GTA 5 PC Release Date Map Latest News

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]ake-Two Interactive’s Rockstar Games fans set to delve into the big world of Grand Theft Auto V when it hit the shelves September 17.

How many DVD discs for GTA 5?

Well, just how big exactly?

There are no real figures yet, but considering the size of GTA IV which is around 10 to 15 GB, the blockbuster-bound GTA V surely to surpass that by leaps and bounds.

Our idea of GTA 5 being fitted to 60 GB game surely won’t surprise a lot of people.

Previous Rockstar Games titles such as L.A. Noire used to be a six-disc Xbox 360 game until it took them “a lot of effort to get down to three discs” which you can see now on retail stores.

The factors that contribute to the size of the game mainly derived from the detail they put on the map as well as the character’s performances.

With GTA V set to smash box-office records, we would indeed see some sizable release from the studio who also brought you Red Dead Redemption.

On other related note, will GTA 5 ever be released on PC? Even with a petition that collected over 100k signatures, responses from Rockstar Games has been negative so far.

There are no official press release statement that assures PC users that the title will eventually be released on Windows.

Did piracy hurt Take-Two Interactive’s confidence as a publisher?

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  • Axel

    I’ll be damned if there’s no PC release……
    I don’t care what the size would be, but I want a PC version!!

    • Jason

      Yeah. PC>360>>>PS3 as withalmost all multiplatform games.

      • Jason

        Don’t know where you’ve been for the past 3 years but PC games are more often poor consoles ports than better.

        • Sideras

          Dunno what rock you’re living under, but we can fix our shit.

      • Rick

        Funny how the ps3 is >>>. Typical fanboyish turd. Yeah the ps3 is so horrible that it has been responsible for some of the most critically acclaim games of this generation. Not to mention how amazing they look. Besides the Pc I haven’t seen the 360 have really impressive looking games like the ps3.

        • Cluade

          i agree with you 100%.
          These people must be blind or something.

          • deSsstenty

            actually no…. PS3 is stronger but the fact is most games are first made for Xbox 360 and than ported to PS3 and PC. With PC its easy becsause PC is much much more powerful, but PS3 and Xbox 360 are “on par” and many games are looking better on Xbox360. Example, Red Dead Redemption and GTA IV are looking better on Xbox 360 than PS3…. nothing fanboyish there, i own a PS3 but i also played Xbox 360 versions and just google for tests: “beyond 3d rendering resolutions consoles” and “”

    • DevilEx94

      Patience buddy.I am also waiting for it . Rockstar will will definitely surprise us because they will lose at least 30% of gta buyers if not released for pc and gta was and will only be meant to be played on pc with mouse and keyboard and not with crap gaming pads.

  • Patrick

    f*ck Rockstar, they can go to hell

    • ahmed

      suck my dick, faggot!
      rockstar is the best

      • dakan45

        They suck. Wtf was with gta iv Saints row all the way. Fucked up max payne 3 too.

  • jonathan

    Wow 60gb glad I got ps3 Xbox is gonna need lime 4 disks lol suckers idc about PC GTA is not meant for pc

    • Adam

      GTA is not meant for PC? Dude, what are you like 12 or something? Look back at the originals on PC, dude, so much more control, customization, far superior graphics and sound etc.
      It sounds like you are an iPhone (SMU) type of guy. Simplistic Menu User. Grow a set, mate.

      • Mastradamus

        Funniest ever

    • ? gabe

      Multiple disks don’t matter.

    • Money

      pc is the most powerful gaming platform

    • deSsstenty

      Typically fanboy… i also own a PS3 but Xbox 360 is better console for multiplatform games and its not meant for PC? please grow up….. PC is far stronger than any console, games are made on PCs (not consoles), PC will 4ever be the strongest.


  • Rob

    Lol pc sucks. Play it on a console, the way it was meant to be played.

    • Alx

      You mean Nvidia?

      • george

        he means on the couch with a little awkward game pad trying to play a game on his tv with shitty graphics amd texture resolutions all at a whopping 30 fps. yeah… the way its mean to be played

        • Cluade

          only a no life can come up with a description lke that.

