. Rockstar Lincoln, are beta testers of Rockstar Games like upcoming GTA V etc, so it won’t leak out to the press like it would have if normal beta testers would have played it. Rockstar Leeds, makers of L.A. Noire. Rockstar Vancouver, Makers of Bully, previous named Barking Dog, the makers of Counterstrike 1.6. So ye Rockstar San Diego may have not listened to their fans about RDR on PC, but Rockstar North always have, get your facts straight bitch.

          • Niklas Griffiths

            I like how you like your own comments, like the one below it was first made by you, then now it says guest, still 8 ball likes it, and now “guest” that is you, liked your other tomment as well, nice one noob.

          • Guest

            Also I should’ve clarified. That part wasn’t the part I was saying u should back up, its the part where u think rockstar is going to port it to next gen when they haven’t announced anything about that at this point. Not saying they won’t but they just haven’t. U literally just wanted an excuse to talk shit on a blog, and I think its funny so here I am, fanning the flames of ur pissing contests u always start on this site!

          • Niklas Griffiths

            Ye because I said they WILL DO IT, no I said they haven’t said they WON’T, learn to read you retarded shit.

          • Niklas Griffiths

            I like how you like your own comments 8ball.

          • 8 Ball
          • Niklas Griffiths

            Haha if you actually believes in that post, also the other retards that agree with you, then you should just go and jump of a cliff or something, because Rockstar never said that, I remember reading the real statement from them before, all they said was they will use it on the platform that has the most fanbase, if it’s either Wii, Mac etc. Back then PS4 and Xbone wasn’t even announced, but now they have a very huge fanbase, so there’s a possibility that they will make it on next gen, but you should go and search what Rockstar actually said, Society and religion is also making false statements, should we trust them as well instead of the company that makes the games?

          • Niklas Griffiths

            I like how you like your own comments

      • BabyFarkMcGeeZak

        You’re so retarded. Dumb dumb dumb dumb

        • Niklas Griffiths

          Because Rockstar North is the maker of RDR right? RIGHT? you know there’s over 5 different ROckstar companies, fucking moron.

        • Niklas Griffiths

… Rockstar north just confirmed that they will show us gameplay soon, because the fans was demanding for one. Who’s the dumb bitch now eh?

  • Rayne Forsyth


    • DarthDiggler

      Nevermind Rockstar hasn’t announced a PS4 or PC version. LOL

      • Kastrenzo

        that doesn’t mean anything, moron.

        Announcement, or lack of announcement , does not mean omission or denial.

        it means just what it says. it hasn’t been announced.

        GTA SA 360 wasn’t announced for months-years later,
        PC versions of SA and IV were announced about 2-4 months later, and then released 1-3 after that.

  • BabyFarkMcGeeZak

    I can’t explain how much i despise this website. ITS NOT GOING ON NEXT GEN. Now shut the fck up and play it on your current system for another 3 – 5 years. Honestly, i fuckin hate this website. ‘Society and Religion’ talking about GTA V and making a ton of assumptions that nobody gives a fook aboot. Fuck your website and everybody on it. Its not coming to next gen. The next red dead game most likely will though. Now shut up aboot next gen.

    • glob

      Thank you some finally get it, no matter how much we want it will never be on next gen

    • TerranceC

      My friend’s PS3 broke. He has two choices… buy the PS4 which he has saved for or spend over half of his PS4 money for another PS3.

      I have a choice myself. I’m either going to get rid of my 360 and get a PS4 or I’m gonna spend more out of pocket money on my PS4 and keep my 360. Where I will only have one game that I won’t be able to play offline with because buying Gold and + would be ridiculous.

      I’m sure there are many others with similar issues. Consoles not working just in time or people getting rid of the old as they transition to the new. It would be nice to have a game people want to play for years to come to come out on a console that they will actually have for years to come.

  • iisbutton .

    yet again, shameless titles for articles COMPLETELY bereft of anything remotely concrete. “Society & Religion” = MISLEADING TITLES TO GET CLICKS. Easily slipping in to one of the LEAST trusted sites when it comes to this discussion. Shame on you.

    Yeah, yeah, you get to tell your parents and all your friends you have an editor’s job of some sort on a well known website. Congratulations! When you’re so ashamed of your writing that you have to hide behind a “S&R Staff” to evade credit for these putrid, misleading articles, maybe it’s time to stop. Banking on the fervor of the biggest game release is just short of whoring yourself.

    Nice to get that paycheck huh…

    Wondering what you’re gonna hand in on resume when you have to look for a new job… maybe something from college?

    Don’t like ya. You know why “S&R Staff.”

    LOL Society and Religion is filled with people who will take advantage and bottom feed. Am i talking about this website or life in general? Maybe both? Ironic? Apropos?

  • Dec82

    I wonder what this shit websites going to do when gta v is released and if gtav gets released on next gen it will be next year around march or april.

  • Dec82

    The people who write these articles are a waste of space go get a real job you gimps.

  • Niklas Griffiths AAAAMG rockstar just said that they will show us gameplay soon, aamg pinc me I’m DREAMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vijay Balaji

    “We don’t have anything to share about the possibility of a next-gen or a PC platform release at this time ” says rockstar

  • Trevor Foreplay

    Yayyyyyy! You put “release date” in the FUCKING title AGAIN!!!!!

  • Bob

    It is not coming to ps4 or xbox one anytime soon. pc is a maybe. i highly doubt its going to next gen.

  • Anukul

    oh some but* hurt pc gamers. you guys….. rock your PCs virtual reality worlds.. and we poor console gamers gonna be happy with the cartoonish gta V like pathetic looking titles ha..ha..ha(devil laugh)