        • DevilEx94

          @George ,i 100% agree with you.
          ps3 and xbox 360 sucks very much.and

          now this is for other console fans

          -technically also your consoles suck because hardware is so old that now it deserves a coffin.
          i don’t know why but rockstar is releasing gta 5 on such dumb consoles.Release the game for pc and then port it to ps4 and xbox next gen.

          What i think is that if they didn’t released gta 5 to pc then they will lose 50% gamers and so definitely less profit and waste of money as well as their hard work and gta 5 will be known as awesome game with crap graphics!!.AND WIN AWARDS FOR TOP GAME WITH CRAP GRAPHICS!!!!!

          Those who have some thing to say in favor of your loved xbox 360 and ps3 can say things like f**k you and suck my d**k but it won’t work because just in less than a year you will have to buy a coffin for your consoles!! :D

    • dakan45

      So rockstar took 2 pc franchises and gave them to consolites. Meh.

  • Flynn

    I don’t see what the big deal is right now, they did the same thing with GTA IV. They will release it on PC, it will just come a few month later so they can add extra features like the screen recorder that was in GTA IV.

    • John Smith

      I sure hope you are right about that. Not everyone has hundreds of dollars to spend on a ps3.

  • GrindageDude666

    They shud just do that thing where you cud download the discs in the xbox and then just use one of the discs for the game, simple as that

  • TVoR

    It won’t be anywhere near 60GB.

  • Ricky

    R* will have to put in a fair bit of work for a PC version, their focus should be on the 360 and PS3, I agree with R* to be honest, PC will be too much trouble. Glad I have a PS3.

    • george

      I’m glad you have one too. You dont deserve to play games on the pc. enjoy only having access to a small fraction of what you get from a good gaming rig.

      • Cluade


  • Maxx

    You know how long it takes to switch the discs in the xbox? About 3 seconds, stop acting like that’s such a big deal, cool you have a ps3 nobody cares

    • zach

      Butthurt xbox user

  • Nick

    It seems like everytime somebody doesn’t get what they want they form a petition of some sort. Rockstar Games is a company and they choose what products will be for sale. For those who signed the petition, if you want to play games, go buy a gaming console because thats what they’re meant for.

    • anonymous

      Suck your dick, PC is the best with much more advantages

      • Cluade

        anonymous that made no sense.
        Nick is right though.

    • dakan45

      OR they can gtfo off pc if they suck so much.

      Consoles are meant for gaming but pcs look, run and control better, pwn this.

  • matthew

    dude f**k pc who cares go buy an xbox or ps3

    • Umad bro?

      Just because you’re too pussy to build and maintain a gaming PC doesn’t mean the platform sucks. Grow up

      • george

        yeah, leave him be. he likes to pay 40+ dollars for games. we’re enjoying 75% off everything on steam or origin.

        • DevilEx94

          Yeah!! So cheap games with much more benefits like mods and awesomely awesome graphics.PC rocks!!
          THOSE CONSOLES SUCKSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 99thugz

    pc gamers don’t deserve GTA games, only true console gamers should have it. Computer gamers are just nerds who pirate and hack and ruin everything just like they did to San Andreas getting it banned every where and costing rockstar millions. F*** PC Gamers

    • Rowjack1993

      You cant be serious, Hot coffee was on Xbox, ps2 and PC, so not really a good argument there

    • matt

      you got a invalid point there since you get hackers on the ps3 and xbox 360 as well, and pc gaming is a lot better in every aspect from the controls to the graphics frame rates etc

    • John Smith

      Pirate, maybe. Hack, maybe, to IMPROVE the game!
      Oh, and if you’re gonna pull the hot coffee thing, go hook up with Jack Thompson. Let it die. Anyway, in case you haven’t noticed, GTA SA is not banned!

      • John Smith

        And R* doesn’t need the money.

    • dakan45

      You must be the biggest fuckwit i evere seen. OPEN YOUR EYES YOU FUCKING TOOL, YOUR EYES NOT YOUR ASS.

      Pc gamers actually DO have some tehc know how unlike you moronic consolites. We can see bullshit when its there and just becasue pirates choose the best and cheapr platform to pirate, that does not mean that pc gamers=pirates. How about rockstarr bring a product up to pc standards and then we talk about rockstar getting fucked.

  • Bitch Please

    Fuck you all for bitching over nothing. We all know GTA V will have like a 2% chance of being on PC. Also GTA V to be 60 GB? You sir can go to hell. I’d say 30-40 GB at the most lawlz…

  • Cedr

    Dumbasses. Just buy a console like ps3 or xbox 360. Screw pc.

    • Kris

      Why? I’ve got 3 xbox360′s and 1 PS3, but still i want to play on my pc. (My pc is ’bout 2k)

      • Lies

        3 Xbox360s? Seems legit.



  • Musaddique Ali

    It’s just a speculation that GTA V will not come for PC. Rockstar will bring the game for PC anyways as they themself have said that they will consider all the other platforms, that means Wii U too.

  • San

    60gb haha.. i’m glad i have a ps3 (blu ray)
    xbox suckaz gonna have 10 dvds..

    • Rowjack1993

      at roughly 8.5gb per disc, gmae being 60gb, unless shrnuken down its gonna need 7-8 dics

  • Isaac

    Glad I preordered it for PS3.

    Xbox 360 will struggle to handle GTA V with its 512mb and average processor.

    A few PC users will be able to handle it but you would need like server specs to run it just in low quality…

    PS3 will have no problem running this.

    It WILL be released for PC. You have to wait a few months later like they did with San Andreas and GTA IV.

    • laggass

      just LOL, i would love to know where you pull your *facts* from. Any decent pc from the last 3 years with a gtx 400 series or better will run gta 5 at a much better graphical setting than any 7 year old tech console can. GTA 4 on my gtx 570 looks like a whole new game and i bought gta 4 on xbox 360 when it came out. The difference in quality is not even close. Like a next gen game its that much better and thats with out any of the tecture and lighting mods that make it look photo realistic. Enjoy your feeble ps3 version, ill wait for the premium version thanks

      • Jason

        Are you a complete retard? If there is any console that will have trouble running this it will be the PS3 with it’s slow Blu-Ray and split memory architecture (which is 256MB and 256MB).
        Comparisons already showed on GTA4 that it’s PC>360>>>PS3 and that has become the cardinal rule in multiplatform games. The PS3 sucks balls.

        • Rick

          You suck elephant weiner!

        • Rick

          Your mom is the office slut down at Microsoft you graphic/ fanboyish whore

    • Rafa

      Is your brain damaged?
      After playing GTA 5 30 minutes on the ps 3 with the lowest of the loewest settings, with horible 20fps and 460p you can throw a grill party with your ps3 as the grill.

      PC FTW

  • katz

    “Waaah, other people shouldn’t be allowed to enjoy things!” Lol, looks like the console children are out in droves tonight. If GTAV ever comes to PC, it will be a shoddy port like everything else from Rockstar. It will be up to the fans to fix everything and make it good.

    • Rowjack1993

      a shoddy port we have to fix our selves would be better then no GTAV at all for PC

      • DevilEx94

        no buddy we have so awesome developers.They will make the game better in just couple of months. Atleast give us a working port of gta 5 .But a well optimized will rock

  • Adam

    I find it quite hilarious that all of the 12 year old’s that can’t afford a PC are rooting for the XBOX360/PS3 over PC. LO F’ing L. Before any of you youngen’s that are trying to get a job at maccas say whatever, I OWN BOTH A PS3 and 360…. Having also, two gaming PCs, i can honestly say that PC is far Superior.

    Once you get a job and save up a little, you can move from a Toyota Corolla to something with 4 more cylinders…

    Trolololol FUCK YOU

    • khaled

      wow, have a wank “trololol”?
      what a big man you are!!! go pirate your game faggot

      • Cutelittleidiots

        If someones capable of building a nice powerful PC generally theyre not gonna go pirate.
        Feel free to continue to crack your consoles.
        See I can be a prick as well.

    • Aaron

      im sorry check the specs for lotus exige scura biatch,

  • Pasindu

    Are you crazy man??? 60GB == 7 discs!!!

  • King Chism74

    I believe GTA V will be 4 disc because they sad the world is bigger than RDR,GTA IV, and GTA San Andreas combined. Im not a PC gamer but I hope it do come out on PC because Im tired of you PC gamers crying plus RockStar will make more mula, and Ima Xbox 360 fan yeah I hate PS3 wow it has greater graphics,well i can hook my 360 to my HD TV and it looks just as good to me.

  • Carlos Carranza

    This will be the first PS3 game that will need to be on 2 bluray discs on PS3 due to how massive it is going to be.


    gta 5 not for pc that weird then why is there gta 5 pre order cases for “PC”,Xbox 360,ps3 and wii u, then?

    • GTA5Cheats

      Where are they meant to be?

  • Matthew van der Haas

    I like how there are no quotes or sources for this ‘information’. And you are just guessing 60GB, yet the title of the article states ‘GTAIV to be 60GB’

    Stop spamming the internet with articles, to try and generate more revenue, and get some real articles.

  • Gman

    Fuck the fucking fuckers…. Play it….do not play it…. Jeez… Shit on someone’s face…who cares… I have Xbox…ps3… Wee…. All good… All weak…. Even have pc….. Good but outdated the moment I unpacked it…. Who fucking cares…. I will still play gta 5…. After I have done things in real world….. Now here comes the cave dwellers…. Bring it on…..

  • james

    This site should be banned from N4G. Infact, I just reported you.

    • alec


  • Someone

    Seriously kids, now I’m getting fucking pissed off. Stop complaining and saying that Rockstar can go fuck themselves etc.

    This is just like GTA IV – there WILL be a PC version, it’s just gonna take one or more months before it gets out. Fucking hell.

  • Jdrm03

    Sorry, but BS!!!!

  • PCFag

    HAHA! You PC pirating pricks can’t play GTA V on the “superior” platform because of the very nature of your pirating. Start buying games and actually give hard working developers their income.

    I can’t wait to play GTAV on my CONSOLE next year while you PC pirate pricks sob over not being able to play GTAV. Things like this is why I say PC is just utter trash for gaming and is only meant to you use Word products and internet. Things like this is also why I’m glad developers such as Rockstar treat the PC and their gamers as second rate garbage and take a huge sh** on them whenever they can.


    • Umad bro?

      Run along to mommy, you obviously missed your energy drink

    • John Smith

      Oh, those poor developers working for R*! They have to take week-long trips to LA to see what it’s like! It makes me wanna cry, seeing them live it up in their highrises while some people can’t even afford to buy their games. Those poor people working for R*!

      • seth

        yes im sure they just sent the WHOLE company to socal for weeks on end GTFO dude i dont know why you would single out gta v as a game some people cant afford when its offered at the same retail price as other games cod,bf3,gow. cod being the most over priced franchise in my opinion they put out a new game every year charge the same price for a half baked re-skin and even after the new titles are out the old ones are still over priced for how old they are meanwhile R* takes the time to tune and perfect there games to create a game worth playing and you trash it and R* in 3 sentences. please just GTFO

      • fraserbarnard

        Actually, the worker’s environment at Rockstar is an old saw mill, in Dundee Scotland, the workers wage is nowhere near what you would think it would be…

    • http://- David

      Hey, don’t blame all of the PC gamers. My friends and I and most of the other pc gamers buy their games. There is a small fraction that pirates games but how come there has not been a problem except for with rockstar? Maybe because of the shitty social club thing? Many people playing Max Payne 3 could not even play the game because of that. Stop judging everybody. Like the console or like the pc. To each his own.

      • http://- David

        By the way, I have xbox, ps3 and pc. I play all three depending on how the release went and if they are exlusive.

    • Cutelittleidiots

      Company doesn’t like a small group of people pirating the game so they put over the top DRM Into their game that eventually only hurts the consumer.

  • Matt

    GTA will be released on PC… end of story. No way they would miss out on revenue even at the cost of piracy… if that was the case it would be PS3 exclusive and that would cut their possible revenue in half. Xbox 360 is the dreamcast of this era in terms of piracy. If you have a modded console it’s easier to pirate for a 360 than for a PC… “burn disc stick in console”. I upgraded to PC this year and I’m getting all the benifits of next-gen right now even though it’ll only get better when the new consoles come out. Even then I’m far past what the new consoles are even hinting at. 6 cores 8gbs ram with a 680gtx… yeah I’m set for a while even without the best on the market. Someone posted up top about how we “PC gamers” brought this in on ourselves for pirating everything… I call bullshit. I don’t need to pirate when I can wait a couple months and get the game for $10-$20 on steam. That’s what I’m doing for Far cry 3 right now if I can resist… GTA might be a day one purchase if they do decide to bring it to PC but at the same time they’ve shown their true face as a ROOKIE developer on their previous ports. I know that’s going to raise hell with the fanbase but it’s true. Anyone want to try to talk shit about PC… I’m playing BF3 MAXED OUT 1080p at a constant 60fps with dips into the higher 40′s on 64 player conquest. Consoles barely manage 30fps at some fake HD resolution with only 24 players.

    Consoles are for kids. That’s all I see or read anymore 360 this ps3 that. ASUS, PNY, MSI, GALAXY, EVGA, THE LIST GOES ON BITCH. Why limit yourself with set hardware and the capitalist mentality that comes with it. I choose who I want to support and I game online for free.

    • exactly

      Exactly. I own a PS3 and very good PC. Its not worth pirating on PC these days with steam sales. Its really not. (btw I broke down and pre-ordered far cry 3, was totally worth it).

      Meanwhile pirating is shit easy on PS3. FTP the image over to the internal hdd, and play. But why bother, the PS3′s performance is pathetic.

      But as you can see there are enough children out there that got a PS3/Xbox for christmas, let mummy buy them the latest releases, and think in their little bubble that piracy is a PC only thing.

  • GTA5Cheats

    60GB? No way in hell. But there will 110% be a PC version of GTA 5!

  • John

    Sorry PC fools!! This isn’t a FPS – GTA was made for consoles, go cry into your alienware!

    • Kris

      Don’t got an alienware. Got a custom pc.

    • DevilEx94

      HA HA HA HA HA…………………………
      MY LAUGHS CAN’T STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      This is going to be same story in an year for the same consoles!
      No new games ;D ;D
      Go cry with your PISS 3 or DUMBbox 360 or whatever it is……………

      HA HA HA HA HA……………………..

  • bazoka

    yea if they dont relase on pc money of pc copie i will buy an xbox 360 than cant buy gta 5 for xbox that mean i will play it for free hh
    and plz guys torrent they dont support 60 giga download this is new features premium pirates only hh take 1 month to download

  • Jason

    Bring it on PC Rockstar. The PS3 is an absolute pathetic joke and the 360 can’t keep up with a good PC nowadays.

    • ConsolesSuck

      360′s couldn’t keep up with PC’s 5 years ago.

  • PCGamer

    This will be good.
    If not release for PC, I’ll buy a PS3 just to play a pirated copy of GTA V.
    F#ck Rockstar and Take-two, you’ll have to kill me to take my money.

  • Linda

    First world problems. Wah-wah!

  • Xeizell

    Trolling website is trolling.

  • Bunch ‘o queers

    I have a new PC set up purely for gaming, mainly for Elder Scrolls Online when it comes, but will still be getting this on one of my consoles. Don’t know or care which, probably which ever is cheaper since the difference is negligible. I just know I won’t be getting it on PC because I’m not a neckbeard and like to play games more socially and away from my “battle station”.

    P.s. I actually do have a neckbeard. But a good one.

  • Crosentank

    It is sad how people say f*** pc, as far as I recall, it all started with pc, and games are still created on pc. it will be just a matter of time before GTA 5 will be also on PC, it should be.
    You PC Racists can go to hell, without us PC’s your Worthless and Nothing

  • ConsoleTards

    For the consoletards on here that are too stupid to comprehend it, the console is nothing but a glorified dedicated lower spec’d PC. Now get to bed children.

    • DevilEx94

      That’s the same thing i wanted to say.Thanks mate.

      and one more thing consoletards the games which you play on your xbox and whatever it is are all made and tested on PC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Ben Jennings

        Yeah… I play Xbox and PC and to be honest, PC Is More of a BEAST MODE. But Xbox Is Social! I like both and Have loadsa games on both. Will get GTA V ON BOTH!! :3 But don’t go saying consoletards to everyone because at the end of the day… We all are! PC Is a console if you have steam. You can use an xbox controller on PC…. Ya. I use both all the time… SO SHUT THE FUCK UP AND STOP COMPLAINING! MOTHERFUQKERSSS********

  • The X Core

    Fuck u all ps3 and xbox 360 cunts. pc is the best as it is. there will be a pc version of gta 5 n shit who’s gonna buy 10 disks for xbox or fucking ps3 these consoles are just crap…. mades me angry when it compares to pc . pc is most powerful. u comparing pc to consoles. shame for users of ps3 and xbox 360.

  • ConsolesSuck

    PC gaming is the way to go. So what if people crack games? The games industry makes so much money anyway what does it matter if people get some games for free? I own a PS3, Xbox and PC and PC is by far the best for gaming. That matter aside, psyched for GTAV!

    • Alex Nijman

      what you are saying is true about the movie industry and music industry, but if you do some digging you will find that the gaming industry gets hit the hardest by piracy. this is because movies are shown in cinemas and tv and music has concerts and music tv channels wich are guaranteed to make a lot of money, the gaming industry doesnt have such a guarantee and it depends entirely on consumers buying copies of the game.

  • MunkyLad

    I don’t know what’s going on, but I found this today… Seems legit. But anyway, if it doesn’t come out on PC, I’ll shed a single tear and fork out the extra $20 or whatever NZ money is worth.

  • MunkyLad
  • ummmmmyeah

    I think its pretty obvious that Rockstar has “ALWAYS” made PC gamers wait for games purely because most PC gamers also own consoles and will buy the game twice, and they think that people that will pirate the game no matter when it comes out will go and buy it just because that can’t stand to wait the extra time. When will they learn but either way I’m certain GTA V will come out sooner or later for PC.

  • Cheezyb3an

    60gb? This article is crap from the start anyway, because they compare L.A noire. I think they seem to be forgetting something….that game used all that facial animation crap, which was good, don’t get me wrong. But that’s what put the size up a hell of a lot! Gta V want be using this, rockstar said this before the first trailer was even revealed, so i wouldn’t be surprised if its just the usual 3 discs. Look how big red dead was, and that was only one disc. The maps supposed to be bigger than gta 4, red dead, and san andreas put together, so 1 disc + 1 disc + 1 disc – crappy space taking facial animation = 3 discs. And whatever its gonna be played on by people (we all know its coming to pc, look at the past!) its gonna be awesome!! So quit whining and get back to looking forward to release day! ;)

  • S_Man_Do

    I read an article once that stated Hybrid Pirates (purchases and downloads) Actually spent more on average than the people who don’t pirate. Im going to buy GTA 5 for the Xbox I think then hope It gets released for PC at somepoint to mess about with it :)

  • pcuser

    fuck rockstar, they are 12 year old kids who play on ps3 and xbox 360.
    i will pirate the game, because gta v will be shit anyways.
    PC is the best
    Consoles are for kids so if you are 30 and you buy a console then you are a kid
    you faggy little kid, go cry to mommy im a big man you 12 year old kid

    • Peter Plank

      Now you sound like one of the idiots who think Consoles are better.

    • Cutelittleidiots

      And this is why companies feel the need to shove DRM down our throats.


      your a faggot who lives in his mothers basement and jack offs 6 times a day

  • Rick

    Fuck Pc users!! They bitch all the time wondering why devs are so reluctant to release there games on Pc…FUCKING PIRATES!!!

    • george

      why pirate when steam is offering amazing deals all the time?
      I got the entire gta collection for 10 bucks last christmas.

      • G. Wilikers

        Some people are poor, and have more important things to spend their money on. Another thing is the “dork” factor that sets in during that crossroads of buy or pirate. It’s in our nature to be anti-social and getting over anyway we can, especially when money is involved. Anyway, I don’t think it’s the consumers responsibility not to steal. The people in the entertainment industry have to develop a way to bypass piracy.

      • Aaron

        summer sale is on now, everything are pretty much under 20

    • Cutelittleidiots

      Once again you’re making me lose faith in humanity.

    • Kastrenzo

      So some Pirate in some third world country pirates the game on PC, and that’s somehow the fault of a paying PC gamer in a first world country?

      Choke on a dick, shitbag

  • george

    gta 5 loading time + ssd on my PC = no problem.

  • boner


  • DevilEx94

    Who is that bad ass to say that gta 5 will be 60gb??
    Brainless madness can even tell it won’t be greater that 30 gb at all……….

  • G. Wilikers

    A hardware customizable PC is hands down better than a console any day, provided you have the money to spend. The problem is piracy. The other problem is that the average gamer doesn’t have thousands of dollars to spend on upgrading their PC’s every few years to make developing the games worth the investment. If it wasn’t the case we would’ve been playing hit games like God of War, Metal Gear Solid and Grand Theft Auto with real graphics, draw distances and so on. We won’t be getting passed this curve anytime soon. Not until they figure out a way to end piracy. Really, we have ourselves to blame.

    • Cutelittleidiots

      A 600 computer can play all next gen games and current gen games for about 4 maybe 5 years, and the Graphics would still be better then on console at the end of its life.

  • Nick

    I’d like to apologize on behalf of the console world for all the ignorance on this site. How people can honestly compare a console and a PC doesn’t even make sense. The consoles are made one way and games are made to fit those specs. PC makes the games for those consoles and also when they change games you can just upgrade your PC where the console stays the same. Look I’m still gonna get for console and only reason is because I don’t have a gaming PC. Even then I would still buy for console and then wait for PC release. R* know the game will get modded and that’s exactly why it will be on PC so they can gather ideas for future games. So PC people don’t need to stress so much and Console people need to grow up a little and learn about gaming properly. And yes I’m a console boy but I know for a fact it can’t stand next to a PC when it comes to just about anything.

  • GTAraider

    the first ever gta titles were created for the playstation for example vice city, gta3 and sanandreas. but then the money whores microsoft decided to buy the rights for xbox. good luck playing gta 5 on your xbox with 10+ discs. LOL. i have both a ps3 and a gaming computer and will buy gta 5 for both hardware and i have pity on the x box base.

    • Steve30x

      Actually the First ever GTA games were on the PC. GTA the original and GTA London were the first ever GTA games

    • Kevin Mercado

      Your wrong on the first title being made for PlayStation, it was originally made for Microsoft DOS/Windows & PlayStation. also MS never bought the rights they bought DLC content timed exclusive that eventually made it’s way to PS .

  • Merang

    GTX 690 FTW (x2) :D beat That :D ….
    But I Dont blame rockstar if they dont release it for PC….
    If you do a little Homework on sales of GTA IV… you’ll see that it wasn’t doing well on the PC platform because of torrents giving out Pirated versions of the game…
    Honestly Piracy ruining Game companies everyday…
    and also the sales of GTA IV on consoles did rather really well…
    Thats the problem here… PC gamers have options on getting their games….

    • Cutelittleidiots

      You know that might have to do with DRM. There was some fucking annoying DRM in GTA IV if I recall.

      • Aidan Murphy

        I’m gonna be playing GTA V………….. beat that.

  • Steve30x

    I love the way the title of this blog post makes it look like R* actually said it wont come on PC because of Piracy.

    • Cutelittleidiots

      He devs are also sadly miss informed.

  • happyslacker

    If this doesnt come out on pc il buy console whatevers cheaper ps3 or Xbox then i Will hack the console to play cloned games just to piss of rockstar

    • Aaron

      have fun getting console banned lol

  • Jamel Frazier

    Shit Half Life 3 will be 60 GB. but GTA V will be more around 15 for 360 and 20 – 25 on PS3.

    • Aaron

      oh well

  • hyyy123

    I honestly don’t understand why internet piracy is such a big deal it a lot better than just robbing someone and I mean come there is no way to stop pirates they’ll find a way eventually, what are they gonna do just never release games for PC again pirating will never stop I play both console and PC, PC gaming is so much better than console especially all the additions (EX: easier updates, modding, ETC.) still some people still pirate on consoles too so why is it such a big deal on PC but no ever talks about console pirating it’s not rocket surgery either you don’t need to be a genius to do it.

    • Brandon Mason

      You’re practically robbing the game creators of their hard earned time.Yah know what I mean? I’m gonna be owning a game company when I get out of the military, that is if the military excepts me. Anyways, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want to see my games, pirated. Cause that could ruin you. Yah know? “oh why should I buy this game, if I can just pirate it?” I can see where rockstar is going with this.Like I said; if you were owning a game company you wouldn’t want your game pirated. It could ruin you.You need $$ to run a game company, it doesn’t take a GENIUS to know that either.